TOZ-54, rifle, shotgun

Model TOZ-54 it can be attributed to the classification of «« last of the Mohicans », this gun not only exposed the trigger, yet the triple levels of locking. Launched his brief 1974 — ‘ — ‘ 78

. He inherited from the epic TOZ-BM unsurpassed resilience and also simplicity to operating problems, as well as cost was one of the least expensive searching rifles USSR. The Commission located in the sale instances have an extreme degree of damage.

Description shotgun TOZ-54

A searching rifle with a straight smooth trunks. Created mainly in the 12th quality and chamber size of 70 mm. Very uncommon design quality 28 as well as 32 with a design index TOZ-50. A distinctive feature of the layout are the outside triggers that remain in the final stages of the innovation design TOZ-BM has actually shed its stylish form and also end up being much more like angular hooks. The very same rough, angular and also became the fore-end. In principle, it was the spirit of the moment in the early 70-ies of the rid of extreme decors around, not just in style.

In developing this design, the designers looked for to boost the knot strength of the crack and also locking trunks. For this, they reinforced the eyelet screw of Griner and also made more deep the seat release bar. The unification and also simplification has undergone only the coupling of the breech right into which the pipe stems were zapressovyvat. Previously it was done by hot rigidity.

Advantages and also negative aspects
  • Discontinued, and located a Commission marketing examples have a severe level of wear of mechanisms since the gun was «« durable goods» » and also utilize them without much respect.
  • External triggers allow you to keep the cartridges in the breech indefinitely, this style is a lot of hunting rifles are safe to eat. It is somewhat substandard in price of fire guns with interior hammers.
  • At the time of manufacturing at NBC, there was a placement of «« power lock trunk»», so the ballistic top quality of the products from Tula was one of the best in the USSR. Therefore, it makes sense to Tinker with the remediation totally ««» eliminated » USM as well as fractured boxes.
  • The three-way lock system– band Purdue and also bolt Griner supplies the integrity of the coupling block of the barrel with the butt and USM that also increase the odds of gunpowder in the cartridge instance will not lead to the rupture of the receiver. In this situation, if you do not overdo it with the thickness of the heaps.

Kind of angular trigger and fore-end in the form of a beaver tail can create the denial of the tools aesthetes.

The rifle was created specifically with timber boxes. Nutty amongst them were extremely unusual, the majority of it was beech. This timber is vulnerable to extreme warping during the drying out process, as a result, forty copies often lodges with a spiral curve. At the same time it is incredibly dense, creating the gun weighs over three pounds.

Picture TOZ-54

Purpose The weapon with continuous chokes choke(left barrel )as well as polochak( right), so it was used for searching in Peru, was mined with it, rabbits as well as foxes. Durable triple locking mechanism enables you to shoot from the ideal trunk light puncturing bullet without threat of rupture of the receiver.


A big part of the weapons were produced in 12-m a quality with a cartridge chamber 70 mm. On NBC had plans to release as well as the 16 and also 20 gauge. Whether these models as a matter of fact, no info. Model quality 32 and also 28 of the index had TOZ-50. The major distinction was the design of the Lodge: in addition to classic, straight comb, produced butts with Bavarian cheek and the cushion «« Monte»Carlo

». Specifications Feature
The worth Type The weapon with horizontally-placed stems
Trunks The network and also chamber are chromed. The left barrel
is complete choke, ideal– polochak. Caliber 12 Locking Three-way: 2 Purdue latch structure and also screw
Griner Barrel size(
mm)720 USM 2 exterior trigger, two trigger Weight(kg )3,2 Style
A searching rifle with a straight setup of trunks. Bolts and also channels are chromed. Permanent muzzle narrowing: left barrel choke, the right– polochak. Tube pushed into the breech block. Three-way securing barrel block: 2

lock strap as well as the top screw of Griner. Exterior triggers, with the previous army. Springs level as well as lengthy . The bar locking lock forend gets on the lower side.

  • USM with 2 trigger hooks: front for the
  • appropriate barrel, the rear– left. The trunks are connected by a strap, which leading face
  • has a concave account. She put on the corrugation, to stay clear of glare. Fly– bronze « stub ». Unlocking the barrel block
  • with a lever on the leading face of the receiver.
  • The sleeve excretiruyutza pull-out lever situated at the end of the breech of the barrel. Bed poliestireno type, shock-absorbing butt without the buttplate,
  • his crest might be straight or with a pillow « Monte Carlo ». There were versions with Bavarian cheek. Handguard has the shape of a « beaver tail ».
  • Varnished. Packing as well as selecting The weapon is provided « as is »– without any added devices and materials. The principle of operation For packing ammunition we require to turn the lever to the right, creating the bolt Griner «out of the leading»eyelets, and also band Purdue will relocate both latches included inthe grooves of the trunnion block of» the weapon. A brief hook on the rotary screw receiver supplies a rear module of the forearm. The
    • lever of the extractor is ejected right away after the fracture trunks– pin stress bar, integrated forearm block. When raising the barrel block securing lever and screw Griner returned to its original position and also secure the breech immediately. The hammers are cocked by hand.
    • This is normally done by the thumb of the right-hand man. In this motion the other 4 needs to bow the neck of the Lodge from below, giving the essential emphasis. To take out from combat squad, it is essential to click on cocked as well as take it a little more back. Therefore, he will certainly
    • appear of involvement with the sear that releases stress from the trigger as well as pressed it carefully. After that efficiently launch the trigger, holding a sharp blow to the shooting pin. In regular working condition, the level triggers do not associate with demonstrators. This provision is called « probspot », it safeguards the weapons. Disassembly Performed throughout transport as well as storage. The gun is pre-discharged. Draw the front end of the bar lock forend down as well as eliminate the handguard.
    • Revolve the launch lever to the right till it quits. To transform the barrel block and also remove the hook with a swivel screw receiver.»Price The weapon is from 7 to 15 thousand
    rubles. For contrast, various other TOZ will certainly cost: TOZ-106 — $300. TOZ-194 — 350-400 bucks.
    1. TOZ-Argali — 545 bucks. TOZ-34 — 15850 RUB. TOZ-122 — 26-30 thousand. Testimonials TOZ-54 has a sharp as well as heap fight, straightforward to operate,
    2. eats ammunition.

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