Irbis Dingo T 150, snowmobile components

Spare components for the Irbis Dingo T150 are top notch, they warrant their price. I rarely alter them when the service duration comes. I suched as the device itself, it can be carried in the trunk of a car, but a rubber mat is required, due to the fact that the snow sticks as well as melts promptly.

In general, the gadget is excellent. If you still do not have enough cash for a big snow sled, yet you intend to ride, then this is the most effective choice Even the very best snowmobiles require regular medical diagnosis and also fixing. In the adhering to sections, magazines of licensed spare parts from makers for Irbis Dingo T150 are accumulated.

You can be sure of the top quality of components if you utilize initial components for repair work. Extra parts catalog The brochure provides extra components for the Dingo T150 model.

When choosing products, pay interest to the fact that the year and model match the information on the site and also the information of the technical key of the snow sled. If when choosing products there are doubts regarding the consistency of the model, after that you require to consult a professional.

There are different extra parts and also prefabricated sets for the Dingo snow sled: Timing piston and crankshaft Part 1 Timing Part 2 Air conditioning system Carter Transmission Beginner Variable rate drive Engine Muffler Body parts Electrical contractor Framework with controls Experts prepare to recommend the customer on the option of spare components for Dingo.

The assessment is completely cost-free. What to consider when working with the directory site: All products that are indicated on the representations are offered separately, unless or else noted.

A system with a piston-cylinder group includes two components: a piston(PS )and also its rings(K). If these components are framed in the structure to which the number is given, this indicates that the products are supplied in a set, i.e. PS goes with K. If each of the elements has an unique number suggested on the layout, after that the items are delivered separately. Be careful when choosing items that have a dimension or shade.

Elements of the power unit(engine) Irbis Dingo T 150, consisting of various shades, are displayed schematically under their number. In the list of aspects they are offered under various numbers. If it was not possible to identify the qualities of the preferred component, after that you need to contact the professionals of the website. The motors are supplied in a complete set that corresponds to the magazine number in 2 aspects: brief block as well as assembly unit. The total collection of the chosen thing has to be cleared up by a specialist by calling the contact number detailed on the website. You can additionally contact by email or online. Piston, crankshaft The main components of the gas distribution device of the first component are the crankshaft and piston system on the Dingo T 150. Pay attention to the prices(C )of the parts.

Details tensioner footwear full with chain stabilizer(2 pieces )— 294 rubles; drive circuit — 229; crankshaft — 4248; chain tensioner — 180; guide bush(10 items)— 409; cylinder head— 2204; K piston — 195; piston — 475; gaskets of the cylinder-piston team(CPG)in the set (3 items)-97; CPG with K, gaskets, bushings, piston — 1545. Cost A set of CPG with added extra components will certainly cost 5973 rubles. The price of the aspects (individually — )for the piston and also crankshaft in overall can amount to 8331 rubles In even more detail items with a serial number — exist in the number. T150 dingo pistons are manufactured according to makers ‘specs, as well as they — can be offered full with parts such as: K, fingers and break rings. All parts are compatible with original items.

Piston Installation Features You need — to properly comprehend the cause reason the breakdown of the previous part component eliminate remove.

It is advised to acquire a brand-new CPG and also make a replacement if repair service is not feasible. But remember that this might not resolve the problem if it is not clear what created the problem. Measure the cylinder. If its measurements go beyond 0.07 mm, then it needs to be bored right into a brand-new size, and the nicosilic one requires to be replaced or covered with an iron sleeve. Interest! Before mounting the piston rings on the piston, check the clearance in their locks.

Make use of a special device to install the snap rings! Do not fit screwdriver, pliers, hammer. They result in a modification in the shape of the item and damage. Take a great consider the setting of securing K in the ditch. It should sit entirely in the groove.

Timing 2 H The 2nd component of the gas circulation system must consist of spare parts: rocker arms timing belt( 2pcs )— 214; gas distribution device cracker — 51; 2 valve springtimes — inner and also exterior — 150; valve stem seals( 2 pcs)— 92; valves (set, set)— 246; camshaft — 745; gas hose meter — 113; benzofilter — 48; valve cover — 445; cap ring — 92; rocker arm — 306; camshaft cover — 478; cylinder head — 2204; cylinder-piston gaskets (3 pieces)— 97; guide shrub — 409; carburetor spacer — 104; changing screw with nut— 49; shutoff springtime — 75; hairpins — 45; intake manifold — 229-402. Because of this, the expense of timing products of the second component can be from 6102 to 6275 p.

The extra — components for the timing, which exist in the brochure, are developed at — the manufacturing facilities of — company firms and are — of high quality, as confirmed by individual reviews.

