Zbroyar (Zbroyar) Z-10, rifles

The business «« Zbroyar » for greater than 10 years, is a leading manufacturer of noncombatant rifles in the Ukraine.

The business’s items are planned for precision shooting and also are similarly extensively utilized as showing off tools as well as searching.

Zbroyar Z-10 is an accuracy hunting rifle, has a lot of modifications.

Overview of carbine Zbroyar Z-10

Zbroyar Z-10– self-loading rifle with a turning screw. Recharge is done immediately with using energy of the powder gases, and the barrel is secured by transforming the bolt. Rifle involves keeping only a solitary fire.

The version has excellent precision. If earlier the precision was specified just with correct ammo, the brand-new adjustments according to the testimonials came to be actually «« omnivorous ». In addition, the new variations work with international equivalents: it is feasible to change the screw, barrier, receiver, without appreciable loss in accuracy.

One of the features of the model– possibility of disassembly 2 composite aspect. In such a way to transfer the rifle a lot easier.

Disadvantages and also benefits

The best interest, certainly, offer a new variation of the third generation of rifles Zbroyar Z-10. Compared to the previous they differ in much less weight, with the lower arm alleviation and shape of the barrel has taken place without loss of precision of fire.

  • Precision stays one of the primary qualities of the rifle. Relying on the adjustment, the precision ranges from 0.75 to 1.5 arc minute.
  • The cocking manage is incorporated with the frame of the shutter. This attribute allows you to get rid of a stuck cartridge as well as tons it.
  • Original slide team, executed at the manufacturing facility «« Zbroyar »
  • . The receiver is made by milling from a plate of light weight aluminum alloy of high stamina. Forging as well as casting are not used, which makes certain much greater toughness and also integrity of the system. To boost the performance of the receiver after making go through tumbling in ceramic particles as well as anodize.
  • On the most recent versions of the Zbroyar Z-10 install a new flexible gazblok extremely high quality.
  • Attends to the accessory of the optional side and bottom bands. The lower arm mounted Picatinny rail under the views.
  • The barrel are constructed from stainless-steel, cold created or– a substantial plus to make sure accuracy. Secured 7 lugs.
  • The carbine features a 10-round magazine. The wall density of the barrel and also work automation enable you to fire 10 rounds without the threat of getting too hot of the barrel.
  • The package design features a muzzle brake. Of muzzle devices you can additionally use the silencer.

The negative aspects of the item consist of weight. Depending on modification of rifle without publication considers 4.2-5.5 kg. For the woodland searching a whole lot. Keep in mind the rather high price compared to earlier variations of the rifle.

The Rifle Zbroyar Z-10 20″

  • Purpose The carbine was developed as a hunting rifle, and that is its main objective. Quality.308 Win, 7,62 * 51 entails searching for the typical Fox, fur-bearing pets as well as large game– wild boar, ROE deer, wolf. Advised distance from 400 to 800 m. the Weapon is developed for usage in middle as well as Northern latitudes: the weapon operates reliably at temperatures from -50 to +50 C.
  • Zbroyar Z-10 gives high precision shooting, so the rifle is frequently used as sporting tools.
  • Allowed the use of the carbine as a private weapon for protection.

The range of rifles consists of 3 significant groups with a couple of modifications. The distinction is rather considerable.

  • Fundamental rifle– Basic, made for the.308 Winchester, includes 4 different variations, differing in the disposal system, the size of the barrel, lengthy gas system, and also other things.
  • Specialist collection– Proff SS, is readily available for the.308 Winchester, the 6.5 * 47 mm,.260 Remington.
  • Accuracy– Bartlein PRS. The main difference is the top quality of the barrel. Patterning is made 0.3– 0.25 MOA. Offered for the exact same qualities:.308 Winchester, the 6.5 * 47 mm,.260 Remington.

Technical attributes of the weapons Zbroyar (Zbroyar) Z-10 is given listed below.


One of the most prominent, naturally, searching rifles series Basic. The design has actually been boosted as well as are fairly different from each other.

Alteration A1 A2 A3 A4
Quality .308 Win, 7,62 * 51
The concept of procedure Butterfly shutoff, diversion of propellant gases
System The straight shot of gases Piston with short stroke
Length gas-system, mm Basic Ordinary
Barrel size, mm 610 510 406 406
Total length mm 1140 1100 985 985
Sighting range, mm 800 500 400 400
Precision MOA 0,75 Of 1.00 1,25 1,50
Weight, kg 5,5 4,7 4,15 4,5
Ability 10

At various sighting range is the maximum range of all versions coincides– 2000 m.


By design functions distinguish rifle with a barrel size of 16 inches– Zbroyar Z-10 16′ and a barrel size of 20 inches– Zbroyar Z-10 20′. The splitting up length, naturally, conditional, the major right here are various other features of the models.

