TOZ-94, pump-action, shotgun

Many gun companies use the style of semi-automatic rifle with a tubular publication to produce designs with the supposed pump-action reloading.

Not spared this fad as well as the Tula arms plant, known for such versions as TOZ-106, 194, 34, 120, 122, 124, 88 as well as others. He launched shotgun with movable fore-end TOZ-94, different from the TOZ-87 just the lack of a gas engine.

Description of gun TOZ-94

Shotgun 12-gauge with a movable fore– pump-action kind reload. Shop explosive, tubular. All the information of the devices obtained from the model TOZ-87.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • The weapon is made with high quality and also fairly reliable. Sorry, we can not talk about his omnivorous– use ammo with brass cases is not recommended.
  • The bore as well as chamber are chromed. Hunters, there is no agreement about whether this is attributed to the ands also or the minuses, due to the fact that the coating can peel off due to neglect and also uneven cleansing, after which the ballistic high quality of a trunk in a downswing.
  • The chamber just a brief– 70 mm, firing an increased costs is not suggested.
  • Handguard rifle long, it is hassle-free in situations of emergency, since it is easy to obtain hand.
  • The construction has no plastic parts, all constructed from metal, as well as receiver of architectural steel, which is what establishes the weapon in a variety of models from the cities of Krasnoyarsk as well as Izhevsk, where the base of the trigger systems made from polyamide as well as receivers of light weight aluminum alloy.
  • Trustworthy locking barrel bolt on the oscillating bar offers great ballistic top qualities. The battle rifles lot as well as sharp. This quality provided surge to an instead fierce effect. TOZ-94 not every arrowhead on the shoulder.
  • Designs are readily available with unpredictable chokes. And the thread nozzle is organized on the outer surface of the barrel. That’s a plus, if you require to transform the contraction trick is not required. And minus at the exact same time– this thread is easier to mash if the nozzle is not mounted.
  • Does not suit optical views, in the base version, no rear sight, there is just a bronze «« tree stump » flies.

Due to the special use metal parts the weapon is quite hefty– over 3 pounds, which can be a barrier to running a whole-day hunts.

There is no system for intercepting bullets in the shop. There is an opportunity to vacant shop, not distorting the lower arm that is much safer since it eliminates unintended discharge.

Photo of weapon TOZ-94

Purpose This is a searching weapon for the manufacturing of game birds, little ungulates and also carnivores. Can be made use of

  1. in protection. Selections It is offered in 4 version weapons: TOZ-94– base, no
  2. back sight. TOZ-94-01– with ventilated aiming bar.
  3. TOZ-94-02— with adjustable chokes and no rear sight.
  4. TOZ-94-03— rib, interchangeable choke restriction.

Design TOZ-194, TOZ-194-01 differ in the size of the barrel form box, pistol grasp, folding stock, and also brief forearm. They are utilized by security business and also as a tool of self-defense.

Function TOZ-94 TOZ-194
Type The weapon with movable fore-end (pump activity reload)
Caliber 12
Length of chamber (mm) 70
Trunk Chrome
Adjustable muzzle narrowing Chalk, polochak, mystery
Barrel length without nozzles (mm) 711 540
Capability 4, you can mount an expansion cable or a limiter
Overall size (mm) 1250 805
Weight (kg) 3,5 2,9

Shotgun with pump-action reloading system (movable fore-end) as well as under-barrel tubular magazine.

  • The birthed and also chamber are chromed. Thread for muzzle accessories prepared on the external surface.
  • The barrel is connected to the cover of the receiver in one unit, it is taken care of to the receiver with 2 pins and also an annular axle with a capped gas channel.
  • Shutter longitudinal gliding, turn tooth of the larvae, which, when the locking mechanism remains in the groove on the cover of the receiver. Mirror larva smooth, without edges. Provides a locking system of a striker when relocating the lower arm ahead, which stops accidental discharge.
  • A mechanical fuse that blocks the trigger. The switch is located on the front branch of the trigger guard. For incorporation in the «« Fire» » it is required to move to the left, up until you see a red ring mark.
  • On the appropriate side of the receiver above the home window of the receptacle loader, there is a button latch feeder, which plays 2 functions: elimination from the slide stop after firing the last cartridge; opening the cartridges in the shop if needed their elimination from the pipeline.
  • On the left side of the receiver over the trigger guard, is the quit switch, clicking on which you can unlock the fore-end while cocking the hammer.
  • In the standard version of the gun has no back sight. Other designs are outfitted with vented, medium elevation. Fly bronze.
  • Bed poliestireno style, buttstock with a straight comb, butt pad cushioning. The forearm is long, with the backward activity shuts all-time low window of the receiver.
Packing and picking

The gun comes in a cardboard box. Provided with a muzzle constricting (optional) and also calibration sleeve to inspect ammunition. Affixed a ticket as well as instruction manual.

The principle of operation

Eloading as well as an army of trigger is energetic by relocating the forearm back and then return to its original place.

The weapon can charge one cartridge via the window of ejector sleeves. If the hammer is cocked, it is essential to unlock the fore-end by pushing the button on the left side of the receiver. Afterwards, the fore-end is returned energetically. As well as the slide structure is locked in its rearmost setting if the store is vacant. Before laying the cartridge on the Elevator supply, switch on the guard by gliding the button to the right of the red ring mark need to vanish.

The munition is positioned on the Elevator feed, then click on release button with the slide stop, located on the right side of the receiver, as well as vigorously move the lower arm ahead. There are models in which this button lies on the shank.

For packing the publication foregrip stays in place. The weapon transforms the window of the bunker up. First press the slide stop, after that Elevator supply changes to the within the receiver in the shelter to the touch is the lever of the feeder, which is recessed. The cartridges suit the shop one after the other, the muzzle of a cartridge situation ahead. They do not drop, click on the slide quit once again, causing the feeder arm returns to the original place. Eliminate the cartridges from the shop in the reverse order of loading.

  1. Make sure the rifle is unloaded.
  2. Unscrew the front sling swivel together with a shaped nut.
  3. Needle under the cap shaped screws, to squeeze the pin USM, eliminate it from the receiver.
  4. To separate the barrel Assembly from the forearm, bolt service provider, screw as well as the shop from the Foundation of the USM with the butt.
  5. To relocate the fore-end to make sure that the bolt carrier has returned. To separate the block from the barrel, remove the fore-end.
  6. Drawing the rod out of the receiver cover screw service provider with striker.
  7. To separate the framework from the larvae by pressing on the bevel of the extractor, to mimic the locking of the trunk (lift the tooth lugs up) and relocate the demonstrator back while raising her shank up.

The supply can be changed with a pistol hold, yet this is not suggested, given that in versions with a long barrel, the recoil impulse is so strong that it can get rid of the hand as well as lower arm.


The manufacturing of the guns stopped, it can just be gotten with hands or in a thrift shop at a cost of from three to ten thousand rubles.

Owner assesses

The gun has all the generic attributes of Russian tools: effective style with a great security margin and also a medium level of workmanship that requires the owner to finished and also fit. After ending up to mind reliability satisfying.

Recharging calls for quite a great deal of effort, with the assumption of Rambo or the Terminator. The heap and also sharp battle, the return of the solid. The high quality of ammunition the gun is very particular with the flared sleeves.

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