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Stealth snowmobiles ended up being prominent after the very first designs of Zhukovsky’s VeloMotoZavoda snowmobiles got in the Russian market. Thanks to them, after increasing international exchange prices, individuals still have the chance to purchase not just the domestic Buran snowmobile, but additionally a lot more prominent designs.

The Stels snowmobile is a full-fledged apparatus developed utilizing brand-new innovations, which is equipped with a V-shaped power system, cost-effective. The device has developed itself as an excellent practical device.

A couple of years back, Velomotors made it positive for enthusiasts of snow «« pokatushek » by beginning the sale of a brand-new snowmobile.

What stunned me above all is the rate or qualities of the gadget, it’s hard to claim, yet it is clear that Stels will certainly quickly be a worthwhile rival to Buran, Shihan, Varyag, Patrul, Atake, Viking, etc. Several models of the maker Velomotors took care of to make a positive perception.

Velomotors continues to upgrade existing versions and launch new ones, and the producer is coming to be a lot more popular.

The schedule

You can select from numerous versions from the maker «« Stealth »

  • Wolverine;
  • Viking;
  • Frost;
  • Ermak.

Stealth snowmobiles are the selection of severe sportspersons that like to ride at broadband on snowy roadways, in addition to seekers, anglers as well as foresters. Vehicles are generated in Russia thinking about weather features. They are reliable, and as a result of the truth that they come from the domestic manufacturer, they are less costly than imported ones. All this makes Stealth brand name snowmobiles popular out there.

Stels S800 Rosomaha

An entirely redesigned snow sled started its presence and achieved success, the business got fantastic recognition, and consumers the possibility to purchase a high-quality however reasonably cheap snowmobile.

Using the Stels S800 Wolverine as an instance, it is proposed to make certain that the snowmobiles of this business are not just affordable, however they surpassed other makers.

The peculiarity of the Wolverine Stels S800 snow sled is that it is equipped with a powerful engine — — this allows the car to increase with self-confidence in a short time. An affordable power device (for 100 kilometres. The device consumes 12 litres of gas quality AI-92) rapidly starts. According to the maker, the motor was adapted for extreme frost.

« « Wolverine » is remarkably steady during tight turns, and also appropriates for transferring little trailers, since the traction force for pulling other ways is sufficient( traction is not more than 800 kilograms ). In general, despite the important advantages, the equipment is heavy in loose snow.

Captain S150

This is a relatively low-cost snow sled that progressively rides in thick snow. It is suitable for those who delight in outside tasks as well as need this transport for fishing expedition or hunting trips.

The captain is a good way to reach the shop without troubles in winter. In this instance, the snowmobile is small, there is no requirement for a separate garage.

Frost 600S

It is not in vain that the snowmobile obtained such a name — — it is suitable for the north regions, which vary in severe climate. If you want to run the “Frost” in the warm season, you can utilize an unique air conditioning system.

The supplier sought to make the snow sled the simplest to utilize, and it was possible to do it: anyone that can ride a moped a minimum of as soon as can support the “Frost” 600S.

The major benefits of this version: excellent cross, the capacity to move confidently over deep snow, as well as a comfy seat and also guiding wheel.

Frost 600L

Compared with the previous version, this snow sled has an excellent load ability as well as power. Integrated tracks make this model a lot more satisfactory. The snowmobile can be made use of not only as a transportation, however also as a means of moving goods.

In another, Frost 600L is nearly no various from 600S: it appropriates for movement in deep snow, and it can be used in frost. Applied the capacity to ride not just sitting, however additionally standing.

600S Ermak

This is an enhanced variation of the popular Buran version. The optimum speed of the Ermak can be 90 km/ h in snow and also ice. This is the option for those that such as to take a trip outside the city, at all times required to get over the problems of impassability in wintertime.

600S Ermak is the best selection if you have a long track that you need to get rid of quickly.

600L Ermak

The lengthened base has a huge carrying capacity. A suspension with a shock absorber gives the possibility to walk around different obstacles in such a way that no one on the snowmobile seat feels any kind of aggravation. The windshield safeguards the motorist from flying water, snow, and additionally from branches when it is required to get rid of different selections.

