Quantum HD19S imager

Wide detection range

The high resolution microbolometer (384 × 288) offers an excellent information of the observed objects as well as a big discovery variety

Variable boost

Optical zoom thermal imager is 2.1 X. the gadget has an extra alternative in the type of twice digital zoom.

Modes of monitoring

The Quantum S possible to choose the setting of observation, offering optimal outcomes for specific problems. The program of the thermal imager offers three settings– « City» »(improved comparison), ««» Forest »(reduced comparison «)and also « Identification » (improved information cozy items).

High refresh rate

The refresh rate is 30 Hz, which guarantees a regular as well as smooth picture when observing dynamic object

Possibility of usage in frosty conditions

The Quantum effective when operating in reduced temperature level problems (-20 ° C )due to the application in the style of frost-resistant OLED display screen (the picture remains the like when observed in conditions of positive temperature level of the surrounding environment)


Quantum S gives you the opportunity to select one of three modes of calibration of microbolometer — — silent manual («« M »), automated(« A ») and also semiautomatic («« H» »). Setting « A » implies that the calibration formula is executed completely immediately as well as without customer treatment (the begin of the process (the time of lowering of the blind calibration device) is defined programmatically). In the «« N » the observer, based on the picture quality, decide on the requirement of the calibration matrix, starting it by pushing «« Cal ». Manual calibration («« M »)by pressing the switch when the lens cap is closed. The «« M» » setting it is recommended to use while hunting due to quiet operation.

Brief start-up time

The Quantum includes quick start– up time 5-7 seconds from the minute you press the power switch to full functional status tracking. This is one of the best indications in the class

Video clip

All Quantum designs are furnished with an analog video clip output for connecting external recording equipment or sending image to the display screen.

Exterior power

Significantly enhance the time of operation permits the use of exterior source of power to which the Quantum is gotten in touch with a specifically developed adapter. In wintertime conditions the power supply can be put under clothes.

Readjust the brightness and also comparison

The control wheel located next to the lens allows the customer to configuration brightness as well as comparison most ideal for details situation


The Quantum is provided by 4 batteries (battery) AA. The batteries are stored in an unique container which is then placed in the battery area of the device.


Body of carbon fiber is actually solid. A protected hold of the tool provides a partial brasilianum corps.


Electronic elements
The sort of microbolometer: UL 03 16 2
Microbolometer resolution: 384 × 288
Mount rate, Hz: 30
Spooky level of sensitivity range, microns: 7,7 13,2 …
… Display type: MDP01A Maryland OLED Microdisplay

Optical characteristics
Magnifying, x 1.1
Digital zoom x 2
Lens F19/0.7 And
The field of vision, °, horizontal/vertical 26.8 x 20.8
Limitation refocus the eyepiece, diopter ± 5

Series of detection
Series of detection, m (things of type a life-size number of 1.7 * 0.5 m) 500

Supply voltage B 4 ÷ 6
The sort of battery 4xAA
Battery life, hour 5.5 in
Exterior power supply DC 8.4 ÷ 15

Operational as well as physical qualities
Protection class (according to IEC 60529) IPX4
Operating temperature level array, ° C -20 … … +50 Dimensions, mm 200x86x59
Weight (without e-ing power), kg 0,35

Bundle materials:

The thermal imager Quantum HD19S
The handbook
Video clip wire
Hand band
Cars and truck adapter
Spare battery container
Napkin for cleaning of optics
Warranty card

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