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Firearms and cool steel in our days it is less complicated than ever. If during the socialist duration of our compatriots might in the lawful field to get just a cost-effective and also moderate searching rifles with a lengthy legacy of technological data, to day, the Russian regulations has ended up being far more autonomous and also devoted to the ownership of those or other brands of rifles.

Evaluation of the Zastava M85 carbine

The carbine is a wide variety of applications Zastava M85 is a superb automated Yugoslav tools created at the time of the firm «« Zastava Arms»», which is a reduced variation of the Zastava M90 gatling gun, a direct descendant in the series, following the Zastava M70.

The exterior information is taken from a famous Soviet makers AKMS as well as AKS74U, he adapted to the ammo used in NATO countries, quality 5 56 × 45, 00 mm.

Today automation is suspended. Nevertheless, the wish to dominate the marketplaces of Western Europe due to the underlying model AKM engineers and also gunsmiths Serbian firm Crvena Zastava from Kragujevac as well as the development of the maker M 85 was quite effective.

Disadvantages and also benefits

Searching rifles Zastava M85 DAT fit under the initial locking system Mauser, that ended up being a tale thanks to the one-of-a-kind reliability, high quality, it is resilient and also reliable in operation. Using alloy steel with chrome vanadium additives, manufacture of the barrel chilly building allows to assure high precision, accuracy and also portion of hits component. For the bed flawlessly all-natural material– tarnished walnut.

Specialists keep in mind a certain tightness of the fight, the requirement of application of a particular force when the squadron system in an unpleasant position. In the field traces the irresoluteness of the store and the possibility of getting dust in the barrel.

Pictures of the rifle ZASTAVA M85

Purpose The Zastava M85 is a carbine made for searching purposes, is trustworthy companion of providers as well as professionals in bioteknia– decrease of livestock harmful to human pets.


For virtually fifty years, the Yugoslav arms has actually launched several collection of alterations of Zastava, which are adjusted under the linked caliber 5 56 x 45, 00 mm. It is a version M 70 1 M 80 and also 80/A, M 85, M-90 as well as M 90.

1 Quality, mm 5. 56 x 45
2 The length of the butt, in the expanded kind, sm 76, 00
folded, centimeters 50, 00
3 The barrel: its size, centimeters 25, 40
4 Weight unloaded, kg 3, 100
5 Impact. shooting range, m 300, 00

Structural service of this gun is nearly the same to the fundamental design AKM. When carrying out a shot special interest gunsmiths drew in a shutter system that completely removes inadvertent removal of the safety system as well as bringing it in fight readiness. The style consists of the installation of arms under day or night views. Weapons can be mounted on four combat quits.

Packing as well as selecting

In common sales package includes a certification, license, supplier, sheet shooting, help DTK 005, specific passport technical system.

Loaded discharged in a water-proof packaging, in the sale comes in the original box with the logos of the plant.

The principle of procedure

On the basis of the model Zastava M85 is the use of power of powder gases withdrawn from the stem network. In the process of the shot powder gases eject a bullet, taxed the front wall of the gas gadgets, the piston is dropped to the back position.

With motion of the bolt compresses the springtime in the cocking car tools. The trigger is embeded in the shooting position. Channel is locked when you turn right, along the longitudinal axis.


All procedures for maintenance of the tools remain in a disassembled state, with separated shop, unloaded the trunk and in exact conformity with the classic scheme of disassembly recommended in the guidelines to the ticket weapons system.


Any type of modern-day adjusting against the rifle maker will not be thought about, along with using walnut timber for the manufacture of the bed.

Rates as well as a testimonial on hunting rifle M85 Zastava (Zastava M85) is provided below.


Rate classification uses even more to the center sector as for searching firearms and also varieties in different on-line shops 850, 00 to 885, 00 dollars. USA. Around the same cash you can purchase such rifles as CZ 512, Remington 700 SPS, KSO 9 Krechet, Orsis 120, etc.

Owner evaluates

The substantial majority of testimonials about weapons positive. Numerous owners focus on integrity and also high performance properties of the rifle Zastava M 85. Somewhat minimizes its score is rather modest and some problems with the mechanics of the squadron.

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