How to overload and make a snow vehicle Karakat

In order for the snow sled to be secure on intricate alleviations, it is far better to use a tipping (splitting) structure as the basis of the design. It is likewise called the «« crack. » It includes 2 components that can be moved.

The connection node in it is a damaging node. A wheel pair is positioned on each fifty percent of the frame. This style has the ability to enhance the patency of the snowmobile.

The Karakat snow sled is equipped with 4 wheels, with the aid of which high cross-country capability in challenging areas is achieved. The tool can relocate deep snow and marshland. A home-made snow as well as overload lorry on low-pressure tires will certainly be the most effective aide for trips to hunting and fishing any time of the year.


The version has a 15hp Lifan engine, with an installed electronic starter, in addition to an ignition button and also a coil. The swivel system is made based upon the fist A/ M UAZ.


  • engine power Lifan 15 hp;
  • shaft position: horizontal;
  • beginning method: electrical, manual;
  • tank capacity 6.5 l;
  • gas intake 374 g/ kWh;
  • gearbox (gearbox) four-speed from the VAZ;
  • bridges from a VAZ cars and truck;
  • hydraulic type brakes;
  • tipping frame on the basis of the UAZ center or from a profile pipe 50 x 20, 40 x 20 mm;
  • wheels on the disks from the cars and truck Trekol;
  • measurements for height, size and also length: 320 * 187 * 145;
  • weight — — as much as 470 kg; tons capacity approximately 500 kg;
  • the greatest speed is 40 kilometres/ h.

The all-wheel drive snow and swamp automobile Karakat can be utilized not just for fishing trips, yet additionally for family objectives.

Snow marsh equipment as well as rate of parts

The Karakat snow sled can be used in extreme conditions. The gadget has a clutch mechanism that functions like a walk-behind tractor by means of a stress roller from a Gazelle car. Professionals guarantee that the unit is trustworthy.

Options and costs

Spare components Cost in rubles
15 hp Lifan engine 17000
UAZ hub for the framework 1530
VAZ checkpoint 6500
VAZ bridges 2000 (for pike)
Wheels from URAL and VAZ 14000
TREKOL wheels 1300 × 600 in dimension 12500 (for pike)

The bundle consists of components from different cars and manufacturers: the engine from the Chinese programmer Lifan, package and axles from the VAZ, wheels from the URAL and also VAZ, the UAZ center, and the framework.

Exactly how to make a Karakat snowmobile yourself: drawings

To develop a two-wheeled or four-wheeled snowmobile Karakat, you require drawings. According to the popularity as well as evaluations of the proprietors, the leader on the 4 × 4 all-wheel drive is the leader — — it is much more steady and also passable. For that reason, it is advised to do it on your own.

Making an all-terrain automobile starts with creating an action plan, the full passage of which suggests attaining the most effective outcome. Suggestions that it is a good idea to observe prior to developing the gadget:

  1. Availability of leisure time to consistently carry out setting up service an all-terrain vehicle. If it is difficult to comply with this suggestion, it is better to buy a ready-made variation.
  2. Budget plan preparation. With the independent creation of a snow as well as overload automobile, you can reduce the acquisition of a production version. To eliminate unnecessary expenses, you require to make the required computations as well as purchase suitable aspects, components, leave the quantity for unanticipated expenses.
  3. Produce a strategy. If you have experience in developing snowmobiles or the ability of a designer, after that you can make an illustration of the snowmobile yourself.

If there is no experience, after that you will certainly need the help of an expert or a seasoned individual who understands the details as well as drawings of snow sleds.

Phases of producing a homemade Karakata

If there is a need in the problem of your house to swamp as well as make a snow car, after that you require to get appropriate devices and also devices.

The complete listing of required components and tools can be various, and it depends upon the chosen transportation design that you want to make.

When dismantling as well as putting together such an item, the following steps need to be noted:

  1. The selection of a frame from bike devices, which will become the basis of the future product.
  2. Preparation and setting up the rear axle, in addition to accumulating car suspension.
  3. The option of wheels and their installment.
  4. Setup of the engine from the Chinese supplier Lifan.

Because of the reality that aspects of this kind are key in the structural component of the overload, it is recommended to take into consideration the details of their selection and additional installment in more detail.


The main architectural component of the snow as well as overload vehicle is the structure where other elements of the transport tool will certainly be installed. The option directly influences the exterior side of the future Karakat, its functional data. Professional artisans suggest utilizing the frames of old Ural motorbikes, because it’s less complicated to make a 4×× 4 Karakat snowmobile from them than from an automobile.

Spare parts are distinguished by budget-friendly costs, boosted toughness and the best criteria for a snow sled, that makes them universal. When manufacturing, it is recommended to utilize a structure illustration.


