Zeiss Victory HT 3-12 * 56( 60) (115670) optical sight

With the brightest riflescope from Carl Zeiss, which is created for evening hunting from the blind as well as far-off shots. His design utilizes SCHOTT HT glass, so it gives optimal brightness during evening searching and permits you to see the object of searching.

Optional ASV +, in mix with a huge magnification makes it an optimal sight for far away shots. No matter the range and also time of day, the success of the hunt

You gave! Reticle 60 brightened

The reticle 60 is lighter as well as finer in appearances than the comparable reticle 40. The articles just cover half the mesh 40, and the room in between them– two times. Hence, it is ideal for exact shots, with just minimum coverage of the video game. Also at 12-times magnifying as well as a target coverage just of 0.55 cm at 100 m You will certainly have an excellent introduction, hence You do not miss also the smallest details. The brightened dot is extremely intense and ideal for daytime searching. Stepless brightness adjustment reticle permits its optimal usage during evening searching. Depending on the design range grid can be in very first or second focal airplane.

Success HT (HighTranmission)– brand-new collection of riflescopes Zeiss. This is a joint project as well as Zeiss Sport Optics Schott, one of the biggest lens manufacturers on the planet. Especially for this model were developed lenses NT, which give the tool high transmission of 95%. No company in the world can utilize in their own devices lenses NT. What provides the seeker a value of 95%? It permits also longer to quest in the dusk, extending the hunt and offering the arrowhead an additional come across good luck.

Main features:
  • Innovative optical idea

Searching in the evening was feasible thanks to an innovative transmission in excess of 95%. Such a high result is attained as a result of the innovative concept of optical system, which is a suitable mix of lenses, SCHOTT HT High Transmission with very high levels of light transmission, reticle innovation that removes light losses, and multilayer anti-reflection finishing T * from Carl Zeiss. TRIUMPH HT– a brand-new standard sights costs.

  • The tiniest and also brilliant illuminated dot

The tiniest and also brightest and one of the most ingenious discovery point in the world supplies minimum target insurance coverage and is always well marked. As a result of the distinct light guide as well as nanotechnology, the aiming factor VICTORY HT optimum shape and brilliant, as well as considerably variable strength instinctive and also exact. The reticle is in second focal aircraft, so no matter magnification, has the exact same dimensions.

  • Ergonomic style

The style of the VICTORY HT is developed for specific and intuitive control. It is exercised thoroughly, as evidenced by the illuminated factor change and also set up which is fast as well as easy making use of the clip on the left side of the sight. Practical rubberized surface area offers comfy retention of the optical tool. Thus, the VICTORY HT is a brand-new word in functional designs.

  • Timeless style and compactness

Compact made with the new style of the VICTORY HT mixes even with one of the most advanced tools. The elongated form of the eyepiece allows a reduced fit of the view on the tool, making both one. Easy matte black housing is extremely sturdy as well as improvement. New titanium ring on the eyepiece has been the hallmark of the VICTORY HT is a brand-new word in the layout of the views.

  • The concept of long odds ASV+

ASV was continued in the new ASV+, which dramatically improves the precision despite having huge distances and also provides instinctive many thanks to a distinct range markings. Package consists of a set of compatible ballistic rings of steel, which ensures optimum ease of modification. These rings represent the ballistic curves of nearly all widely known qualities and types of cartridges and allow you to make accurate chance ats ranges as much as 600 meters. ASV+ optional for these views.

  • Tested finishing LotuTec ® In any kind of weather You will certainlyconstantly clearly see the target. Finishing LotuTec ® guarantees that water droplets quickly roll off the lenses, so during rain or snow You will certainly constantly have an unblocked view. Thanks to this protective coating of dirt and dust are conveniently eliminated without a trace from the surface area of the lenses. A range of setup options for tools All designs in this series can
  • be mounted on tools

with the tested bus or Zeiss 30-millimeter ring. Therefore, there is barely a tool for which it would be difficult to install ranges ZEISS VICTORY HT. Specifications: Increase 3.0 x 12x The reliable size of the lens 44 mm-56 mm Leave pupil diameter 14.9 mm-4.7

mm Twilight element 8.5-25.9 Field of view at 100 m 12.5 m-3.5 m Angular field of vision 7.2 ° -2 ° Diopter adjustment +2/ -4 dpt The elimination of the exit pupil 90 mm
The absence of parallax 100 m Range typical
establishing 100 m 120 centimeters Setting
: one area per 100 m 1 cm The diameter of the mid pipe 30
mm The diameter of the eyepiece 42 mm The
diameter of the lens 62 mm Lens layer LotuTec ®/ Carl Zeiss T * multi-layer finishing Sotoserena There Water immune 400 mbar Operating temperature variety -25 / +50 ° C Length 347 mm Weight 573 g

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