Original products from — Taiwan and also various other nations — are created utilizing tried and tested innovations as well as new tools. Cooling system It is recommended that regular gadget diagnostics — be executed. If the cooling system malfunctions, it may be required to replace products. Figure out the Ts(in — rubles)and also the total collection: cooling fan — 144; a casing for the follower — 197; attractive latticework — 156; cyndrical tube air conditioning coverings — 287; oil cooler — 3519; filter — 575; radiator hose pipe — 1520.

Overall, the price of all elements of the cooling system (CARBON MONOXIDE)Irbis T150 is 6398 p. Check out how the products in the picture look: Cooling system fixing Before purchasing extra components,

it is recommended to learn just how to correctly fix the cooling system. Cooling system layout Necessary activities: Withdrawal. To facilitate further disassembly, get rid of the follower impeller nut Remove the starter(hand-operated), separate the four-pin adapter in between the base of 2 gadgets — the base of the mardino as well as the button.

Separate the pointers of the spark plugs and also the fan real estate (HV)in the set. Cleansing. Rinse products in solvent. Exactly how to take apart and also set up.

Eliminate the follower inlet 11. To install the impeller and also eliminate nut 10, mount the impeller with a stopper. During assembly, the nut tightening up force must be up to 50 N/ m. How to adjust the belt stress(PH )of a fan. The deflection — of the VN 12 belt from a force of 5 kg used in the main part between the wheels need to be up to 9 mm.

To change the tension, you require to add or get rid of K readjusting 8 in between the pulley-block 7, 9. Set up the various other change rings between K spacer 6 and also fifty percent of the sheave 7 (from the housing). Readjust extra rings. To eliminate the bearing from the follower real estate, use pressure to the inner race of the bearing 5 using a strike. Washing machines have to be saved for later assembly. Remove preserving ring 6 and also heal the second bearing( PN ).

To set up, insert one PN in place and set up K retainer with washers. Afterwards, do the exact same with the second one on the other side of the follower casing 13. Press in to make sure that the bearing is flush with the casing. Press the fan shaft from the electric motor side right into the follower housing. Look for totally free rotation. During setting up, oil the strings of screw 1. The gaskets need to be put on both sides of the inlet and electrical outlet openings 2, 3, after that install the air intake 11. On a snowmobile with a liquid-cooled engine, to drain pipes the coolant from the system, you need to pump it out of the development container. To do this, it is far better to make use of a hand pump with a sleeve installed deep in the development tank.

If the coolant degree is low, raise the rear half of the lorry to drain pipes the coolant from the radiators. Carter The adjustment of the system safeguarding the device from damage as well as pollution should contain the complying with products (the price is suggested in rubles): sleeve — 409; situation housing right — 2382; Starter — 1445; motor gaskets set — 447; studs m8x195 — 171; crankcase housing left — 5901; studs m8x187 — 168; engine silent block( 2 computers) — 138+138; crankshaft oil seal — 141;

  • cover of the crankcase — of the
  • left — 362;
  • K sealing — 174.

The expense of all — Irbis T150 crankcase instruments is — 11,876 rubles. Angling in wintertime at the feeder Starter The working duration of the starter is fairly short, so often the gadget requires to be altered. Damage might take place unexpectedly, replacement might be required. Find out exactly how costly it will set you back.

The starter consists of different extra parts(suggested in rubles): essential — 49; coupling — 1629; bearing — 126; laying of a cover of a situation — 108; crankshaft oil seal — 141; cover of the appropriate engine — crankcase — 1247

  • ; generator stator — 1698
  • ; generator blades — 1187
  • ; cooling follower — 144; guide bush — 409;
  • drive circuit — 144;
  • springtime — 99;
  • cork(2 computers )— 97
  • ; hall sensing unit — 98;
  • pump — 244;
  • equipment — 445
  • ; probe — 97;
  • filter — 48.
  • Therefore, the expense
  • of the — starter tool will certainly be — 8010 p.

The starter — is a fundamental part of the tool, which is made use of to begin the power device.If it falls short, you can try to begin the engine” from the pusher “. Yet it is difficult to do it yourself, particularly if the weather is icy. It is better to acquire a starter. Variable speed drive CVT is important in transmission. We learn more about the main components that are consisted of in the tool: CVT setting up, back — 2100; payment — 750; drum — 395;

  • bearing — 56;
  • engine gaskets — 447;
  • CVT — cover — 4277; cup — 832; outer pulley — — 348; front variator bushing — — 142; CVT front — — 979; gliders — — 97;
  • rollers (6 pcs) — — 198; guide shrub — — 409
  • ; variator belt — — 345.

Most often you have to transform the driving sheaves in case of their inequality as well as beating. The expense of items for the variator, along with the tool itself, will certainly be 9275 p.


