Vepr-15, rifle shotgun

Characteristics of the carbine boar-15 (likewise called the 1st Russian AR-15 (AR-15) from the ««» Hammer » to amaze even one of the most expert shooters, and this is not unusual, given that he was released on the basis of the military assault rifle with specific adjustments and improvements.

Fashionable design, concise layout and also application of modern-day polymeric products with outstanding efficiency, significantly prolonging the opportunities for use the rifle, — these characteristics promptly stand out when acquiring. Thanks to contemporary innovation present in the market model of semi -automatic tools from the popular manufacturer « Hammer » is rightly popular amongst specialist hunters and also beginners of shooting weapons.

And also amongst the designs that incorporate the utmost in convenience, appealing prices as well as the opportunity for renovation ought to be designated carbine boar-15, among a collection of comfortable and modern self-loading tools. Introduction of carbine boar-15 Having an appealing « look », carbine boar-15 hence boasts superb technological functions given by the maker. The ergonomics of the butt as well as shaft that offer the most convenience when utilizing a carbine, made it possible to utilize it for teaching beginners is a relatively small outside dimensions and lightweight also supply the ease in moving the rifle.

As a result of the huge «variety of advantages, model Vepr-15 is perhaps one of the most successful from this manufacturer. Favorable reviews proprietors ‘ show how it achieved success not just when viewed from the outdoors, however when you use it. The range of this carbine is not just expert hunting, in addition to engagement in competitors at different degrees in shooting and training for accuracy.

The benefits and drawbacks Completely well balanced, model Vepr has the following benefits, which repetitively determines purchasers as well as proprietors of the carbine: high toughness polymeric products used in the production of the stock because of its high resistance to mechanical tension, the housing of the rifle looks terrific as well as a long time maintains its eye-catching appearance without worry of any moisture airborne or temperature changes; perfect balance of barrel length and butt provides the most effective equilibrium of the rifle, which is especially essential when using they do not have adequate experience by the arrowheads; the arrow’s variety, determined by the preliminary rate

  • of a bullet in the carbine of the version the maximum is to hit the target distant up to 200-300 meters. According to many proprietors, the imperfections of the design Vepr-15 has not. Carbine boar-15(photos)
    • Purpose The version Vepr-15 ought to be used for expert searching as well as in the tool, as well as even large pets, it is suggested to utilize a carabiner in the center climatic area, nevertheless, it can be utilized for trainings of precision, as well as also for competition shooting.

Defense of this type are planned for usage between lane with a pleasant environment with ordinary annual temperature from -5 ° C to +50 ° C. Varieties

For shooting the carbine design Vepr-15 made use of ammunition caliber 5,56 х45. Quality model Vepr-15 VPO-140.223 Rem. The energy of powder gases is utilized for the automated reloading of the rifle.


Being well balanced as to external form, as well as their capabilities, the model carbine boar-15 has the technical capacities that allow you to totally see all the advantages of the rifle over comparable tools from other producers.

Specs Carbine Boar-15
Country of origin Russia, Izhevsk, the company ««»
Hammer » Appointment Hunting Sight Semi-automatic carbine Ability cartridges 10 The complete size of the body 1 000 mm The length of the barrel 625 mm The height of the
model 202 mm Weight 4,69 kg Width 57 mm View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide covering Made from premium quality steel, the barrel of the rifle is not subject to corrosion also under high moisture, as well as the benefit of a deal with of the butt is ergonomic. Design The simplicity of the layout offers comfort and also convenience of operation of this model.Smooth strolling of the trigger allows not to experience substantial recoil when shooting, the comprehensibility of job of all structural parts and devices of the carbine makes the procedure of

shooting him one of the most comfy even amateur shooters. The major structural part — the barrel of the rifle. Made from steel, the barrel retains its high stamina also under unfavorable outside conditions. Rapid to mount externally of an optical sight allows to raise the effectiveness of fire.Rotary sliding entrance structure simple to operate securing system that makes sure safety and security when shooting. The trigger type firing system enables the Commission to provide a single shot without risk of spontaneous shots. Picking as well as packing To

  • stop mechanical damages to — the shell of the tool is Packed in plastic packaging and also in a cardboard box, which has the necessary info about the name of the item and the producer. The basic package additionally includes a cleaning rod for cleaning the barrel of the belt, shop as well as rifle. Capability shop 10 cartridges. The principle of procedure With its straightforward design carbine boar-15
  • are straightforward. Fire can be started by pushing the trigger, locking it immediately. After a solitary shot is the locking barrel. The shop contains cartridges of a specific caliber, which when cocking moved to the trunk, and when you press the trigger occurs shot. Disassembly Conduct disassembly is additionally straightforward enough that allows you to make it on

their own. This may be required when improvement of the model, in its repair and cleaning. To launch the barrel from sight as well as flies, it is sufficient to Unscrew the screws holding the removable gadget. The rear pin is pushed making use of any readily available tool earlier. Tuning Renovation of the model can be implemented by setting up extra equipment in the kind of

optical sight 3rd party with the most effective technological characteristics, in addition to flies and also forearm. The cost and the evaluations on the carbine boar-15 VPO-140 is given below. The item price The worth indication must be taken into consideration essential for recognizing the level of popularity of the rifle. And also model Vepr-15 at its rate can be called one

of one of the most budget friendly for most customers despite having a tight budget plan: the rate can vary from 65 000 to 75 000 rubles. Owner evaluates According to both customers as well as owners of this model carbine boar-15 incorporates simplicity

of use, convenience of usage as well as chance for use in the expert searching. Excellent technical criteria put down to the manufacturers, guarantee the high effectiveness of each done shot, as well as

ergonomic as well as well balanced kind enables you to get actual pleasure from the process of firing the carbine. Lots of noted the

possibility of adjusting the design, which likewise has a favorable impact on the performance of capturing.

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