Vepr leader, rifled weapon

Developed on the basis of Kalashnikov’s machine gun, carbine Vepr designs pioneer has gotten many favorable testimonials from buyers that require the appearance and also ease of access of price, from the proprietors who have managed to completely review its functionality.

It is not shocking, because the version Vepr leader assurances complete safety of procedure and optimum convenience when utilizing the carbine.

Technical criteria put down by the manufacturer, provide a good indicator of the accuracy of fire and also range loss moving targets. A large number of benefits to satisfy also special lovers of this kind of guns, as well as the portable dimension and also reasonably lightweight supply easy transport of the rifle.

Introduction of carbine Vepr pioneer

The modern-day style of the carbine Vepr pioneer to provide first passion in the design from customers. However upon closer inspection, even more attention is paid to the material where it is made: natural timber, not just boosts the appearances of the rifle, however makes a particularly good touch to it skin. The ergonomics of the take care of butt and also barrel allow you to use the version of big males with large size hand as well as sickly women and also teenagers, that made a decision to grasp the initial abilities of shooting from a firearm.

With this rifle you can train to strike, to compete in sporting activities shooting, in addition to participate in the specialist searching. The series of this design allows you to hit little and also tool video game, and the presence of an optical view with excellent characteristics streamlines the process of striking the target.

Advantages as well as drawbacks

Modern and functional, the carbine version Vepr leader has a variety of attributes that should call to its main advantages such specifications as:

  • appealing exterior design that specifies a high degree of interest of customers to the carabiner;
  • the use of natural material in the coating of the rifle. This may apply walnut or beech, with an unique safety covering, not terrified of temperature level changes of the atmosphere, the effects of high humidity in field conditions and mechanical influences, unavoidable during procedure of the carabiner;
  • the simplicity of the device, which figures out the ease of process procedure design Vepr pioneer.

Adding the noticeable advantages of fairly affordable it is feasible to understand the reasons for the appeal of the version among purchasers, since the rate permits you to acquire even with some spending plan restraints the purchase.

The negative aspect is the mix of the gas chamber to block the flies, nonetheless, the majority of proprietors of this style function of the rifle considered instead an advantage than a drawback: this method gives the maximum variety held shooting.

Vepr-223 leader (picture)

Purpose Utilize the carbine Vepr pioneer primarily, maybe for searching medium-sized and tiny pet. While it is technically feasible to use it for instructing novices the basics of shooting firearms: easy procedure with ensured safety permits you to show primary capturing even ladies as well as teenagers.

A carbine version Vepr leader can be made use of to contend in target shooting due to its qualities such as variety and also precision.


The marketplace today uses several selections of rifle Vepr leader. Relying on caliber, they differ by design, with 7.62, as well as the design with the 5.56. Respectively, are made use of for firing cartridges of various sizes, however the shooting rates are different in both situations not necessary.

These selections of designs of various capacity stores: in the first case it is 2, 3, 5 rounds, in the second — — 2, 3, 5 as well as 10 rounds. The model with the 7.62 the initial rate of a bullet, a bit extra in comparison with the design with the 5.56: 900 m/s on the very first version as well as 830 m/s in the 2nd.

The technical characteristics as well as capacities of the carbine Vepr leader 223, call and so on are given listed below.


A long-range shot, high degrees of precision and seamlessness of the whole procedure of operation of the carbine Vepr pioneer due to the technological attributes, gripped him by the maker. And also with their aid, you can obtain the most thorough and extensive image of the opportunities of the design, to recognize the reasons of its appeal among purchasers.

Specs Carbine Vepr Pioneer
Country of origin Russia machine-building plant «« Molot»
» Appointment Searching, sporting activity capturing
Sight Semi-automatic carbine
Ability cartridges 2, 3, 5, possibly 10, with the caliber of 5,6
The total size of the body 1 000 mm
The size of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the design 202 mm
Weight 4,69 kg
Size 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold creating, has an oxide coating

Carbine Vepr leader in its technological range is optimal for hunting, numerous proprietors see shooting variety, which is particularly vital for striking targets at a distance (the optimum distance defeat a relocating target, the summary of the manufacturer is 300 m). It is likewise a sign of the initial speed of a bullet, which indicates the accuracy of each performed shot.


The loved one simplicity of the layout provides the possibility not to experience troubles with the procedure of the carbine, which is specifically essential for beginner shooters. The major useful part of it can be considered stock, and barrel.

For greater simplicity of usage on the butt is made from rubber as well as having a high rate of depreciation backplate. There are 2 quits for the total locking of the barrel, which makes certain high safety and security when utilizing the carbine.

Picking and packing
  • The design is offered in specialized stores for searching firearms, the model is related to the high quality certificate and also key.
  • There is likewise a comprehensive hands-on describing exactly how to take care of the modern technology and also operation of the carbine.
  • The rifle is Packed in polymer film and the cardboard product packaging with the necessary details on it: name of the product maker.
  • Fundamental additionally suggests the presence of an optical sight with excellent attributes, which might change the exact same with far better performance.
The principle of operation

Procedure of the carabiner is simple due to the absence of complexity in its design. In the shop there are cartridges that when you push the trigger are fed right into the barrel and fire a round. The visibility of push-button fuse eliminates the risk of unplanned shot.

Modpluginevent drummer shutter gets rid of the possibility of inertial Nicola the capsule.


To carry out the disassembly of the rifle is possible even at home. It is required for the application of small repair services the gadget, the enhancement of weapons.

Function showdown you can consider it the simpleness of the trigger system quickly as well as conveniently divides from the receiver due to its fixation on a different base, and also the telescopic sight is just gotten rid of from its intended area of addiction of the stem box.


Renovation of this version can be carried out by setting up an optical manufacturer from an additional producer. This offers you the chance to improve the targeting.

Prices on carbine Vepr pioneer 223 Rem. caliber are offered below.

The product rate

The cost parameter is allowed to make the version carbine Vepr leader among one of the most preferred today. Its cost can range suppliers, but generally it is 48 250 51 to 150 rubles.

Owner assesses on the carbine Vepr leader 223rem, 308win caliber, etc is given below.

Owner examines

Its technological characteristics design Vepr leader is confirmed as a searching rifle.

  • Experts appreciate his objective and capability to strike a target especially at cross countries (as much as 300m).
  • The cost though can not be thought about reduced, however its availability in contrast with similar variations of carbines other makers made a design Vepr pioneer among one of the most popular.
  • Lots of purchasers kept in mind the appearance of the rifle.
  • The use of timber has actually made it the butt is one of the most pleasant touching skin as well as longevity of this all-natural material to exterior impacts permits to keep the attractive look of the tool.

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