Vepr-308 Win (SEOK-95), rifled weapon

Dynamic searching when a team of buddies driving effective solid as well as really dangerous wild boar, deer or various other pets that call for really premium quality firearms. All knives, tools, outdoors tents and also other necessary hunting devices.

It continues to be the choice for a trustworthy carbine that will certainly not fall short under any conditions. Due to the abundance of online info and chances to seek advice from a specialist quick and comfortable, you can trade the antique shotgun on the modern carbine.

Could not be preferable carbine Vepr-308 collection Win (JUICE-95) L=590, produced on the basis of the globe of the tale of arms– production of the Soviet illusionist– M. T. Kalashnikov And to day also the latest technology can not create anything even more dependable, top notch and tough tiny arms.

Summary of weapons

A really mighty tool can be a great assistance for searching in the woods in search of game in the swamps and also even sand dunes. Searching is one of the most appropriate hobby for courageous and also solid guys, in which genes remained the need and were to obtain a dosage of adrenaline and generate your house or on the convivial table abundant victim.

Proven in combat a Kalashnikov-series AK-74/ AKM became one of the most acceptable model for such a great hunting rifle, which is considered a searching rifle model Vepr. Nowadays, one of the most important is premium trouble-free chamber, a trustworthy sealing mechanism based on appropriate to the domestic consumer cost. To directory sites carbine Vepr-308 Win (JUICE-95) L=590 option the most popular searching tools.

Disadvantages and also advantages

For this type of little searching tools intrinsic in a large number of extremely major positive qualities:

  • The birthed and the surface of the chamber is covered with a very resilient alloy.
  • Is vehicle recharge at the time of usage of the discharge energy of the securing part.
  • Engineering enabled the use of a backwards movement of the springtime for shutting the shutter.
  • The trigger kind system permits premature to compute a shot, and also the trigger return springtime.

Drawbacks individuals consider to be too top quality research of the device of the ejector. The existence of non-removable fuse device, the Assembly set USM and a long enough barrel, specialists believe eliminate imperfections.

Carbine Vepr-308 collection Win (JUICE-95) L=590 (images)

The purpose of the carbine Vepr-308 Win(JUICE-95)
  • Arms imparted directly to the private direction in operation. Basic version can appropriately be called a wonderful military tool, which became the basis for a hunting rifle upgraded safety and security. Created for searching, competitors in the area of sporting activities and severe shooting circumstances.

Its use in searching is stated in the things of the regulative document of the Russian Federation. All the nuances of use controlled in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 18. 10. 01. It was signed in 2009.

  • One more essential variable is the possible self-defense under the current regulative framework.

Currently, work is underway to offer the consumer numerous product options


Technical features of the carbine Vepr-308:

p/p Call Ed. izm. Figure
1 Info concerning quality mm 7, 62 x 51, 00 308Win
2 The size of the total size and barrel centimeters 110, 55; 59, 00
3 Store capability cartridges package 5 and 10 rounds
4 The overall mass gr. 410, 00

About the silencer, optical view as well as other components of the rifle Vepr-308 see listed below.


Base the base of the Kalashnikov attack rifle allows you to utilize all advantages of this well-known system– enhanced high quality caliber, is totally suitable for hunting huge animals.

With minimal effect design Vepr-308 enables to accomplish an adequate distance of fire, accuracy of fire. The intensity as well as accuracy attained trouble-free operation at reduced temperatures, superb top quality general style, incredible matches top quality as well as cost of the product.

Picking as well as packing

The carbine is supplied to clients in a flat Packed kind, the set of parts treated with a special kind of oil. It shields a collection of components from wetness and also temperature level changes. The item is Packed in a buttered cloth, and also boxes made of all-natural cardboard or dried wood.

Applied certifications and keys for a carbine, the weapon maintenance as well as other lawfully stated files.

Zeroing the rifle Vepr-308 (SEOK-95) as received this video:

The principle of procedure

The essential action of the rifle Vepr-308 is based upon the mechanics of the message of the cartridge right into the area shop with a return spring, the lock channel openings of the barrel with the aid of return springtimes.

By pushing the finger hook of the descent enters into the system output trigger of the toe of the slope. A strenuous strike on the die drummer, puncture the igniter and also the pill is terminated.


Disassembly, evaluation and preventative lubricating substance specifically in the problem of discharged tools and also the drawn out cartridges. Listing of all occasions carried out on the basis of the given instructions. The Assembly created just backwards order.

Tuned model for today already thought about by the designers of the supplier, but it’s a decision the closest time, and today’s young designers. As an alternative attached to the butt of an honorable beech, oak, walnut.

Prices and also evaluations on the carbine Vepr-308 you will discover below.

The product cost

Rate level of this weapon is consistent with the peculiarities of layout options and the technical and also operational specifications allow you to buy it at a price of 660 bucks. U.S.A. as well as above.

Carbine Vepr hunter 308 VPO-101M L=550mm (picture)

Owner reviews Versions on the market provided a large sufficient need. She appreciates in the marketplace of one of the most high rankings demand. With the research study of the opinions of the owners can be fairly a genuine picture and bring the fad line opinions regarding the carbine.

Devices and produces essentially no major issues regarding the dependability, effectiveness, high quality and also excellent residential properties. Frustration is little aesthetic look, black shade and defects in the area of timber of the butt.

Below we think about analogues of the rifle Vepr-308 Wines.

When a group of good friends driving effective solid and extremely unsafe wild boar, deer or other animals that need really high top quality firearms,

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