HELL BURAN snowmobiles

«« BURAN HELL/HADES » is a multipurpose automobile with the ability of executing facility tasks. Thanks to an extended base track (like two mountain snow sleds) «« BURAN HELL » will be held in one of the most impenetrable places. Vital factor is the spending plan version.

BURAN HELL/HADES are actively used for upkeep of sporting to the ski slopes and also in the ski leisure locations. Letter « D » represents the model with prolonged platform, letter «« E » indicates electrical begin.

We have actually altered the look of the hood and also the scheme of its dealing with: currently he leans back, giving simple access to all components in the engine compartment. To boost convenience «« BURAN HELL/HADES » is geared up with a new high, split-level seat with removable back-rest for passenger. Hood material– built plastic, made making use of injection molding: give resistance to external impacts, impacts, and also do not crack in the cold.

«« BURAN » needs very little technological assistance and also have excellent maintainability in area problems much from human being.

Model «« BURAN HELL/HELL » is a traditional, focused on professional hunters, anglers as well as residents of the North, for which the snow sled is a daily type of transportation.

Version RMZ-640
Volume, cm3/ Cylinders 635/ 2
Power, HP 34
Kind 2-stroke
The cyndrical tube diameter × piston stroke, mm 76х70
Fuel system carb
Carburetor/ type Mikuni/ float
Cooling air
Exhaust system Silencer with large-volume resonator
Sort of concern n. d.
Intake system The muffler-intake
Kind intake n. d.
Lubrication system Joint
Optimum rate, km/h Not less than 55
Transmission CVT transmission onward, reverse, neutral
Brake Mechanical, disc
Starting system Hand-operated/ Electric and handbook
Ignition Contactless ignition
Electric starter There Is/ There Are
Opposite There
Heated grasps guiding trigger Option
Headlight Halogen, 55/60
Speedometer/ odometer There
Oil tank capacity, l
— Fuel tank, l 28
Kind micro-suspension elliptical exerciser spring
During the structure of the suspension, mm 50
The absorber of a front suspension — Front shock absorber mover– Type butt. suspension nezavis., suyu-lock
. -balancer. The course butt. suspension
, mm 50 Back shock mover– Track skis (in between
the facilities ), mm– Caterpillar, D × W × h
, mm 2 (3685х380х17.5)DIMENSIONS Seats 2 Snowmobile measurements, D × W × h, mm 3100 ± 30х910 ± 30х1335 ±
30 The dimensions
of the boxes,
D × W × h, mm 2960х1060х1200 Dry weight, kg 310 EQUIPMENT Windscreen There The guest seat back There The trunk There Tow There Guarantee
, months. 36

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