Vepr seeker rifles

The simpleness of the style enables not to experience problems with the operation of the carbine, with its compactness as well as fairly low weight make certain comfortable transportation.

Ergonomic body shape carabiners makes it possible to conveniently place it in the hand, regardless of hand size hand: the tool is just as comfortable in the hand, both men and women.

Thanks to its outstanding technical qualities, which are established by the manufacturer and determine opportunities for the application of modern self-loading carbines obtain a lot of favorable comments from purchasers and proprietors of this kind of guns. And amongst peers ought to remain on the model Vepr seeker, which has exceptional capacities for usage not only with hunting but additionally for leisure capturing.

Overview of carbine Vepr hunter

Possessing a eye-catching and stylish «« look » carbine version Vepr seeker in the very same time it is very essential for guns, as precision of fire and also array loss moving targets. This guarantees efficiency when utilizing the rifle in the hunting and sporting activities capturing.

Making use of the carbine Vepr hunter, you can train to strike, to complete in sporting activities capturing, along with to take part in the expert searching. The range of this version enables you to strike tiny and medium game, as well as the presence of an optical view with excellent features simplifies the procedure of hitting the target.


Its technical parameters the rifle most typically utilized in specialist searching, since outcomes like variety as well as precision, capability to hit also moving targets at a considerable range (up to 200m), it are at a high degree.

The possibility of utilizing the taken into consideration models for both women and also men, not just as a result of the simpleness of the style and also functional designs of the rifle.

Pictures of the rifle Vepr hunter

Advantages and downsides Since it is a comparison of the advantages of this design and its imperfections with comparable versions of other developers allows you to obtain the most comprehensive image, a checklist of the main specifications enables to study the version. For energetic use, the most popular, according to most purchasers as well as owners are the bases for contemporary rifles with relatively reduced weight and also portable measurements, which substantially promotes the procedure of transport and use.

The ergonomic form, the chance to boost tools via the installment of additional tools as well as simplicity of the gadget, which allows rapidly as well as effortlessly to execute the disassembly of the rifle. These attributes are amongst the most vital for any version that is applied in specialist hunting and training precision.

The advantages of the version Vepr hunter need to consist of the following characteristics:

  • the portable size, which allows not to really feel inconvenience in operation of the carbine to both males and females;
  • reasonably lightweight, facilitating transportation.
  • chances to perform adjusting;
  • good standard devices, which allows to acquire the maximum sighting each shot.

The price design makes it budget friendly for the majority of buyers, and the owners state that the carbine Vepr seeker, having eye-catching «« appearance », hence verified to be outstanding when used in hunting, competition target shooting as well as for amusement.


In hunting shops currently supplied 2 variations of this version:

  1. Chambered for caliber.30-06 Springfield or 7, 62х63, which is identified by a considerable array, the value of this species is somewhat various.
  2. Chambered for caliber 7,62×× 51 variation of the.308 Winchester, which takes pleasure in significant appeal.

Both types have similar technological qualities, allows them to be used in hunting tiny as well as medium-sized pet, as well as in sports.

Version Vepr seeker M wood of walnut, which gives it great allure and also instantly quits on his sight of the customer. Polupoltina arm makes the procedure make the shot one of the most comfy, while several kept in mind the smoothness of the trigger.

Technical attributes of the carbine Vepr hunter 101M (308 Win) and also 102M (30-06 Spr) is given below.


Elegant style, use natural material for embellishing the hilt of the searching gunned carbine boar hunter and also a great deal of favorable attributes from the proprietors of the model — — the most characteristic functions of the design, which provided her popularity. And also technological potential incorporated in it by producer, include in her positive qualities.

The following are the major technological specifications are most important when selecting the version of the rifle as well as enabling an extra comprehensive picture about the opportunities Vepr hunter.

Specs Carbine Vepr Hunter
Native land Russia machine-building plant «« Molot»
» Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
Sight Semi-automatic carbine
Capability cartridges 2, 3, 5, probably 10, with the quality of 5,6
The overall size of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The elevation of the version 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
Sight of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide covering

In analyzing any model of a modern-day rifle, you ought to study the technical opportunities and also customer evaluations, in addition to the initial rate of a bullet, which indicates the precision of each executed shot.


Well thought out and also well balanced style of any modern-day carbine makes it possible to get one of the most exact shots, the maximum precision of fire. The relative simplicity of the style offers the chance not to experience problems with the operation of the carbine, which is especially vital for amateur shooters. The major useful component of it can be taken into consideration supply, and barrel.

The presence of extra devices enables to promote the operation and also to add benefit to it.

  • On the butt is made of rubber and having a high price of depreciation backplate.
  • There are 2 stops for the total locking of the barrel, which makes certain high security when making use of the carbine.
Picking as well as loading
  • Marketed the model in a cardboard box, inscribed with the essential details regarding the design as well as maker.
  • The sale is accomplished in specialized searching stores, the design is put on the quality certification and ticket.
  • There is likewise a comprehensive hand-operated describing just how to manage the technology as well as operation of the carbine.
The principle of procedure

When clicking the trigger will leave from the interaction with the shutter, there is a sharp blow to the striker under the activity of the broadened springtime, as well as the shooting. Carabiner classic is using the shooter’s shoulder, the shot effect is relatively little.

A function of the firing device of this model must be considered as dedicating a solitary shot, after that there is equipping of the fuse. Press the fuse is specifically practical for use, due to the fact that it prevents launching the carabiner prior to each climb it to the shoulder.

  • Disassembly of the rifle might be essential to carry out its existing repair or cleaning. Simple design allows for disassembly without excessive problem.
  • Optical sight is mounted on the surface of the barrel by a screw that is quickly removable. Additionally, know that the trigger device is quickly and also easily separated from the receiver at the cost of repairing it on a separate base, and also the telescopic sight is merely gotten rid of from its designated place of fixation of the stem box.
  • The trigger mechanism additionally has the capability to showdown. Shoe fly lies on the receiver cut, snyatie it is a loosening of the screw.

Like any type of other modern rifle, the tuning can be accomplished for enhancement. The version Vepr hunter can be mounted optical view that manufacturer boosts the sighting of the made shots.

Prices and also testimonials from seekers concerning the carbine Vepr hunter 101M (308 Win) and 102M (30-06 Spr) is given listed below.

The product rate

So, just how much carbine Vepr hunter? Price variable straight affects the degree of demand for the model. As well as the carbine Vepr seeker with the price from 45 to 48 150 280 rubles, is prominent despite having this value as a result of the combination of the eye-catching external design of the version and its technological features.

Now is the time to discover evaluations on the accuracy of the rifle Vepr hunter VPO 101M (308 Win) and 102M (30-06 Spr).

Proprietor reviews

Many purchasers to begin with is well known appealing look of the rifle, and also its procurement in order to assess its abilities. Indeed, the technical characteristics integral in the production of carbine, offer a concept of the breadth of applications, special security in the process of procedure to different exterior influences, which is necessary in the field, where often there is a rapid modification of temperature level conditions as well as moisture qualities.

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