Extra parts for a snow sled, Taiga ST 500D Patrol

The magazine for the choice of customers provides spare components for the model Mystery ST 500D Patrol. Prior to buying items, it is advised to make sure that the information that is detailed on the website of the on the internet store matches the information of the technical devices passport (PTS).

The snow sled document should have just the same data. If doubtful about the quality of extra components, seek advice from a professional. Extra parts for the Taiga 500 snow sled in a big assortment at cost effective costs can be located in the on the internet shop, where there is a directory that supplies everything that the proprietor requires for efficient maintenance and repair.

In the on the internet parts shop, users can:

  • buy spare parts taiga 500 with delivery to the region of house;
  • order parts that are not in stock in real time, experts will promptly acquire them from the manufacturer;
  • get everything you need for repair service and also upkeep of snowmobiles at retail and in bulk.

It is essential to take note of the fact that the business have to work with relied on organizations that supply goods as well as assure their top quality. Applications for parts and consumables for snowmobiles should be accepted all the time.

Components List

The catalogs on the web sites of on the internet stores offer elements that are available independently, as well as in packages.

We detail some components that may require to be replaced:

  • piston group;
  • muffler;
  • windscreen;
  • cooling cap;
  • caterpillar;
  • spark plug;
  • starter;
  • gearbox real estate.

When clients resort to professionals, if required, aid will be given in finding extra components for the Taiga ST 500D Patrol design totally free.

Think about the complying with points when dealing with the magazine: if there is an unique number marked on the representation, the goods are delivered independently. When picking items with a certain size as well as color, be careful. Parts of the power unit, including different colors, exist under certain numbers in the diagrams. If you can not find out the features of the part, you need to seek assistance from an expert.

Motors for a snowmobile Taiga ST 500D Patrol are offered in a complete set representing the brochure number: block as well as setting up device. The visibility of these extra components is recommended to contact a shop specialist by calling the phone number or creating an e-mail.

Piston group

The user will have the ability to pick up spare parts for the Taiga ST 500D snowmobile. When selecting spare parts for a piston group (GH), it is important to take into consideration the coincidence of the details that is indicated on the web site as well as in the machine ticket. If there are uncertainties regarding its conformity, it is recommended to talk to a consultant.

The major spare components for the gas distribution device are the crankshaft as well as piston team.

Think about the typical costs for all parts that can be purchased for them:

  • tensioner — — 201
  • ; CPG with various elements: rings, sleeve, piston, gasket, — — 1501
  • ; rings from the tool of the piston (KP) — — 201
  • ; piston — 501; footwear with a pacifier (2 items) — — 294; sleeve (10 pcs) — — 411
  • ; the head from the cylinder device — 2201;
  • gaskets of the piston team (3 pcs) — — 101
  • ; chain — 231; crankshaft — — 4301.

PriceA set of heavy steam generators with spare parts costs 6,000 rubles. The expense of each component of the piston group will be approximately 8345 rubles.

Piston for a snowmobile Taiga ST 500D produced taking into account the standards developed by the producer. These parts are offered with extra parts: rings, fingers, break rings (SK). All products are compatible with extra components from Japanese, American or Chinese suppliers.

Piston Installation Features

It is suggested to figure out in advance the cause of the malfunction of the part in order to remove it later on. If it does not work, then acquire a brand-new piston group as well as change. Yet it has to be born in mind that replacement may not solve present issues if the precise cause of the event is not clear.

Attention! We advise that you check the clearance in the gearbox locks before mounting the piston rings on the piston.

To be able to install preserving rings (SK), you require to use a device (not a screwdriver, hammer, due to the fact that they lead to an adjustment in the appearance of the product and also various other breakdowns). We recommend that you consider the placement of this circlip in the groove; it is necessary that it is completely placed right into it.

Timing 2

This 2nd component consists of the adhering to details: camshaft component — — 449; head — 2199; PG gaskets (3 pcs) — — 99; carburetor spacer — — 106; ring — 101; a strip curved by a spiral — 81; barrettes — 51; enthusiast — 230-405; rocker arm — 309; gas filter — — 48; sleeve — 410; screw with nut — 50; rocker arms(2 items)— 215; shutoff cover — 451; camshaft — 801; hose — 116; valves — 250; 2 rubber bands bent by a — spiral — outside and inner — 151-152; kolpaki — — 100; cracker — 50

Total, the cost of timing components will certainly be about 6350 rubles.

