PULSAR Apex XD75 view imager

Thermal sight for night hunting. Terrific lens with a focal size of 75 mm and also a level of sensitivity of 1.4, a high frame price of 50 Hz.

The sight is developed based upon the matrix of 384 x 288. Light-weight shockproof and freezeproof design enables you to utilize the sight in severe settings, operating temperature level array -25 … +50 ° C. can Withstand the recoil of big calibers with muzzle energy as much as 6000 joules.

The picture on the screen 640 × 480 pixels are presented in numerous tones of environment-friendly, as in night vision devices. Environment-friendly picture a lot more comparison in the comparison of black and also white tones, better pririsovyvat detail.

Substitute of the reticle

The label is entered on the display screen digitally as well as is constantly in the airplane of the target image. Memory Apex contains 10 various arrangement and function of the reticles. Reticle color adjustment from black to white.

Keeping in mind the three factors of modification

The software application enables conserving the view the factor of effect for 3 various ranges (types of tool, ammo), and in each situation can be applied different of the reticle.

The feature of «« picture»

in picture » «The function of « picture in image » gives arrowhead the capacity to show an additional area which consists of twice amplified picture of a target as well as a reticle. This enables closer examination of the picture in the area of sight. Added location (the frame particularly specific intending) gets on the display screen at the top facility, over the aiming mark. Taking just 1/10 of the complete area of the display, the additional location allows simultaneous usage to keep track of the complete field of view.

High shock resistance

The original scheme of protection for microbolometer array from shock as well as resonance loads permits to utilize views, Apex heavy (with Eo up to 6000 J.) gunned hunting weapons and also smooth-bore weapons and air rifles.

Safe removal of the leave pupil

Eye relief scopes Apex is 67 mm is one of the best indications in the class. This significantly decreases the trauma of making use of the sight on a big quality searching weapons with strong recoil.

The display off feature

Apex has the option of switching off the display, which is advantageously utilized in instances of brief pauses in the monitoring procedure, to avoid uncovering an arrow of light from the eyepiece of the extent. If you disable the display screen all various other systems that makes it possible to rapidly bring the view in completely functioning condition.

Full waterproof

Having a class of moisture defense IPX7 (IEC 60529), Apex views can be run in rainfall of any intensity as well as hold up against a brief immersion in water.

Zeroing with Freeze feature

Standard for Pulsar electronic riflescopes «« zeroing one cartridge » is supplemented in the Apex Ah even more practical zeroing function ««»Freeze »: making the sighting shots, suffices to save a «« photo » of the target in the memory of the sight, and also actions to line up reticle with factor of effect of the bullet to create, concentrating on the photo without the requirement to preserve complete stability of the arms.

Different settings of calibration

Apex offers you the chance to pick one of three modes of calibration of microbolometer — — quiet handbook («« M »), automatic(« A ») and also semiautomatic («« H» »). Mode « A » indicates that the calibration formula is carried out completely instantly and also without individual treatment (the start of the procedure (the time of lowering of the blind calibration system) is specified programmatically). In the «« N » the observer, based upon the image quality, choose the necessity of the calibration matrix, beginning it by pressing «« Cal ». Manual calibration («« M »)by pressing the switch when the lens cap is closed. The «« M » mode it is advised to use while searching because of silent operation.

Settings of monitoring

The Apex program gives you the alternative of selecting the mode of monitoring, giving optimum outcomes for certain conditions. The program of the thermal imager provides 3 settings– « Rocks» »(enhanced comparison), ««» Forest »(low comparison) as well as «« Identification » (enhanced information cozy items).

Wide temperature level range of procedure (-25……+50 ° C) Ability to work in regular mode at sub-zero temperature conditions is offered by the application in the design of frost-resistant OLED screen, which is defined by short feedback time and also supplies crisp, regular image when observing dynamic object.

Outside power
Substantially increase the moment of procedure permits the use of concise external source of power (as an example, Pulsar EPS3/ EPS5). Long term use in cold weather, the power supply can be kept under the clothes.

Views Apex features a video clip outcome which permits to record pictures to the outside tool in genuine time.

Wireless remote control
Enables you to perform fundamental operations without turning to making use of the main controls.

Installment on the weapon
Choose the location of the mounting bracket permits the installment of Apex thinking about the anthropometric information of the customer of tool style and also to provide one of the most convenient operation of the facility «« tool — — view

  • ». Microbolometer resolution: 384 × 288
  • Display type: OLED
  • Show resolution, Pix.: 640 × 480
  • Optical qualities: Magnification, x 3 … …
  • 6 Digital zoom, x: a smooth zoom 2x
  • Lens: F75/1.4
  • The field of vision, °, horizontal/vertical: 7.2 × 5.4
  • Eye alleviation, mm: 67
  • Limit refocus the eyepiece, diopter: — — 4……+3,5 Series of detection, m (things 1,7 * 0,5 m): 1600
  • Supply voltage B: 4 ÷ 6
  • The sort of aspects of a food: 2xCR123A
  • Outside power supply: DC 8.4 ÷ 15
  • Operational and physical information: protection Class (according to IEC 60529) IPX7
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Running temperature level array, ° C: -25 … … +50 Dimensions: 381x80x75
  • Weight (without e-ing power), kg: 0,77
  • The reticle: the default Type of exchangeable electronic label
  • Cost click, the mountains./ Vert., mm@100m 20/ 20
  • The get label, the hills./ Vert., mm@100m 4000/ 4000

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