Pulsar Apex XD50 thermal riflescope

Thermal riflescope Apex XD50 from the company Pulsar developed specifically for hunters, which incorporates all the innovative innovations, beginning with the approach in developing a light and also strong hull, to a well thought out functionality.

The gadget is specifically made for observation and shooting at any time of the day, on medium as well as fars away. Pulsar thermal imaging gadgets utilize warm front that radiate all thermal objects– what, able to spot targets through the obstacle in the kind of bushes or tree branches. The functioning range of discovery is 1250 meters. The Apex XD50 thermal imager has a reliable, vlagozashchishchennom the case of durable plastic, immune to dirt and also water.

All controls lie on the top of the view. The emphasis is, just like all Pulsar thermal imaging tools, by means of a ring situated straight before the lens. The real estate is furnished with an extra strap Weaver for placing added devices.

In the style of embedded anti-shock system, which, if solid impact shields all the electronic elements within the view. Shock resistance of the scope amounts to 6000 j, which allows to hold up against influence practically all known calibers. The layout of the scope made use of the detector with higher resolution, which allows to identify targets at tool as well as cross countries.

On the display is always quality as well as contrast, and no passage result at the edges. Powered by 2 batteries type CR123A. Due to the modular brackets that you can select from the leading drop down food selection — view can be placed on any tool type. Due to the needed results, to the device you can connect a video recorder or an exterior recording tool and makes it possible for link of external power sources.

The capability I wish to highlight the adhering to functions of the riflescope Apex XD50: The memory feature three-points adjustment in the memory of the sight allows to work with different kinds of weapons as well as ammo, and to perform and remember discovery at three different ranges. The feature « Remove dead pixel » promotes itself. The function of « photo in picture » is activated throughout the application of a smooth, two-time digital Zoom.

The display off feature to stop detection of the hunter. The sight» has in its Arsenal of 10 handbag that you can use depending upon the type of searching, yet with the help of the Freeze function is zeroing in round. The image presented on the OLED display screen has 3 settings with various tones of environment-friendly color from the typical black-and-white pictures, attribute of thermal imaging devices, the programmers declined.

Contrasted to BW, the green photo has moredetail and also contrast, which causes less eye strain. View thermal vision Apex XD50 is set up on the basis of the microbolometer variety high-resolution px 384х288 that along with an excellent refresh price of 50 Hz gives a comfortable capturing both stationary as well as relocating targets, and noiseless calibration of the sight will provide the hunter while waiting for the monster in ambush.

Mount price: 50 Hz Indigenous resolution: 384 × 288 px Spectral range: 8 … 14 µm Display type: OLED Present resolution: VGA 640 × 480 px Video outcome: Yes A function to remove dead pixel: Yes Magnifying: 2x/ 4x(zoom)Objective lens size: 42 mm Lens focal size: 75 mm Lens: F50/ 1.2

  • Straight area of
  • view: 11 ° Min focus distance: 5…m
  • Delete out.eye alleviation: 67
  • mm Limitation redouble eyepiece: ± 3.5 diopters Leave student diameter: 5 mm
  • Series of detection: 1250 m Voltage: 4-6 The sort of elements
  • of a food: 2xCR123A Rate click on 100 m distance: 20 mm The variety of
  • reticles loaded: 10 The type
  • of installing for setup of extra devices: Weaver Operating temperature level range: -25 ° C to +40 °
  • C The presence of the remote control
  • device: Wireless The
  • degree of moisture
  • security: IP67 Shock resistance on rifled
  • tool: 6000 j Dimensions: mm
  • 343х80х75 Weight: 1000 gr

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