Spare parts for the gas distribution mechanism specified in the brochure must be produced at the manufacturing facilities of unique firms. If so, then they have high quality, validated by the ranking as well as testimonials of those who have already used them.

Initial extra parts for Taiga ST500 made in Taiwan as well as various other versions are usually created utilizing new technologies.

Cooling system

Do equipment diagnostics regularly.

If break downs in the cooling system are discovered, then you will need to replace such components: filter — — 291; a hose pipe from a radiator — — 3522; oil cooler — — 581; covers for cooling the cyndrical tube of a snowmobile Taiga ST 500 cost — — 1522; a follower, the air conditioning system of the gadget — — 151; follower cover — — 202; grate (ornamental purpose) — — 161.

Complete, the price of the whole system, thinking about each detail, will certainly be about 6430 rubles.

Just how to repair a cooling system

Before you buy parts, it is suggested that you find out exactly how to correctly fix the air conditioning system.

Repair steps:

  1. Remove the shell. To facilitate disassembly, pull out the installing part of the impeller of the ventilation tool.
  2. Pull out the handle. starter by entirely shutting off the connector between the base of the switch and also the magdino. Separate the ends from the spark plugs as well as the fan cover.
  3. Clean the devices under a stream in a solvent.
  4. Disassemble and also reconstruct. Obtain the air flow consumption. To get rid of and also set up the fastening nuts, install the impeller with a stopper. The tightening up needs to be with a pressure of 50 N/ m.
  5. Observe the solution needs for changing the ventilation tool belt: the belt deflection need to be 9 millimeters.

Stress modification: add or get rid of rings (KTs) 8 between the 2nd drive wheels. belt: 7, 9. Other K needs to be positioned in the center, in between the spacer 6 and also the aspect of the wheel 7 (from the cover). Establish CCs that have actually not been utilized. To eliminate the bearing using a strike from the fan real estate, use pressure to the part of the axle 5 assistance.

Attention! Save the washers to ensure that you can construct the product later.

Get rid of the locking KTs 6 and the 2nd shaft support from the device, which contributes to its rotational activities. For setup, it will be necessary to place one bearing as well as, in exchange, mount a retainer CC with rounded metal plates. Next, do the same with the 2nd from the other component of the real estate of the air flow device 13. Press it as though the bearing is flush with the real estate.

Press the shaft of the air flow tool from the engine into the fan real estate. Seek turning. During setting up, lube the thread of the screw in the form of a spiral 1. Install gaskets from two components — — 2 and 3, and afterwards place element 11. On a snowmobile with a fluid engine. ZhO cooling, for cooling liquid from the system, you require to lower it from the distribution container. It is best to utilize a pump that is installed in the tank for this purpose. With a reduced level of fluid fuel, lift the back of the car to put this fluid from the ICE cooling devices.

This tool can shield the device from damages and also contamination, and also it has to include spare parts:

  • gaskets in the set — — 449;
  • the silent block of the electric motor in a quantity of 2 items — — 137 + 139;
  • crankshaft oil seal — — 144;
  • the top component of the crankcase of the left — — 369;
  • case right from the crankcase — — 2391;
  • situation to the left of the crankcase — — 6001;
  • sleeve — — 411;
  • Starter — — 1501;
  • pins m8x195 — — 181;
  • o-ring — — 176.

The cost of each product of the Taiga ST500 snowmobile crankcase is approximately 12 thousand rubles.


The operating period of this unit is reasonably brief, so it is suggested to transform it in some cases.

The breakdown can show up suddenly, substitute is required. Find out exactly how expensive it will certainly cost.

The starter includes various parts:

  • cork (2 pieces) — — 101; hall sensor — — 99;
  • gear — 451;
  • probe — 99;
  • the pump is 251; drive circuit — 149; ventilation device — — 144; spring — — 99;
  • crankcase cover (right) of the engine — — 1299; rotor — — 1201; stator — — 1701;
  • filter — 49;
  • key — — 51;
  • birthing — 131;
  • gasket from crankcase cover — — 111;
  • a tool for attaching cylindrical elements — — 1701; Crankshaft oiling device — — 151; sleeve — — 409.

