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Carbine TOZ-99 is one of the hunting tools of small quality.

On the Russian market of showing off and searching weapons stays the leader of the Tula arms plant. Products it and today are in need because of the variety of variety, reliability of weapons as well as operating integrity under various problems.

Review of carbine TOZ-99

A version lately: Tula arms manufacturing facility creates the rifle with the 1997 model is Designed for shooting fur animals as well as chicken, as well as to a better level satisfies the requirements of fishers than hunters enthusiasts.

Carbine TOZ-99 semi-automatic refers to, i.e., enables to make several shots straight without spending time for hands-on recharge. This option is preferred in the field searching, where the victim pet is not pleased, and also a source of income.

From a structural viewpoint, the carabiner serves as a customized variation of its precursor– the TOZ– 78. The latter was equipped with a longitudinally moving entrance.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the most prominent TOZ-99 is appreciated by miners, fur-bearing animals and birds, nevertheless, Amateur seekers they are not ignored. Brought in by the simplicity of item as well as Russian production: the latter ensures a consistent schedule of extra components as well as ammo.

The advantages of the TOZ products include:

  • first of all, the price of models, ammunition and also muzzle gadgets.
  • great prekladatel– and several owners assert that the «« old » variation of the butt birch, and walnut with a «« pistol grip» » angle of the arm, more convenient than brand-new– with a cheek made of beech;
  • light weight carbine– 2.4 kg;
  • the barrel is made from steel weapons, the channel as well as the chamber chrome;
  • excellent precision– the diameter of the ««» circle » is 5 centimeters when contending a range of 50 m;
  • there is fitted with a safety and security catch that protects against unexpected shot;
  • the carbine is furnished with a mechanical discovery tool, and the front view is flexible both vertically as well as horizontally. The rear view drum. There are grooves under arms optical sight, suitable for multiple designs;
  • lightweight, easy disassembly that does not call for effort or unique tools, so that to take care of the weapons.


  • trigger pull is not adjustable;
  • semi-automatic setting is provided by the recoil power of the springtime loaded shutter. At the start of procedure of the rifle, especially if the fire energy might not be enough. As technique shows, it will take about 300 shots in ««» guidebook » setting to remedy the trouble;
  • it is better to use typical cartridges. So, supersonic with all their characteristics can be used;
  • the look of the rifle fairly decently, this is a totally practical decision.

Self-loading small-calibre carbine TOZ-99

Purpose Small-caliber rifle TOZ-99 is developed for business mining of small fur-bearing pets such as sable, squirrel, and birds– of grumble,

  • for example. The design TOZ-99-04 is made use of for method, Amateur and expert searching. It is an export variation, which is created by the plant for Canada as well as the United States.

The business uses three choices for a searching rifle.

  • TOZ-99— a fundamental model with a routine rifled barrel. Geared up with open mechanical view.
  • TOZ-99-01— the trunk can be fast. Additionally, in this version there are grooves for mounting the optical sight.
  • TOZ-99-04— the design for export. The distinction is the strings on the muzzle of the barrel. This function permits the use of muzzle devices.

The carbine can be furnished with a stock with a cheek, with the normal labeling is added letter «« L »

. The tools allowed for usage in any type of area other than exotic zone.


The difference in between the designs is little, their major signs are no different. Requirements self-loading carbine TOZ-99:

Features TOZ-99 TOZ-99-01
Caliber 5,6
Cartridge 5,6 * 16
Size of carabine, mm 980
Barrel size, mm 534
Weight, kg 2,4
Capability 5 and 10
The concept of automation The free-bolt recoil
View Outside mechanical Optical
Trunk Gunned long-term Threaded quick-release
Trigger pull, N 2.0 to 3.0

The weight of the rifle is offered with no additional gadgets.


TOZ-99– specialist instead of Amateur searching tools. Its framework is fairly easy, precious jewelry and devices for comfort, do not exist, as well as disassembly as well as Assembly is streamlined.

