VPO-208, carbine, smoothbore tools

Many fans of premium and also trusted tools created for searching and also target method, are acquainted with the popular not just in Russia manufacturer «« Hammer arms ».

Which currently for a long time is an all-new model carbines with ideal qualities( e.g., Bekas-12M, vepr-12 and also 16m, HPE 208, SEOK-95, Vepr Super, Vepr-hunter, Vepr-1V, Vepr-KM, and so on.

As well as amongst peers ought to remain on the design VPO-208, carbine, which the maker originally intended for usage in expert searching, however, the scope of its use is much larger: due to the combination of reasonably reduced mass as well as small size of the carbine can be made use of for the shooting of teens as well as women, and also these criteria facilitate its transport. The version VPO-208 is likewise used in competitors in sport capturing, target technique and home entertainment.

The review of the model VPO-208

Mostly all designs supplier «« Hammer arms » are of premium quality, as well as this issues both the external style as well as the integrity of mechanisms. Lots of owners noted the high level of comfort when running the rifle, the simpleness of the devices and also devices gives a fast as well as simple partial disassembly of the rifle, which can be necessary when repairing and also cleansing weapons.

Along with exceptional performance capturing brought in the interest of the customer as well as such characteristics as the extended receiver, the contemporary, thoughtful design and equilibrium the entire layout of the rifle, which makes sure maximum comfort when utilizing it.

The ergonomics of each design includes carabiner permits you to conveniently as well as pleasantly perform the procedure of procedure. An unique discovery is made certain by the completely smooth shape of the receiver. And even install it on an optical sight, front view as well as forend does not reduce the shooting rates because of the use as a particularly sturdy alloy in the manufacture of the barrel as well as intricate type of attachment attachments, that does not alter the flight of bullets fired. Modern shape, great design making use of natural timber carbine brought to the focus of the buyers, with decent premium quality, the cost is fairly sensible.

The model was made on the basis of several renowned carbine of Simonov non-detachable 10-round magazine, and also unique appearance, these features are identical.

A a lot more refined trigger device of hammer kind high-speed feeder in a cartridge chamber, which establishes the high rate of fire. Proprietors as an essential advantage of this version is marked proper and thoughtful selection of products for the design of the carabiner: made of contemporary polymer products, it long retains its appealing appearance. This contributes to raised longevity of products, their premium processing — — also during sharp variations of temperature level and also humidity real estate supply and receiver to transform their initial high quality.

Disadvantages as well as benefits

The qualities taken into consideration carbine, you can evaluate their advantages as well as imperfections. As noted by the owners of the HPE-208, drawbacks had practically none.

And also the positive top qualities that identify carbine this version from that provided today on the market, a lot. These include such attributes of carabiner:

  • practical type, ensuring optimum benefit when utilizing the carabiner;
  • the opportunity of exploitation of the version by left-handed as well as right-handed individuals;
  • outstanding exterior design, the products (both polymeric and also natural) lasts for long period of time owing to their right handling);
  • the possibility of making single shots;
  • outstanding quality of shooting, that include the accuracy of shots, variety, projectile, sighting;
  • the accessibility will perform enhancement (tuning) of the rifle.

Elegant appearance, excellent features, because of the intricate technical requirements — — all this made the carbine model HPE 208 one of the most popular today.

Boar VPO-208 (image)

Purpose Originally this rifle was created for shooting: it can be utilized for striking medium as well as huge goals, and also the opportunity of usage of ammunition of numerous quality, an assurance of the beats such objectives. Nonetheless, as shown by method and responses versions, this carbine is ideal for self-defense, for involvement in competitors on sporting activities shooting and also for enjoyment.


Today are numerous primary ranges of this rifle. They all have primarily similar settings, are well-proven in use as well as have a great deal of favorable comments.

For this version VPO-208 utilizes cartridges of quality 7,62×× 39, 9.5 mm. Bullet coverings with a quality of 366 BMT can be used for shooting of the rifle vary in the following way:

  • LSWCPC -lead bullet with a polymer covering;
  • FMJ11 — — bullet with a blunt end and also low weight( 11 g
  • ); FMJ15 — bullet in the shell with a pointed end as well as with a mass of 15 g; SP — variant jacketed hollow-point bullets (weight 15 g).

Huge option of alternative ammo used for the capturing of the carbine is additionally the advantage of the model.

Technical attributes of the gun VPO-208 are provided below.


Carbine VPO-208, advantageous distinctive in the industry analogues with similar criteria of its appearance and qualities of fire likewise has excellent technological characteristics: they establish the shooting rates of it.

Requirements Carbine VPO-208
Country of origin Russia, the company ««»
Hammer » Appointment Hunting, sport capturing Sight Self-loading smoothbore carbine
Capacity cartridges 10 with the opportunity of replacing the indigenous shop for even more quantity The overall size of the body 1 120 mm Kind of ammo is made use of 7. 62 × 39 View USM Trigger kind permits you to make single shots The structural functions of the trunk The tightness to the electrical outlet, has 6 right-hand rifling, which brings about increased accuracy of fire The size of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm Weight 4,89 kg Width 57 mm View of the trunk Cold creating,
has an oxide finishing Style If we take into consideration the layout functions of the carbine, the relative
simpleness of the version VPO-208 permits you to experience noticable problems in the application of the activity present carbine that is essential for starting shooters. The primary constructive part of the carabiner can be called
butt. The trunk is likewise a fundamental part of any type of carbine version. Made of quality polymer products, the stem box and also the butt stand up to temperature level changes when utilizing the rifle in the field. Selecting and packing The carbine model of the HPE-208 is offered for sale in plastic packaging, Packed in flightcase for simple
transport. The

basic set consists of also a shop which has an ability of 10 rounds. Boar HPE 208, HPE 209 as well as SVT-On The concept of operation Usage for searching carbine VPO-208 can be called conventional for comparable rifles: begin with the space to store ammo. Press the release button as the trigger the cartridge is sent out from the publication to the barrel, as well as upon actuation of the trigger system is fired. Simplicity of style allows making disassembly as well as performing enhancements to the design. Taking apart weapons VPO-208 is defined below. Disassembly HPE-208 is

needed for repair work of the receiver part of the rifle, in the procedure of cleansing. For its implementation does not call for unique tools, it can be executed also

in field problems. The optical view is set up and gotten rid of from desired place of fixing on the surface of the stem box. The barrel has a rail for mounting other add-ons. Adjusting guns VPO-208 is described below. Tuning When set up externally of the barrel of a riflescope, it ends up being feasible to increase the targeting. Several owners of this model given with his tuning: shooting prices when the standard arrangement is quite high, as well as the opportunity of utilizing various kinds of ammo allows you to hunt both small and huge game. Listed below this cost, owner testimonials and also latest information about smooth-bore carbine VPO-208 SCS. The product rate Expense element influences the demand for the version. And also the carbine VPO-208

, with a rate from 150 to 25 26 280 rubles, is fairly popular. A great credibility helps to ensure the integrity of the rifle. Boar VPO-208 K. 366 BMT Owner assesses Numerous proprietors see a great efficiency of capturing from a carbine VPO-208, which largely depends on the technological attributes set by the supplier. Relieve of usage, the reasonableness of its kind as well as comfort designs define

the absence of aggravation in operation

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