IRBIS DINGO T150 2017 Snowmobile

Dingo T150 is the third generation of small and convenient mobile snow sled created by Russian engineers. New Dingo with an extra effective than previous versions, 4-stroke engine with forced air, as well as extra oil air conditioning, quantity 149,6 CC.

Extended to 2 626 mm of rubber enhanced caterpillar, enhanced to 23 mm lugs and improved, entirely new, roller-slizova suspension with two shock absorbers, snow sled and also supply outstanding flotation protection.

Dingo T150 is equipped with electrical beginning with a backup system of hand-operated beginning. Regardless of its small size, the Dingo is capable of bring up to 150 pounds of weight. Snowmobile Dingo will certainly be important in the economic situation.

The snow sled is outfitted with reverse equipment. In the updated Dingo and also trigger as well as grasps equipped with two-stage heating. The bike fits to drive in any climate! Under the seat is a comfortable handwear cover compartment, which will certainly house whatever you need. Big Luggage fits in the trunk.

Reinforced tow bar permits you to tow a sled-scraper with a load up to 150 kg In built-in outlet for 12 volt, you can attach a cars and truck navigation system or the charging for smart phone.

Multifunctional dashboard sends info about rate, engine speed, ambient temperature, shows the mileage and also time.

  • The type and also engine capability of 150 CC 4T
  • Dry weight 149 kg
  • Length/Width/Height mm 2550х970х1080
  • Seat height 710 mm
  • Gas storage tank 7.0 l
  • Kind retractable snow sled
  • Speed 40 km/h
  • Transmission CVT with reverse
  • Working volume 149,6 CC
  • The power supply system carburetor with heated diffuser of the throttle
  • Power, HP at rpm of 9.25 HP at 7500 rpm
  • Torque, nm at rpm 9.8 N.m. at 6000 rpm
  • The air conditioning system is forced air, and extra oil
  • Starting system electrical starter with back-up manual begin
  • Key gear heavy-duty chain 530
  • Spatial structure, tubular, steel, collapsible
  • Front suspension independent suspension affiliation
  • Rear suspension, slizova-track rollers, with adjustable shock absorbers
  • Brake system hydraulic
  • Brake disc brake
  • The caterpillar of rubber, strengthened, 2626/380 mm, 52 Windows, grouser 23 mm
  • Ski 1020х145 mm

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