With the help of such a snow sled, cargo can be delivered as much as half a ton, so the Ermak has excellent potential.

800L Ermak

It easily overcomes small snowdrifts, icy stacks, with confidence moves through the stretches of the expanse. Elongated caterpillars distribute the weight of the snowmobile over a big location, whereby stress declines and cross-country capacity increases.


  • Specially changed design does not permit snow to build up. Likewise thought out defense versus the infiltration of branches, various other components in the framework.
  • A control panel with fuel degree as well as temperature control shows up under any kind of light degree.
  • There is likewise an alternative «« Ermak » with a hand-operated starter device. It is suitable for use in any kind of condition — — also when it is hard to start. This can be done without a power source. At the very same time, the layout itself (ski with 2 tracks) makes sure certain overcoming any type of track.
  • The light weight aluminum framework supplies protection versus snow, which dramatically enhances the speed of movement. A gas container can hold a lot of gas to ensure that the system awaits lengthy journeys.

The device consists of a quantity compartment for cargo, which is likewise good.

Snowmobile Stels S600 Viking

It was created according to the Wolverine type, it has a 2-stroke engine placed on it, that makes it lighter and also less costly, extra dependable in severe frosts. The design has an integrated seat with an adjustable back-rest, a trunk that shields freight from snow — — this offers the possibility to use it as an utilitarian snowmobile. The model is outfitted with an added traveler seat with a flexible backrest, a trunk that shields cargo from snow, which allows it to be utilized as a practical snowmobile, yet likewise a full-fledged “vacationer”. Great for traveling hunters.

Summary: A two-cylinder engine is developed right into the S600 Viking snowmobile, its volume is 565 centimeters ³, and there is additionally a variator transmission. A large 600 mm vast caterpillar evaluates a little, as a result, it offers good cross-country capability even in deep soft snow.


  • independent suspension of 150 mm provides smoothness and also simple handling;
  • 2 Mikuni carburetors give excellent acceleration characteristics and high grip features;
  • a hassle-free system makes it feasible to take items with a weight of approximately 90 kg;
  • The drawback in the standard arrangement allows you to tow approximately 300 kilos of freight.

For recommendation: the AkTrade company is a main supplier of the Stels brand, which executes the design range at official costs. The company prepares to give a warranty for a duration of 2 years and also executes upkeep of tools in a relied on solution facility.


  • 2-stroke engine, 2-cylinder;
  • functioning quantity x 565;
  • power — — 54;
  • birthed as well as stroke, mm 74/66;
  • transmission — — variator;
  • fuel system, 2 x Mikuni VM 34;
  • sort of lubricant — — different;
  • air conditioning: air or required;
  • beginning system: electrical starter;
  • front suspension, independent, telescopic;
  • length, 3150;
  • width with skis, 1160;
  • elevation with glass, 1470;
  • caterpillar, 3937/600/22;
  • weight, kg 325;
  • gas storage tank capacity, l 45.

The Stealth Viking S600 snow sled has actually ended up being as preferred as the 800 design, which has obtained significant improvements.

Snowmobile Stels Viking 800

This snowmobile is a long-awaited uniqueness from the Stels factory in Zhukovsk. The snowmobile has a special layout that establishes it in addition to various other versions. It looks brilliant, effective, however not as heavy. Furthermore, the Stealth Viking 800 is a device that has a headlamp in the main configuration. Proprietors testify that this optics is able to give a view for half a hundred meters ahead when the dipped beam is switched on, as well as 130 meters when the far beam of light is launched.

