Yukon NVB Tracker 2 × 24 LT night vision Binocular

Yukon NVB Tracker 2 × 24 LT incorporates dependability and convenience with superior optical residential properties. They, in turn, are provided with the informed use premium quality glass, it gives you the opportunity to acquire such a clear and practical picture.

We present You an additional version of binoculars from the maker the Yukon, which came to be the basis for all tools of the line Tracker.

And infrared light will permit You to acquire a clear picture even in total darkness (at an optimum range of 150 m). Durable light-weight instance protects Your binoculars from the turmoil that frequently comes by hand the night watcher. No dirt, no water, no shake will certainly not damage the optics of the gadget, will certainly take care of and also a hinged protective covers on lenses.

The style of the field glasses so well considered that when he has an excellent weight or big dimensions– for an evening vision gadget, it is rather light and also portable.


  • Coated optics,
  • The Central emphasis,
  • Wide field of view,
  • High high quality photos,
  • Lightweight and also portable,
  • Lens covers systems ECLIPSE™,
  • IR illuminator PULSE. Zoom, times: 2 Objective lens size (aperture), mm: 24
  • The elimination of departure student, mm: 12
  • Angular field of view: 30
  • Diopter adjustment eyepieces, D: ± 5
  • Converter IIT generation: 1
  • Resolution, ang. secs: 36
  • The IR illuminator is
  • Source of power: 1 lithium battery kind CR123A, 3V
  • Optional: IR illuminator, long range
  • Weight, kg: 0,6
  • Measurements, mm: 175х123

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