The choice of wheels of a future automobile needs to be provided unique attention, since it affects cross-country capability in deep snow and swamp, in addition to simplicity of driving. For use in conditions of reduced temperature level and also deep snow, large wheels from an effective vehicle or all-terrain car TRECOL are suitable.

Large chambers with minimized pressure are used, which provides the all-terrain car with an advantage in getting rid of numerous obstacles and climbing a mountain. If you want, you can make wheels on Karakat — — this will improve the appearance of the framework.

For referral: for snow and overload lorries, you require to utilize vehicle tire chambers, and also not simply wheels.


Having actually completed the procedure of mounting the wheels, proceed with the installation of the power unit, along with extra mechanisms that are created for the regular trip of vehicles in difficult surface.

It is much better to provide preference to big and powerful vehicles, such as TREKOL, which are outfitted with fluid and air cooling. The Lifan engine is thought about the very best option, it is low-cost and also light.

The brakes

Karakat can create high speed on a flat roadway, so you need to furnish the design with brakes that can stop transportation quickly. Due to the fact that in the lack of a roadway it is often required to prevent huge barriers, this is essential. Descent from them can enhance the speed of motion.

The layout of Karakat uses drum brakes, which is connected with their raised performance.


During the production procedure of the undercarriage of the device, experts advise providing choice to independent sorts of suspension. This results from alleviate of manufacture as well as excellent efficiency.

If the customer does not have the chance to execute an independent suspension, using typical pneumatically-driven wheels is enabled.

The distinct top qualities of the framework of the all-terrain automobile

On all-terrain automobiles with low-pressure tires, an independent suspension is made, which offers the cross-country automobile high cross-country ability, enhances the ease of driving and also the flight itself. But after that one can refrain without the intricacy of manufacturing.

To develop the chassis, pipelines, angles, as well as networks made of high-strength alloy steel are used. They will certainly be an outstanding structure that does not break for several years. The frame is made both indispensable and expressed. The latter has actually a raised functioning possibility, but the difficulty in developing it makes it uncommon in «« homemade products ».

Thus, the setting up process of the Karakat 4 × 4 device undergoes numerous stages:

  1. Choosing the appropriate type of all-terrain car as well as the base where the required spare parts will certainly be set up. For this objective, transportation frameworks as well as a makeshift style are utilized, which are developed individually or used with various other drawings.
  2. Create and construct a suspension geared up with a back axle. For this, the most effective service is an independent sort of style. Although even more time will be invested in its manufacture, the outcome is a snow and overload automobile with much better high quality of cross-country capability and comfort.
  3. Wheel placing. The process is carried out at the end of the manufacturing of the back axle with suspension. To repair the video cameras, you require to use metal hubs. Qualitatively produced or picked reduced pressure wheels offer the snowmobile enhanced safety and security as well as great handling.
  4. Electric motor installing. Unique focus in this process is paid to the high quality of the air conditioning system.
  5. Setup of systems. It includes linking the brake system, in addition to links for exhaust exhaust, clutch and also digital tools. At this phase, the hull of the all-terrain car and lights parts are installed.
  6. The phase of trial testing, which shows the capability of elements and also systems of the snow sled.

If there are problems that require to be taken care of, after that they are eliminated, after which the all-terrain automobile will certainly be ready for usage.

Karakat two-wheeled with a power unit from the Urals

It can be used to produce a top quality snowmobile if you have an old power saw. A homemade snow and also swamp automobile was created on a framework from a bicycle with an engine from a chainsaw gadget. Rear axle with 2 reduced stress wheels, front — — ski.


  1. Wheel cameras from KAMAZ.
  2. The structure is bike.
  3. Skis are plastic.
  4. Equipment from a moped.
  5. Chainsaw from the Ural-2.
  6. Chains
  7. 2 stars.
  8. 2 wheels from a wheelchair made for impaired people.
  9. Axis with bearings.
  10. 200 liter barrel.
  11. Canvas.

It is essential to make use of component of the bicycle structure and the motor from the Ural chainsaw.

Next off, do the following:

  • turn on the engine, as well as minimize the speed with the help of the gearbox from the moped;
  • make the back axle, mount the driven celebrity on it;
  • to develop disks cut the old barrel;
  • connect the ski to the guiding wheel;
  • Mount the electric motor with transmission as well as chain.

For recommendation: you require to bond the stars to the gearbox, fasten the chains. Place a chain to the axle and tarpaulin on the wheels to secure the tires.

Where to purchase

Now in specialized online stores Uvat deal to acquire a ready-made Karakat, furnished with numerous parts from automobiles. The 2nd choice is likewise readily available, this is a bulletin board system in which you can locate secondhand snow as well as swamp lorries, as well as new gadgets to purchase.

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