Polaris 800 RMK ASSAULT 155 LTD (2015) Snowmobile

Snowmobile 800 RMK ® Assault ® 155 — this snow sled has no equal in the travel on steep rocky high cliffs; it is likewise unparalleled in prig Fuel tank capacity(litres)43,5 Complete elevation(cm)129,5 General width(centimeters)121.9 Complete length(cm)327.7 Base skis(cm)105,4 — 108 — 110,5 Dry weight(kg)of 197.3

The disc brake kind RMK ® Cyclone, hydraulic. with for boost. disk Type

of transmission Chain box Variable P-85/ TEAM ® LWT The exhaust

SC VES, Single The fuel system Cleanfire ® Injection Ignition system Digital CDI with TPS, WTS, DET Engine type/ Cooling

  • Liberty/ Liquid Number of cylinders displacement (cm3 )2 — 795 Cyndrical tube birthed
  • x piston Stroke(mm)85 × 70 Front
  • shocks Walker Evans ® with remote reservoir, adjustable Front suspension PRO-RIDE ® RMK ® adjustable
  • Central shock Walker Evans ® Travel front suspension 25,4
  • Rear suspension RMK ® Coil-Over Rear shock Walker
  • Evans ® with remote reservoir, flexible Back — suspension traveling 40.6 Type of ski Gripper Caterpillar (W x D x h
  • in inches)15 x 155 x 2.125 Competition Source of power 12B Accessory Color
  • / Graphics matte Steel gray/ RMK ® Assault ® Electric starter optional device Sort of fuel gauge Mechanical Warmed holds and strangle basic, adjustable Hand grasps Standard Power,
  • HP No Mirror Accessory Rear shelf/ tow bar No Reverse PERC ® Frame seat with
  • a Luggage location Accessory Type sensing units PRO-LITE Safety and security system optional device Speedometer Digital MFD Steering ProTaper ® Tachometer Digital MFD Temperature indicator
  • as well as oil level Digital MFD Secondary windscreen RMK ®
  • , black/matte

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