  • The body as well as the butt of the rifle are constructed from timber– walnut, birch, much less frequently beech. It is possible to execute butt cheeks.
  • The metal parts black.
  • The automated part is based upon the energy of the powder gas: it is ejection, as well as chambering of the cartridge, cocking the mainspring and also establishing the drummer.
  • Helpful device– folding as well as flexible sights. On version TOZ-99-01 it is feasible to change the optical view.
  • It is feasible to place the publication of 5 rounds and also 10. Experience hunters declares that the first choice is more secure due to the fact that the 2nd points fail.
  • According to the same reviews specified precision is 5 cm to 50 m, are considerably boosted when making use of quality ammunition.
  • Capturing Tula arms manufacturing facility suggests sport hunting or other cartridges ring of ignition.
Picking and packing

Typical devices searching carbine TOZ-99 is the same in all versions:

  • a publication of 5 rounds– situated in the carabiner;
  • purchase 10 rounds;
  • scraper;
  • screwdriver– 2 PCs of various kinds;
  • the situation is not always included;
  • the passport of the product.
The principle of procedure

TOZ-99– self-loading rifle in which the energy of the powder gas is used to recharge.

  • The securing is under the activity of springtimes 2.
  • When unlocking the power threshold of the gas you are drawing out the casings, the mainspring is cocked, and the drummer is established on a dealing with army.
  • The fuse helps to avoid unexpected discharge: in the setting «« fire » on the body of the trigger shows up red dot. When you install a fuse in the mode «« protection» » the red dot is closed as well as the securing system obstructs the sear, not enabling you to eliminate the drummer from the squadron.
  • Cartridges fed immediately under the activity of the spring shop.
  • Donelaytisa cartridges into the chamber via the shutter.

Stored the weapon unloaded, with their drummer. Ammo needs to be kept independently in a safe location.


For cleaning and also lubing the weapon it is necessary to occasionally carry out a partial disassembly. Totally performed if needed to repair the rifle.

Disassembly is straightforward– it’s one of the benefits of the rifle.

  1. Pushing the lock, get that Assembly.
  2. Hold the plug as well as carefully sinking it in the forward instructions, eliminate the lock box.
  3. Taken out back the bolt and remove the spring between the striker as well as both the recoil device.
  4. The refilling handle is rotated 90 levels and gotten rid of. Then you take your paddle and also drummer. Thus, the weapon is ready to greasing and also cleansing. Accomplish the procedure is suggested every 150 shots. When saving lube the carbine is required 1 time in 3 months.
  5. If you require a total disassembly, after the above actions require to Unscrew the screws at the bottom and also detach package from the trunk with a box.

Assembly remains in reverse order.


The simpleness of the design as well as function of the tools offer not also large of renovations. If the rifle is utilized for its designated objective– searching, high precision from him is not needed. If TOZ-99 plays the role of sporting weapons available in regards to cost and service, there are different sort of adjustment.

They commonly resort to bed linen. Requirement installing screw to the box as well as not also solid, since it involves a possible replacement. By adjusting the bed to compensate for bias and to attain more accurate capturing.

Proprietor evaluations as well as the cost of the carbine-melkashki TOZ-99 are provided listed below.


The expense of a hunting rifle of small quality relatively little. Such small-caliber rifle TOZ-99 is cost a price of 35469 R.

Cartridges utilized sporting activities as well as searching, ideally with improved burning of gunpowder:

  • cartridge Lapua RIFLE MATCH– 11 p.;
  • cartridge Olympus-BI, the steel sleeve. In pack 50 PCs– worth 21 p.;
  • cartridge Biathlon MC sports -11 p. for PCs;
  • cartridge Olympus-Nord– 13 p per unit.
Proprietor evaluates

Provided the affordable of the rifle as well as its objective, it is difficult to expect from tools of high precision. As a rule, those who are addicted to sport shooting, this version did pass by. Hunters, both specialists and also Amateurs indices rifles for the most part completely satisfied. The model provided a number of claims.

  • The precision is strongly affected by tight descent. This feature is taken into consideration the major drawback of the rifle.
  • One more downside is that the grooves under the extractor rapidly blocked with gunpowder as well as soot. This trouble is addressed by using ammunition with boosted burning of gunpowder.

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