Automobile body
  • Size: 3170
  • Width: 1160
  • Elevation: 1470
  • Class: Utilitarian
  • Maker: Russia
  • Weight: 370 kg
  • Powertrain capacity: 800 (four stroke)
  • Power: 67 hp at 6000 rpm
  • Variety of cylinders: 2
  • Power System: Injection
  • Cooling Type: Liquid
  • Maximum rate: 90 kilometres/ h
Gas as well as usage
  • Storage tank: 45 l
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline (higher or equivalent to AI-92)
  • Average gas consumption per 100 kilometres: 14 l

Transmission: CVT (low, high, reverse, neutral)

Suspension, brakes, track

Front suspension: telescopic

Back suspension: independent link Brake: disc

Caterpillar L × W × H: 3937 × 600 × 22 mm

Requirement shade

Black, yellow, white


The hood of this motor vehicle is smooth. There are no different folds, gutters in which snow can gather. The framework is made from reputable steel, and the body is constructed from high-strength elastic plastic, which does not lose quality even in severe frosts. The windscreen with boosted the rules of aerodynamics makes it possible for the motorist, without flexing, without standing up, to see whatever that happens.

The space under the seat is enhanced, so 2 power sources are placed in it at the same time. The new model has enhanced the feature of heating up the handles of the guiding wheel, the air intake system, and digital circuitry is equipped with ports that have security against water.

Basic tools

The Stealth Viking 800 has a large wardrobe trunk, a trigger as well as handle heating device, a gas storage tank and also a big seat that suits the driver and also traveler.

The basic bundle includes:

  • A panel showing mileage, engine temperature level, gas book and also other high qualities.
  • A steering panel with numerous functions (heating buttons, light control, engine begin and gas control trigger).
  • Brake taking care of technique. Comfortably located.
  • Back light. The lantern has liquid defense and the tool is installed high, that makes the device a lot more noticeable in negative weather conditions.
  • A high-strength plastic wardrobe trunk is located behind the back of the seat. It closes the real estate, is just taken down as well as used as an assistance system.
  • Hitch lugging approximately half a ton of freight.
  • Caterpillars.
  • Powerful bumper with a platform for the winch.

For add. the board can be outfitted with Stealth Viking systems that provide underbody protection, along with a winch, a baffle and a bumper improver.
Due to frost, strong winds and snow, some functions are needed from the snow sled. The Stealth design provides warranties for a successful journey, returning residence regardless of remoteness.Design features: 2 people fit in a snowmobile; the cars and truck quicken to 80 kilometres/ h; optimum trailer weight 500 kg.

The «« Stealth Viking 800» » is supplied with a track, the size of which is 500 or 600 mm (lug height — — 22 mm), therefore the equipment copes well with riding on deep snow.


The Stealth Viking snow bike consists of a 4-stroke V-shaped power unit with high power and also gas effectiveness. The initial engine functions in addition to electric injectors controlled by a new on-board computer system. The power unit has a cooling system device.

Where to buy and also what is the price of stealth modifications

The snowmobile is associated with the middle price group, as well as the price relies on the modification. 2 sorts of Stels Viking snow sled:

  • Hand-operated starter
  • Ski expanders
  • Windshield
  • Heated deals with and cause gas control
  • LED fronts lights
  • Location for 2nd passenger
  • CVTech CVT
  • Hand-operated starter
  • Ski expanders
  • Windshield
  • Warmed takes care of and trigger gas control
  • LED fronts lights
  • Wardrobe trunk at the back
  • Place for 2nd guest
  • Power outlet

The rate of the here and now alterations varies:

  • The new Viking 800 on the main internet site of the producer costs about 500,000 rubles.; from resellers — — from 490000 rubles; sustained — — from 450,000 to 465,000 rubles.
  • Viking 800 2.0 CVTech will set you back 515,000 rubles, a working version with a mileage of 48-48.5 thousand rubles.

Ideal snow sled components are offered at any type of components shop.

Test thing prices for the Stealth Viking 800:

  1. Combined interior combustion engine — — 159 thousand. A set of elements for engine repair service — — 19.2 thousand The cylinder head is 15 thousand.
  2. Mount — — 52 thousand Running board — — 670 Reduced casing — — 12 thousand
  3. The grid is 457
  4. Bumper — — 2.3 thousand
  5. Wardrobe trunk — — 7.3 thousand Cover — — 1.5 thousand Saddle — — 6.3 thousand Cover for the seat made from natural leather replacement — — 2.3 thousand. Gas container — — 5.7 thousand

Interest! Rate information is accurate and also not last. The specifications suggested on the website may be different. It is advised to check the expense of products with the business’s experts.

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