The device is developed to operate in tandem with the engine. Rates of parts consisted of in the transmission (in the — river): equipment change sensor — 458;

  • bearing(2 pcs.)—
  • 56; lever plate — 460; indication
  • needle — 250;
  • bar pointer — 232;
  • cork screw — 165;
  • lever axis — 580;
  • oil seals(2 pcs.)—
  • 48+48+118; rings (2 computers.)— 24
  • +45; engine silencer — 138;
  • needle bearing — 515;
  • gearshift shaft (copy)— 1525;
  • open bearing(2 computers)— 100+59;
  • fork — 803; equipment bar — 1062; transmission shaft — 3212; sleeve — 409.

The overall rate of the transmission elements will certainly total 10307. Body components During operation, the proprietor of the Irbis Dingo T150 may need to transform the adhering to components:

  • control panel — — 3690
  • ; fairings: front, top, side — — 684 + 1064 + 1017 + 1023;
  • mounting bolt — — 200
  • ; ignition switch — — 400
  • ; hands-on bolt -275;
  • lighthouse — — 1700.

The cost of body elements will certainly be 10,053 rubles.For quality, the components are presented in the number listed below:

Additionally, the cigarette lighter as well as deal with home heating button are included in the category of body parts. Their expense will certainly be 1200 p.


If the owner has been operating the Irbis T150 snow sled for an extended period of time, it might be needed to replace the adhering to chassis components (costs are suggested in the river):

  • clamp — — 400. steering wheel — — 587. shaft — — 879. handlebars — — 1469. gas control bar — — 2023. gas cable — — 186. rear disc brake — — 2868. suspension arm bush — — 170. guiding wheel place — — 158. switch block — — 91. rear brake lever (disc) — — 375. brake equipment — — 947. armored hose — — 539. assistance — 1052.
  • pads — — 366.

The cost of the aspects of the framework of the snowmobile will be 12112 rubles. Before purchasing, see to it that it is impossible to fix the damaged element.

Electrical expert

Over time, the Irbis T150 snowmobile speedometer begins to show wrong worths or entirely stops working. Repair can take a great deal of time, so it’s better to purchase a brand-new device.

We suggest you discover more about it and also various other elements of electronics (cost in p.):

  • control board — — 3690; ignition switch — — 385; button to activate the home heating of the steering wheel holds — — 445;
  • cigarette lighter — — 564; manages for a snow sled — — 1500; gas lever — — 2050; button block — — 913;
  • speedometer sensing unit — — 776; rear light — — 751; temperature level measurement sensor — — 800;
  • starting concentrator — — 385; Starter — — 1445; starter relay — — 684; switchboard — — 458; starter relay — — 334; equipment shift sensing unit — — 458; ignition coil — — 764; tourniquet — — 364; fuse — — 15; health and wellness indicator — — 506; voltage managing relay — — 989; circuit box with 2 merges — — 114.

For all components of Irbis T150 electronics, the proprietor will certainly spend approximately 18390.

Gas system

Owners determine damages to sustain hoses on their snowmobiles because of the natural wear of the product. Typically it makes no sense to fix them, however you can replace them. We provide you to find out about the cost of a tube as well as various other extra components of the gas system (TS):

Vehicle Components Price
Benzofilter 48
Fuel level sensor 262
Container cap 304
Gas tube 113
Gas container 2000
Gas valve 344
Start-up concentrator 400
Resistance filter 244
Carburetor 3834
Intake manifold 230

We recommend acquiring the power unit assembly. It is extra affordable. You can install it quicker.

Engine spare components assembly, their costs and also final cost for every little thing:

Engine Assembly — — 36000; Silencer — — 2213; Filter — 575; The filter of zero resistance — — 244; Radiator — — 3520; Filter zero resistance 2 pieces — — 845;

Additional spare component in the engine — — 242. Expense for all 43539 p.


This snow sled gadget has an interior packing of products with a high degree of audio absorption. Since of the loss of the possibility of warmth transfer to the outside, it is crucial to take care of innovation purposely. If there is a breakdown, it is recommended to purchase a brand-new muffler from the supplier.

Prices in rubles as well as the expense of all muffler elements:

  • brace — — 200; silencer — 2213; gasket —47.

The expense of all parts totaled up to 2460 p.

What is the ordinary rate of spare components for Irbis Dingo T150 on the Internet and out there

Depending upon the kind of tool, the price varies. We provide you to obtain familiarized with the elements as well as their rates in rubles:

  • silencer — — 2460; engine — — 43539; gas system — — 7779; electrical expert — — 18390; running equipment — — 12112; body components — — 10053; gearbox — — 10037; CVT — — 9275; Starter — — 8010; sump — — 11876; cooling down system — — 6398; piston, crankshaft — — 7000; timing belt — — 6200.

The last expense of the Irbis T150 elements is influenced by: the number of spare components of the maker, tool and also manufacturing product.

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