Lynx 69 Ranger Alpine 1200 4-TEC Snowmobile

Snowmobile Lynx 69 Ranger Alpine 1200 4-TEC is a snowmobile for the most requiring jobs, such as preparing cross-country tracks, upkeep of competition, the ski resorts or to high-voltage line, operate in extreme climatic conditions and the discharge of the broken techniques.

Engine: ROTAX ® 1200 4-TEC The volume of the dice, see: 1170,7 Variety of cyndrical tubes: 3 Type:

Liquid cooled, four-stroke with 2 camshafts leading area, completely dry sump Handlebar: Steel handlebar with bars, 205 mm intermediate item guiding voditelskih hand rails Windshield : High(510 mm), strong Rear sight mirror: Standard Warmed grips: Standard Electric starter: Standard Passenger seat/backrest: Modular,

  • allows a traveler(
  • 1 +1)Drive pulley variator: eDrive II
  • The driven sheave of the CVT: QRS SS Brake system: Hydraulic brake
  • with steel enhanced brake hoses, brake master cylinder plastic Oil tank quantity, l: 3,5 Caterpillar, mm: 3968 x 600 Gas storage tank, l: 40 The base of the ski, mm: 1102(-42) Type of skis: Blade
  • Grouser height, mm: 32
  • mm Ice Ripper (studded
  • )Height with windscreen
  • , mm: 1400 Width/length mm: 1245 (-42 )
  • / 3250 Type front suspension
  • : A-LFS Front suspension shocks: HPG 36 Back suspension type
  • : PPS-6900-F Rear suspension shock absorbers(front/rear): HPG 36/ HPG 36 2 x


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