TOZ-78, rifled weapon

Small quality hunting rifles created for entertainment hunting or business hunting as well as fishing of tiny fur-bearing pets– squirrel, Fox, sable.

Of Soviet rifles in this field the same popular items of the Tula arms manufacturing facility. As well as it concerns as modern-day designs, and proven years of experience.

Summary of carbine TOZ-78

TOZ-78 showed up in 1986 and also was to change the obsolete layouts of the exact same plan– TOZ-17, TOZ-18. The most vital function is the brand-new method of securing the barrel in Meleshko such modern technology had actually not formerly been utilized.

The benefit of the new device is the capability to use more effective cartridges with the propellant gases pressure to 2000 kgf/sq. cm

Readily available 5 different modifications of tools, including the export variation of the memento– threaded on the muzzle, inlaid with steels and so forth.

Advantages and disadvantages

In comparison with their predecessors, the rifle came to be much heavier. This is more than made up by the greater dependability and longevity of the product. So advantages in this version are plentiful, as shown by an extensive period of its appeal.

  • The reliability of the lock enables you to use any kind of cartridges ring of ignition, including high-power.
  • Not self-loading carbine: boltoy shutter integrated with a mainspring, which theoretically must result in limited to close as well as open. The raising of a spring is done in 2 phases, with the outcome that overcharging can hold with one finger.
  • The trigger system is adjustable– it is feasible to establish acceptable criteria as speed of descent, and the initiatives to descend.
  • The mechanical security lock stops the item of unexpected discharge. When saving or property of weapons it is readied to «« defense »– the shutter in the closed position. The front view is gated is flexible up and down and also flat. In different variations of the weapon it is possible to mount an optical view rather than mechanical flies, or perhaps utilize them with each other without getting rid of the fly.
  • Sight 4 placement– 25, 50, 75, 100 m, which contributes to a lot more exact shooting.
  • The manufacturer warranties conformity with 15000 shots.

The downsides of the products are top quality.

  • Store the carabiner is secured securely not too: high danger of unexpected procedure and the loss of the store. New will certainly need to be customized to the tools.
  • The look of the rifle unique visual appeals are not striking: the butt, angular, fly reminds outgrowth on the trunk.

Carbine TOZ-78 (image)

Purpose Carbine TOZ-78– simple and reliable hunting rifle for searching little game and birds.

  • You can use it for both Amateur as well as expert searching: hunters usually prefer screw charges. TOZ-78 is fairly ideal for entertainment capturing or sporting activity:
it is extremely easy to handle

and inexpensive to operate. Selections The phone is readily available in several variations.

  • TOZ-78— the base version. With a telescopic view, not a mechanical one, as well as 4 pie look for 5 as well as 10 cartridges.
  • TOZ-78-01 spending plan modification. The stores below are box– 2, as well as the sight is set to mechanical.
  • TOZ-78-04— the export model. Defined by the presence of strings on the muzzle component. This allows you to mount a silencer, as an example.
  • TOZ-78-05— various weighted barrel is furnished with a telescopic sight, front sight missing out on.
  • TOZ-78-06— the exact same TOZ-78-05, however the export performance– with string, without mechanical tools. Can have a souvenir design– inlaid with precious metals, makings and other decorations.

The bed of the TOZ-78 can be manufactured with a cheek. In this case, the designation added the letter «« L »

. About the technological attributes of the carbine TOZ-78 (i.e. 01, 05, 06) will be discussed below.


Custom-made criteria of the designs are close.

Choice TOZ-78 TOZ-78-01 TOZ-78-05 TOZ-78-06
Quality, mm 5, 6 (22LR)
Shooting accuracy of 50 m, mm 50 40
Accuracy, deviation in mm 30 30
Trigger pull, kgf 4,41-of 19.62
Length of carabine, mm 1000
Weight, kg 2,7
The variety of cartridges, items 5 as well as 10

Currently consider the style of the weapon TOZ-78.


TOZ-78 belongs to the group of screw rifles, which suggests manual reloading and some loss in rate of fire. However, for hunting tiny pets this shortage usually does not issue.

  • However longitudinally-sliding shutter with hard battling springtime is collapsible, which is necessary when cleaning as well as lubrication of weapons.
  • The trigger system is mounted on a different base and adjustable. Before the trigger change screws lie: the front responsible for the trigger pull, as well as back– over the course of the descent.
  • Bar fuse minimizes the possibility of unexpected discharge. When moving or bring the rifles the fuse is put in the setting of «« protection »

. Relying on the version, the carbines are geared up with a pie or box stores for 5 as well as 10 cartridges. The initial cartridges are set up in one row, which stops restore of the charges. In package shop cartridges are placed in parallel.