The cost of tools will get on typical 8150 rubles. If the starter breaks down, turn on the engine making use of the “pusher” method. It is difficult to do without extra assistance, specifically when the temperature level goes down below -20. Much better to get a new gadget.

Hand-operated starter repair guidebook

Commonly this treatment is composed in mounting brand-new tools, so it is suggested that you familiarize yourself with the system before you begin work.

Figure 2. Electric begin system in an area.

If the electrical system stops working, a manual starter will certainly assist. Figure out how costly such a tool will cost.

Figure 3. Hand-operated starter system.

Aspects of the hand-operated system:

  • hand-operated starter setting up Taiga — — 5 041; springtime — — 29;
  • cord r/ starter taiga — — 15;
  • hands-on starter pulley taiga — — 306; bus — — 17;
  • wedge — 61;
  • instance — — 916;
  • camera — 31.

Each element of the hand-operated starter in overall will set you back approximately 6400 rubles.

After the purchase, the inquiry develops: «« How to repair a manual starter on a Taiga 500 snowmobile?» — » — it is simple if you follow the directions:

  1. To start with, the policies need us to get rid of the tools. It is necessary to remove the cable element from the passage of the starter take care of 14. Then remove the cable, which is located beside the setting up, as well as the shock absorber.
  2. Make a lace knot alongside the starter real estate.
  3. Eliminate the screws as well as washing machines securing the starter to the power unit, after that remove the tool.
  4. Now dismantle the starter. To safely eliminate the cord from the deal with. starter you need to do the following: get the camera, washing machine, service provider, in addition to the springtime and ring. Additionally, remove the wheel from the apparatus, the cover, remove 2 aspects: the wedge with the cable. Delicately touch the wedge.
  5. Continue to assemble the device. Mount the outer end of the springtime into the flow, and afterwards wind it counterclockwise into the overview component as well as put on the cover.

Focus! Because of the truth that the spring is securely wound in the internal part of the guide, it can go out. Accuracy is important. Perform diagnostics: routinely check, clean the hands-on starter from dust and also oil the system components: carrier, fist, pulley head opening, loophole, flexible steel strip (spiral) and also install the tools in the event. Oil the guide derive from the inside.

For referral! Making use of other oil might cause the starter motor to malfunction.

To set up a new cable, insert it into the flow and lastly install it with a wedge. To change the tension, wind the cable around the wheel, which provides the belt movement, and also place it together with the cord in the starter housing, to make sure that part of the hub is connected to the spring hook. Turn the wheel sending activity along the drive belt counterclockwise (FST) up until the pointer of the cord departures with the passage in the starter housing.

Separate the cable into the beyond the starter real estate and attach the loop to hold the cable. With the cable fully expanded, the pulley needs to consist of a 30 ° rotation function throughout turning. The spring must “give back” the gotten rid of cord to the very first setting in 5 transformations of the wheel, which gives activity to the drive belt. The belt tension ought to be half a transformation or one transformation of the rubbing wheel.

Comply with these actions: mount the carrier, repairing the washer, hand, spring and oil it with OKB or TsIATIM. Then place the ring. Screw on the tools cord making use of the cord guide in the friction wheel as received Figure 4.

Number 4

Before mounting a brand-new cable in the handle of the starter gadget, you require to open package with suits, pull out one, light as well as heat the tip of the cord with it to ensure that it melts. Be sure to run the cable with the shock absorber, the manage of the starter system as well as link a knot at the idea of the cord. Melt the knot with a match and also draw it right into area of the take care of.

Variable rate drive

This equipment plays a crucial duty in transmission.

Find out about the primary components that enter into your device:

  • settlement — — 800;
  • shaft support promoting its turning — — 60;
  • electric motor gaskets — — 450;
  • pulley — 350;
  • CVT — 2200;
  • drum — 400; cover from the variator device — 4300; cup — — 840; rollers (6 pieces) — — 200;
  • sleeve — 410; belt from the tool — — 350;
  • CVT front — — 980; front variator bushing — — 145; sliders — — 100.

The main pulleys are typically changed if they do not meet top quality requirements, or there are beats. Generally, the cost of products meant for the CVT tool with the CVT itself will certainly be 9350 rubles.

Ignition system

Usually, the Baseg flywheel goes through breakage and also wear from this system. Because of this, it is necessary to have a brand-new product, to understand how to change.

