VPO-135, rifles

The mobilization depots of our country still kept samples of weapons of the very early as well as mid-40-ies of the last century.

A few of them passed weapons plants for adjustment and transformation right into a civilian tool. Finish with self-loading rifles SVT, along with epic submachine weapon PPSH.

At the «« Zid » in carpeting it becomes a searching rifle PPSH-Oh, as well as in vjatskie-Poljany– VPO-135. Externally, they vary in that PCA Kovrov geared up with a rounded disk magazine, as well as Vyatka– sector (horn).

Description of the carbine VPO-135

The legendary submachine weapon Shpagina version 1941 chambered for 7,62 х25. Definitely genuine, with famous the perforated barrel shadow. For conversion to private weapons held numerous adjustments:

  1. In the breech of the barrel set pin, leaving ballistic on the bullet label.
  2. On the mirror shutter is made countersink to the same mark was on the sleeve.
  3. The check box changes the shooting mode is moved to the placement ««» Single » as well as welded to the slide box. Additionally, by welding, attached to the receiver and also bolt carrier to stop the setup of «« correct » device for automated shooting.
  4. Publication capacity limited to ten rounds.
Disadvantages and advantages

Epic weapons of world war II. The very same, that, this, probably, a list of the benefits can be finished. Obsolete and of extremely straightforward building, designed for mass and also cheap production.

  • The suggestion of turning a machine gun to a hunting rifle is flawed. Blunt heavy bullet pistol cartridge does not have the essential weapons as well as ballistic residential or commercial properties. Obviously, the PCA family members of submachine guns forties has unsurpassed qualities of little. When shooting solitary on a range of 100 meters, he gives a diffusion of 10-15 centimeters If the target is big (elk) and a skilled shooter, in case he drops. An additional point is that the pet will begin in 20 kilometers from the hunting location.
  • PCA of the bed has an extremely slim neck between the butt and also deal with, it usually damages down. Additionally, lots of samples that come under conversion trouble, have a genuine physical degeneration. As a result, the question concerning the strength of the Lodge is exacerbated and the entire look of tools can be extremely unpredictable.
  • To put on VPO-135 optical sight need to have plumbing skills.
  • The gear shop is hard. In carob, they are stacked in two rows, however the result in the billing chamber he single. Requires significant exertion to drown stored a cartridge to make room for the next. Disk store to outfit an additional a lot more challenging operation needs a flat surface area, icy tranquility as well as significant manual dexterity.
  • Fuse PCA is weak and also undependable. This is a moving lock on the handle of a screw, which is glided right into the port of the cover of the packaging box. She falls out of it really easily, so the weapons during the impact itself can terminate, because the shooting pin sticks out of the mirror shutter constantly– such is the design.

The fabulous reliability of the PCA is, however, a tale. When blockage of the mirror shutter or the thickening of the oil he quits to fire.

  • Weight without PCA store is 3.8 kg, as well as with a fully kitted– virtually 5. Searching for melee weapons is too much.
  • Cartridges 7,62 х25 are readily available, yet they are incredibly uncommon as well as needlessly expensive.

VPO-135/ PCA 7.62 х25 Tokarev (photo)

Purpose To call PCA a hunting rifle is an oxymoron. Obviously, you can hunt with a rifle shompolnye, charged with the muzzle(by the way, with better efficiency), as well as with a spear (at your own threat).

The capacity to hold the legend, to entertain the vanity as well as to really feel involvement in the heroism of their forefathers. Probably this is all that can offer VPO-135.

Feature The value
Type Submachine weapon blowback
Caliber, cartridge type Handgun, 7,62 х25
Barrel size (mm) 270
Capacity 10
Total size (mm) 840
Weight with unloaded publication (kg) 4,74

A submachine weapon with a totally free gateway. The locking happens as a result of the weight of the bolt.

  • The barrel with perforated cover, to shield it from damages and the shooter from burns.
  • The firing pin on the mirror shutter is dealt with, the press of the cap occurs as it moves on.
  • Back system– coil springtime with overview and also textolite recoil pad that secures the box from devastation by the shutter.
  • The change to fire is effected through the springtime filled tooth to the lower surface of the packaging box, which is recessed when driving the back gate as well as back into location after the passage of the body of the stopper over it.
  • The store may be a disk, with a spring-pusher, that should start (with ratchet device), or pie (carob). Result in the charging chamber solitary row in both cases. They are placed right into the groove in between the bolt and receiver as well as locks the bar located between the trigger guard and also the store.
  • The checkbox is translator fire setting lies under the trigger guard, he obstructed bonded in the placement ««»Single »
  • . Fuse kind «« latch » is on the deal with of eviction, he moves inside the box of the recoil device as well as wedged in the groove of the cover. It might be included with the cocked shutter and the instance when it remains in extreme forward setting.
  • Polupoltina bed, with flat deal with and a narrow neck butt. The butt pad is steel, it has a lid covering the dental caries for the box with accessories.
  • Views– back sight uncontrolled, and also a closed fly.
Picking and also packing

VPO-135 comes in a cardboard box. In the plan store, the passport and also certification of private tools.

The concept of procedure
  • Recharge is a complimentary gate, having a huge mass. It is driven by the recoil that happens when shooting. The shooting pin is taken care of, it is frequently sticking out of the mirror shutter.
  • Carob store equips one client, shoving it under the side flanges, front to back. Previous cartridges recessed in the store with your finger or tools at hand.
  • Drive before loading opening. On its front face moves the lock (to promote the process, press the switch located on the facility back edge). First you need to cock the springtime by revolving the cog clockwise. The cartridges match the «« snail » upright, bullets up. Would certainly have to tremble all laid earlier as well as start over if any of them fell. After laying the ratchet is launched as well as the pusher brings the first cartridge in the publication. The lid is then shut.
  • Prior to firing draw the screw back. He relaxed in the sear ledge and also will certainly stay in this placement till, up until you press the trigger. If you intend to place the rifle on risk-free, move the steel pin on the handle of the paddle to ensure that it is seated in the groove of the cover.

How to take apart and also put together all components for VPO-135, see below.

  1. Get rid of the magazine by pressing on the lock lever before trigger guard.
  2. Click a backplate cover securing package, slide it out as well as flip (reverse) the barrel.
  3. Remove the return spring from the rail as well as textolite butt pad of the shutoff.
  4. Get rid of the shutter.

Evaluations and also prices for hunting the PCA, HPE-135.


VPO-135 is 25 to 27 thousand rubles. The pleasure of owning an actual PCA does not enable its proprietors to Express an unbiased viewpoint.

To truly find out just what the development target at a distance of 50 meters to obtain is rather simple. The diameter of the ellipse of diffusion typically suits a 20 centimeters Shutter must be secured from contamination. To bill the store is a real inconvenience, calling for significant exertion.

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