Zbroyar Z-15 rifle

The most common platforms for searching and showing off weapons no surprise carry system AR-15/ M-16.

There are many adjustments, is compatible with almost all variety of accessories as well as views. The rifle Zbroyar Z-15 is a Ukrainian analogue of the AR-15 rifle.

The review of the design Zbroyar Z-15

Zbroyar Z-15 is a hunting rifle manufacturing plant «« Zbroyar ». Carbine self-loading rotating shutter, is really smooth and also lightweight procedure. Despite the appointment of sporting activities capturing or searching, he is rather the «« military » and also turn it right into a military rifle unique efforts will not make.

Produced in line with 2011 on the basis of Rock River Arms Inc. In 2013, manufacturing was transferred to Kiev. The barrels for the carbine is still made in the USA.

A distinctive feature of all designs of the brand-new rifle is lighter weight and also much shorter barrel. To accomplish fat burning resulted from a range of modifications.

Advantages and downsides

Line Zbroyar Z-15 designed for the.223 Rem quality– most versions anyway. The designs is rather different, but an usual system and also deal with foreign equivalents allows to change the rifle in an extremely large range.

Among the noticeable benefits Zbroyar Z-15 consist of the complying with.

  • The receiver are made from aviation duralumin. Such a material supplies both reliability and also convenience at the same time.
  • Handguard is also made of aluminum alloy. The benefit is not only that this option reduces the weight of the weapon, however the reality that the alloy is rapidly cooled, so no worry with overheating of the barrel does not occur.
  • The barrel is free-floating, not touching the butt.
  • The lower arm is taken care of Picatinny rail at 12 o’clock that permits you to safeguard solitary and double straps at the 3, 6, 9 hours.
  • The style of the barrel and chamber makes Zbroyar Z-15 brand «« omnivorous ».
  • The precision in all versions does not surpass 2 minutes of arc when firing from 100 m.
  • The carabiner is fully constant with the idea of it– has a really brief barrel. Considering that the minimum size of the rifle is regulated by the demands of the Ministry of interior Affairs, muzzle devices– the set includes several designs of DTK, is taken care of for all-in-one adhesive.
  • Zbroyar Z-15 various the smooth operation of the automation. This feature is because of the gas system «« MidLength ». In addition, automation is changed by the use muzzle gadgets– flame arrestors, soundmaterial.
  • Established lots of modifications of several basic models: the choice is really considerable. In addition, a variety of elements and devices permitting you to literally collect the called for carbine.

Amongst the imperfections can just be defined not only high precision, however normally for sensible shooting this suffices.

Photo Zbroyar Z-15 7.62 × 35

Purpose Despite the overtly military style rifle is meant for hunting. As a matter of fact not just used for this. Calibre enables to generate medium-sized and also small animal– a squirrel, Prairie dog, Fox. The tool is simple enough, therefore, for running the forest searching fits flawlessly.

  • The suggestion of shooting sporting activities is fit such top quality Zbroyar Z-15 as a quick cooling of the barrel and the use of any kind of ammunition. The accuracy of the top quality and variant in size of the cartridges is not affected.
  • Carabiner can be utilized to solve tactical situations. As weapons for useful capturing, it has no equal: model is light-weight, trustworthy and accurate.

There are 6 major versions of the carbine as well as 1 minimal version. On top of that, there are additional adjustments, which differ primarily in the butts and package.

  • Z-15 A1 Basic— the basic option for quality.223 Remington. A barrel size of 16 inches, the pitch of the rifling of 1/9′, possibly 1/7′. Produced an alteration with a much shorter barrel at 14.5 inches, it is supplemented by soundmaterial and also two-step USM. The trunk is used for alloy 4130 CRMO, bore chrome. USM single-stage, telescopic buttstock 6-position, sighting devices in the arrangement are not offered.
  • Z-15 Basic A2— changed for 7.62 * 39 mm. the pitch of the rifling, 1/10′, in comparison to the previous version 30-charging, but lock for 10 rounds.
  • Z-15 BASIC 5.45 is the same basic rifle, yet the 5.45 * 39. A barrel length of 16 inches, the pitch of the rifling around 1/8′. Comes with a shop on the 25 rounds.
  • Z-15 A1 Proff— professional edition rifle in caliber.223 Rem. Barrel length might be 16 or 14.5 inches. The pitch of the rifling is 1/9″ or 1:7″. Trunk makes use of the very same steel, however chrome is not just a receiver network, but the bolt as well as the breech carrier. On the precision of fire is affected extremely favorably. Equipped with two-stage trigger, handgun grasp, folding fast release front sight and also diopter.
  • Z-15 A2 Proff version under the 7.62 * 39 mm. design functions coincide with previous variation.
  • Z-15 IPSC— under carbine.223 Remington, the like in A1 the length of the barrel and also step cuts. Style resembles Z-15 A1 Proff, yet with slightly various options: stock model long-term type Sceleton ACE, AFG front hold. Set handgun grasp from Hogue.
  • Z-15 SOCOM— modification under quality 458SOCOM– subsonic cartridge. Frankly a military adjustment: a direct hit will cripple the man in the vest of any kind of type. Barrel length stainless steel Shilen Match is 14 or 16 inches. The cutting pitch is 1/14″. The bolt and also bolt service provider are not chrome layered. Features a 10 — — or 20-round publication, that is, can suit 3 or 7 cartridges of quality 458SOCOM. The butt of precision, USM dual activity.
  • Developed and established special version unique variation Zbroyar Z-15 is under low-noise cartridge 7,62 * 35(.300 ААС/.300 Blackout). The design features soundmaterial. The barrel adopts stainless-steel length 266 mm step cutting– 1/8″.
  • Z-15 Zombie Hunter— the 7.62 * 39. Various prolonged forearm is 14 inches, and «« gills » that makes it easy to hold the rifle despite damp hands. The chamber and also barrel bore chrome layered. The receiver runs from a created space. Equipped with a sliding buttstock, 10-round publication, gun grip with rubber layer.
  • Under the very same caliber are offered, and modification of ZH1 as well as ZH2. Identified by the presence of «« Gill » in the 2nd version and bundle. A spare extractor, completing the initial modification is enriched by the sights.

Line Zbroyar Z-15 includes a range of adjustments. For contrast, it makes sense to think about a couple of basic carbines.

Setups Z-15 Basic A1 Z-15 A1 Proff Z-15 SOCOM Z-15 Zombie Hunter
Quality .223 Rem .223 Rem 458SOCOM The 7.62 * 39
Barrel length, mm 407 407 356 370
Complete length mm 800-910 904 with prolonged butt 800-910 940
Accuracy MOA <

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