Zenit (Zenit) 1,5-6 * 42 optical view

Optical view Zenit (Zenit) 1.5-6 × 42 from the popular Russian maker due to the optimum rise in suitable for various sorts of hunting at short and also moderate ranges.

Newest developments and experience of engineers enable to develop really reputable optical view, not inferior to international equivalents. We must keep in mind that the solution life of the view 20 years, 12 of which the producer assurances complete performance.

Among the attributes of optical views Zenith (Zenit) permitting the usage of all hunting rifles is a one-piece aluminum body made on accuracy devices for the toughness than comparable models made on the basis of prefabricated real estate. We need to keep in mind that the instance diameter is 30 mm many thanks to which the designers were able to attain a large array of angular area of sight from 14 to 7 deg. relying on the chosen zoom.

Illumination of the intending point in red shade is well noticeable on any kind of history. Illumination modification 11 settings, the very first 6 modes are developed for hunting at twilight, while modes 7 with 11 it is far better to use for searching in the daytime. Powered by one CR2032 batteries, which You can locate in any store.

  • Package materials: Optical view Zenit (Zenit) 1.5-6 х42.
  • Cover.
  • Carton product packaging.
  • The user’s guidebook.
  • The battery CR2032, 3V.
  • Towel cleansing.

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