  • While the size of the barrel, the latter describes the type of openly posted, that is, never in contact with the bed and safeguarded just to the receiver. Have Zbroyar Z-10 16′ barrel constructed from stainless steel, and Zbroyar Z-10 20′ barrel, chilly created.
  • At the end of the muzzle of the barrel is threaded under the muzzle device. The set of models consisted of two-chamber muzzle brake-compensator.
  • The receiver– type billet, are crushed from a solitary piece of aluminum aircraft alloy. Marking is not allowed. Box anodize finishing is available in 3 colours– sand, black and green.
  • In Zbroyar Z-10 16′ gazblok adjustable, Zbroyar Z-10 20′– unregulated, on the tightening screws.
  • The lower arm is carried out with a Picatinny rail for all versions. USM in two-stage Zbroyar Z-10 16′ single-in Zbroyar Z-10 20′ generated at the plant Zbroyar.
  • Zbroyar Z-10 20″ ″ will run on the system of the AR-10, gas venting system «« Direct Impingement»». The package includes the pistol hold of the M4.

To secure the forearm, tightening up gasblok, nuts added slats applied metric that permits you to utilize the hardware and also tricks. The pitch of the rifling depends on the adjustment of the rifle.

Packing as well as choosing

Devices might vary as well as subject to change. The standard package includes:

  • cover textile for the carbine;
  • the butt of among the two kinds;
  • shop for 10 rounds;
  • gun belt;
  • muzzle brake-compensator– not all versions;
  • passport;
  • cardboard box.

You need to take note that the mechanical sighting device is not equipped with a carbine.

The principle of procedure
  • Automatic charging is performed in a conventional method: making use of the energy of powder gases that appear through the holes in the barrel to the gas chamber as well as because of the springtime force of the return tool. In the concentration camp of the powder gases expand, stress is transmitted with the gas tube to the bolt provider. The current as well as activates other systems of rifles.
  • When discharged, the shutter is secured at 7 lugs while turning the screw. The return springtime is positioned in the cavity of the butt, so the collapsible stock in Zbroyar Z-10 is excluded.
  • USM hammer type causes the possibility of only single shots. After each shot, it must immediately recharge.
  • Cartridge case from the chamber is ejected using extractor and ejector.
  • The rifle is outfitted with removable magazines to 10 rounds. The cartridges are fired, the screw carrier is immediately secured in the rear setting.

It is potential nedosypanija cartridge– shutter stays open. In this case, to send out the cartridge can be manually: in order to intensely strike the reload lever until the shutter shuts.


Service rifle involves the partial disassembly, cleansing and also lubrication of tools. The order of activities is the adhering to.

  1. You need to make certain that the gun isn’t filled. To do this, detach the store, give the take care of recharge ago moving parts to evaluate the chamber. Then return the relocating part to its original placement.
  2. Turn the fuse and pushing the trigger, do control descent.
  3. Get rid of the rear and then the front pin and separate the top part of the receiver.
  4. The upper part is put on a straight surface area and also is pulled to its rearmost placement the deal with reloading. With the other hand utaplivayut to lock the launch switch of the take care of as well as move the handle to the right, take it from the bolt.
  5. Remove the bolt from the receiver.
  6. Node take apart the screw: draw the pin shutter transfer shutter in the back position as well as pull the finger of the screw.

Full disassembly of the rifle is made only for fixing as well as just in a workshop. The Assembly of the products in the reverse order.

Cleansed the carbine is advised after every capturing. Done after 5000 shots would certainly require to change the gas tube. After 10 thousand rounds precision starts to lower. If the index decreases 2 times, you need to change the barrel.


Compatibility Zbroyar Z-10 with international analogues allows extremely considerably to customize the rifle. Allowed to replace the butt of the bolt, barrier, barrel and so on.

The initial collection of sights. As method programs, the seekers favor optical sights, the benefit of a Picatinny rail enables you to set up any kind of model. Novice shooters are encouraged to try a mechanical tools.

The cost and the reviews concerning the model Zbroyar (Zbroyar) Z-10 is provided listed below.


Acquire carabiner sensible in his Homeland. The cost from the manufacturer ranges from 42000 to UAH 61600. depending on the version.

The ammunition for the Zbroyar Z-10 to obtain simply weapons is certainly «« omnivorous ». So you can fire both cartridges with cartridges with a polymer covering, zinc, lacquered cartridge situation and more. The expense is greater than reasonable– 9 to 13 p each.

Proprietor assesses

Famous tools Zbroyar Z-10, we do not take also young a weapons manufacturing facility as well as a model even with all their virtues insufficient recognized. Nevertheless, the high precision and also simple rifle to the quality of ammunition, without doubt required to talk about himself several hunters.

Those that managed to get acquainted with a leader Zbroyar Z-10, and consider it one of one of the most exact rifles for searching.

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