Pulsar Quantum HD38S thermal imager

Quantum HD38S is a modern searching infrared electronic camera with high frame price, because of which he remains effective at tracking a dynamic object or team of objects where it is necessary to visually different one things from the remainder of the masses, offering a constant and also smooth photo.

Thus this device is able to notice the development figure (1,7 × 0,5 m)at a distance of 950 metres. Thermal imaging monocular Quantum HD38S, unlike night vision tools based on electron-optical converters, does not require exterior light sources, and is not terrified of direct light falling on the lens.

It is designed for usage in tough climate condition( fog, smoke, rain ), as well as in the presence of challenges that prevent the discovery of targets (branches, high turf, hedge, and so on ). Wide discovery array The high resolution microbolometer (384 × 288) supplies a great detail of the observed objects as well as a large discovery range. Variable increase Optical zoom thermal imager is 2.1 X. the tool has an additional option in the form of twice electronic zoom.

Modes of observation The Quantum S feasible to pick the setting of monitoring, supplying ideal results for specific conditions. The program of the thermal imager offers 3 modes– « City » (enhanced comparison), « Forest »(reduced comparison)and « Identification »( improved detail cozy things ). High refresh price The refresh rate is 30 Hz, which makes sure a smooth «and constant photo when observing «dynamic things.

Possibility of usage «in icy problems The Quantum reliable when running in reduced temperature problems (-20 ° C)due to the application in the design of frost-resistant OLED display screen(the image stays the like when observed in problems of positive temperature level of the surrounding atmosphere ).

Calibration Quantum S provides you the opportunity to choose among 3 settings of calibration of microbolometer — quiet guidebook( « M »), automatic( « A » )and also semiautomatic(« H » ). Setting « A » indicates that thecalibration algorithm is executed fully instantly as well as without individual intervention( the beginning of the process(the — time of decreasing«of the blind calibration«device )is specified programmatically). In the «« N » the onlooker, based upon the photo top quality, pick the need of the calibration matrix, starting it by pressing « Cal ».

Manual calibration (« M »)by pressing the switch when the lens cap is closed. The « M» » mode it is suggested to use while searching because of silent operation. Features: Matrix 384х288 High refresh price — 30 Hz OLED «display screen 640 × 480 Optical zoom 2.1 or 1.1 times Digital zoom 2x Three calibration settings — handbook, automated, semi-automatic 3 modes — city, forest, recognition The feature of removal of defectivepixels Power conserving mode A

  • large field of vision angle
  • Exterior power supply Video clip —
  • video recording capability for third-party tools Modes of inversion of the image”White Hot” and also” Black Hot
  • “Two tripod outlets 1/4 ″ Compact and light-weight Brief start-up time The Quantum includes flying start — up time 5-7 secs from the
  • minute you push the power button to complete operational status tracking. This is just one of the
  • best signs in the course. Video All Quantum versions are outfitted

with an — analog video clip outcome for attaching exterior recording equipment or sending image to the display. Outside power Substantially enhance the moment of operation permits the use of outside source of power to which the

Quantum is connected with a particularly developed adapter —. In wintertime conditions the power supply can be placed under garments. Readjust the brightness and also comparison The control wheel located alongside the lens allows theindividual to setup brightness and contrast most appropriate for certain scenario. Self-powered The Quantum is provided by 4 batteries(battery )AA.

The batteries are kept in an unique container which is after that positioned in the battery compartment of the gadget. Situation Body of carbon fiber is truly strong. A secure hold of the instrument provides a partial brasilianum corps. Gadget kind: Monocular The resolution matrix, pixels: 384х288 Focal length, mm: F38/1.2 The discovery series of a human number, m: 950 Detector kind: Uncooled microbolometer( UL 03 16 2)The spooky range of detection, m: 7.7 — 13.2 The field of view, levels: 14.4 × 10.8 

The field of view with 2x extender, C: — Thermal level of sensitivity, MK: — Refresh price, Hz: 30 Variety hand-operated emphasis: 2 m to infinity Manual emphasis: Yes Diopter modification, diopter:+/ -5

Boost, Krat: 2.1 Digital zoom, magnifying: 4.2 Signal handling: — Start time: 5 — 7 Display: OLED 0.31 ″ Video result: 3.5 mm Jack

  • (PAL/NTSC)Palette: Hot items in white, warm black objects
  • The opportunity of photo/video shooting: Yes The format for saving images: — Format save video clip: Recording to
  • external media User interface: — The outlet under the tripod mount: Yes Power source: AA Batteries — 4 PCs. Job time, h: —
  • 5.5 Operating temperature level array, ° C
  • : -20 ° C — +50 °
  • C The storage space temperature array, ° C: -30
  • ° C — +60 ° C
  • Humidity (procedure and also storage ): 90
  • %Protection class: IPX4 Leakages: No Shock resistance: Yes
  • Measurements of the tool, mm: 200x86x59 Dimensions of packaging, mm: 265x150x120 Weight, g: 350 Delivering weight g:
  • 750 Native land: the Republic of Belarus The
  • objective of the usage: Hunting, observation, safety and security, search

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