You may additionally need to replace other parts of the system, so you ought to acquaint yourself with their costs:

  • BRSN — — 811; PickUp Sensor — — 900; Harness of a voltage regulator — — 2000; Candle cap — — 621; Switch — — 539 Flywheel — — 1 600; Mahogany Magnet — —15 199; Establishment Magdino — — 1 080; Candle «« Champion» — » — 701.

Overall cost will be 23300.Figure 5. Taiga Snowmobile Ignition SystemAfter acquiring the Taiga ST 500D Patrol snowmobile flywheel, install it on the engine crankshaft. For this, the touchdown measurements of 2 aspects, a neck and a flywheel, ought to be the same. The performance of the ignition electrical system and the power unit are ensured by a definitely specific coincidence of the polarity of the magnets: (N) is opposite the groove. Inspect the polarity of the magnet making use of a compass or various other magnet with a clear polarity.

The same posts (N: N) will certainly push back each various other, and different (N: S) will attract. When changing, examine that polarity is observed.An at risk component of Taiga Patrol are spark plugs. If there is soot, you need to change the part with a brand-new one from the official maker.How to set up ignition system correctly is a concern of issue to several newbies. Initially make certain that the get in touches with of the cylinder and the plug are sterile.


  1. Using the probe, you require to establish the void in between the side as well as main electrode of the item, taking and also recognizing right into account the technological data.
  2. To secure the element from sticking, use special oil on the string.
  3. Set up the candle in the cyndrical tube aspect by screwing it in by hand, then tighten it as limited as possible to the best minute utilizing the outlet wrench. The candle light tightening torque must be 27 N/ m.
Silencer and also exhaust system

A resonator with a silencer are very important elements, in accumulation it is not only a device that decreases exhaust sound. The operation of the resonator is based on security, from the flammable mix throughout removing, and also the return of valuable fuel to the combustion dental caries.

Call Rate
Exhaust DD system on the Taiga 18 thousand
Muffler 17.5 thousand
Muffler spring (prolonged) 55
Silencer Spring (Short) 20
Spacer 450
Branch pipe 1400
Support 100
Spacer 800

By mounting a well-known silencer, you can increase the power by greater than 30%, which is quite a lot.


This glass is a full analogue of the original, made of frost-resistant polycarbonate! This product can not be broken into small components, which are the major root cause of injuries to passengers as well as the driver. The texture of the glass as well as various other specifications are identical to the original.

The cost of a windshield Taiga ST 500D Patrol is 1150 rubles. A little price is connected with its very own manufacturing of windshields for Taiga. The client, purchasing from ten items of the same kind, can obtain a discount.


Modified and also reinforced tracks of the Taiga ST 500D snow sled tracks are gifted with excellent traction in hard, snowy and icy places on the road. This design can provide benefit and security when traveling. Well suited for use in serious frost problems. The cost of the caterpillar is 15 210 rubles.

Track Characteristics:

  • kind of engagement — — pin; actions
  • — 62;
  • weight — — 31.6 kg;
  • length — — 3.937; size —
  • 5.0.0;
  • action — — 63.5.

All geese have a lug, as well as it is created according to a special technology utilizing a cord, with a three-fold safety and security factor that can withstand any kind of ultra-high lots, and also a number of special kinds of rubber substance, that includes silicone. In addition, the tracks made for foreign snowmobiles have rubber, which is made use of to form the lug. A powder aspect is added to it, which provides the caterpillar unique residential or commercial properties.


The transmission (KP) of the Taiga snow sled consists of a cover and also a real estate that includes shafts from the variator, drive as well as brake. The tools has two axles, track bushings as well as various other components.

The transmission real estate for Taiga is provided without a leading cover; the average rate of a component is 6000 rubles.

The covering of package has 2 holes: the very first with a cork, and the second for draining the liquid. The oil level is regulated by a dipstick.

Buying components in online shops

If you want to acquire extra parts at cost effective rates, it is recommended to do the following:

  • carry out registration and also visit to the website;
  • look at the catalog as well as make the choice of a suitable offer;
  • make use of the search function on the website;
  • add the item to the basket and go to the web page for succeeding clearance;
  • give information and also put an order;
  • await the phone call and verify the order;
  • pay for the purchase and also approve the order at the location of shipment.

With the online store, customers will certainly have the ability to put an order quickly. The major advantages of the service are: costs from the producer, the capacity to deliver extra parts throughout Russia.

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