  • The sight can be as mechanical– closed fly with the whole drum-type and also optical– to 2.5-fold at the bracket. The optical sight can be moved along the barrel, so fire with open views is feasible without removing the optic.
  • The bed is executed by gun type, usually made of birch. Export products can have a bed in beech or walnut.
Picking as well as loading

Conventional TOZ-78 consists of the adhering to items:

  • 2 publication of 5 rounds– one remains in the rifle;
  • 2 look for 10 rounds;
  • 2 screwdrivers;
  • cleansing pole as well as cleaning 5,6 exist only on designs 05/06;
  • the ticket of the product. If a rifle with a telescopic view, after that in addition provided a key at the optics.
The concept of operation

Despite the boosted securing system and also weighting of the trunk the concept of procedure of the rifle stayed unchanged.

  • The fighting spring is cocked when unlocking of the barrel by turning the screw take care of. The cocking is carried out in 2 actions, so effort when opening up is not necessary.
  • The used cartridge case is extracted when you move the bolt back, energised.
  • The effort of descent and also throughout descent can be changed array is big enough.

Capturing is performed when the condition flag of the fuse in position «« fire » on the trigger mechanism visible red dot. In the «« protection» » of the red dot shuts the fuse. While in the groove of the arm component of the open up the shutter and also lock ends up being difficult.

The carbine is equipped with a cocking sign: if the hammer is cocked, the firing pin is moved past completion of the remedy. If the trigger is decreased, the ends of the shutter as well as the drummer get on the very same level.

To carry, to carry or possess a weapon has to unloaded, with their trigger. Ammunition needs to be kept individually in a safe and secure location.


Partial disassembly is accomplished for regular cleansing and lubrication of tools. Full disassembly is needed to fix the item or if greatly dirtied.

Partial disassembly consists of the adhering to steps:

  • push the latch and also take out;
  • press the trigger, open the bolt and also pull it out of package.

For the lubrication of the operations enough. If you want total disassembly, after that explained the activities included are:

  • if the carbine is furnished with a telescopic view, after that it is removed together with the bracket after transforming the shaft counterclockwise;
  • dismantle the shutter by holding the front part of the mechanism, transform the take care of clockwise, and the cap counter– clockwise up until it quits as well as get rid of the cap;
  • take a drummer in addition to the bushing and a hammer, remove them;
  • disconnect the deal with from the shutter and also get rid of the compensator;
  • Unscrew the screws at the end of the bed and also separate it from the trunk with the box;
  • then separate the trigger system. If required, you can store as well as dismantle.

Putting together the item is accomplished backwards order.

Tuning small-caliber rifle TOZ-78 discussed below.


Improvements of this version are, as a matter of fact, the fit of the weapon.

  • The easy layout permits the fly to napati to boost elevation, and bedding for much better accessory of the bed to the trunk to hold, and brightening the trigger system.
  • A very usual enhancement– installation of a rubber recoil pad that enables you to enhance prekladatele and softens impact.
  • Of the issues associated with the use of the rifle, recognized just the chance of jamming of cartridges in the frost– when -25– 35 C. Craftsmen in this instance, update the shutter, replacing the weak springs of the extractor.

Reviews as well as costs on carabiner-melkashki TOZ-78 (01, 05, 06, etc) are provided listed below.


The rifle TOZ-78– model is fairly economical, you can find it in mostly all searching shops. Is the weapon within 9200-9500 R. Modification with mechanical sight less expensive.

For firing can be utilized as common searching and also sporting ammo, and also with enhanced attributes:

  • Lapua cartridge STANDART– 9 p per piece, marketed in pack of 50 PCs;
  • cartridge Lapua RIFLE MATCH– 11 p.;
  • the Standard cartridge with a brass shell case– 13 p.;
  • cartridge FMJ SB S&B, with improved ballistic qualities, 27 p.
Owner assesses

If for training or leisure capturing, you can use practically any kind of melkashki, for hunting it is more effective to select the TOZ-78. Many thanks rostovomu shutter precision is more than semi-auto. Additionally, the shutter is outfitted with a fight emphasis, allowing you to utilize extra powerful ammunition.

Several of the criticism is the plastic part of the mechanical flies. Even with a light shock it can be off.

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