Quantum XD38S imager

Pulsar Quantum XD38S one of the most preferred model of the brand-new line of thermal imagers is different from the previous HD collection added to the usual grayscale settings, additional color settings with appropriation of plots at various temperatures.

Unlike evening vision systems based upon picture intensifier imager Quantum XD38S not afraid of « clipping » and it can be made use of in any light. Likewise crucial advantage is the ability to find an object behind challenges (lawn, tree branches, and so on) and also in adverse weather (rainfall, fog, snow, and so on).

Thermal imaging monocular Pulsar Quantum XD38S assurances getting clear pictures without contour rasmita also fast-moving things. The dimensions of the lens are optimally developed to obtain high aperture ratio in a portable size and also low weight. A set 2x zoom with optional 2-and 4-fold increase perfectly suited for discovery of things at distances up to 950 meters.

Distance gauging grid format for deer, wild boar as well as hare will enable high precision to establish the distance to the wanted item.


  • Color plan. The primary benefit of thermal imaging monoculars Quantum series XD is the ability to choose one of 6 color design. Along with the usual monochrome black-and-white modes available shade settings with appropriation of even more cozy and also cool locations.
  • The regularity of updates. High refresh rate-50 Hz ensures a comfy monitoring, also for quick relocating items offering a clear image without jerks as well as rasmita.
  • Estimate of the range. In a collection of Quantum XD for exact and fast dimension of ranges to different things and also pets at pre-known sizes (deer– 1.7 m, Kaban-0.7 meters as well as the hare-0.3 meter) gave stadiametric rangefinder.
  • The moduses operandi. To accomplish optimal effectiveness in Quantum XD there are three various working settings positioning under various problems of monitoring. A high contrast of the «« City » will greatly promote the detection with a lot of hot items. Mode low comparison ««» Forest » perfectly suited for service area with a handful of objects. The mode of «« acknowledgment » was produced for better detection of objects in numerous conditions.
  • The function «« Display OFF » allows you transform the display off and also if needed quickly to transform it on. When made it possible for, this feature shuts off just the display screen while the other elements function as usual. Utilizing this feature enables to transform the display off to conserve battery and also prevent unmasking of the viewer.
  • Resistance to low temperature levels. Making use of OLED display, reduced temperature resistant down to -25 ° C makes sure obtaining top quality photos even in tough problems.
  • The video clip output. The video clip out allows you to show and create images to external gadgets.
  • Food. The power of thermal imaging monoculars Quantum brand XD is supplied from 4 AA batteries to be put with the container in the battery compartment. To increase the time of Autonomous job it is feasible to link an additional power supply. If needed, additional food can be put in a pocket or under apparel.
  • Body. High toughness with low weight is made possible because of the production of carbon composite hull. Rubberized inserts in the body offer a safe and secure hold, protecting against the tool to unclothe damp hands or with handwear covers on.

Package materials:

  • The thermal imager Quantum XD38S
  • Instance
  • The handbook
  • Video clip cable television
  • Hand band
  • Car adapter
  • Extra battery container
  • Paper napkin for cleaning of optics
  • Guarantee card
Electronic parts
Resolution microbolometer 384 × 288
Mount rate, Hz 50
The spooky series of detection, m 7,7 13,2 …
… Display kind OLED Show resolution, Pix. 640
× 480 Optical attributes Zoom, x 2,1 Digital zoom, x 2x
, 4x Lens F38/1.2 The field
of sight, °, horizontal/vertical 14,4
x 10,8 Restriction redouble the eyepiece, diopter ± 5 Optical attributes Min. concentrating distance, m 3 Range of detection Range of discovery, m( object 1,7 *
0,5 m) 950 Food Supply voltage, B 4 ÷ 6 Type of batteries
4xAA Exterior power DC 8.4 ÷ 15 Physical as well as operational characteristics Defense class(according to IEC 60529)IPX4
Operating temperature array, ° C -25 …

+50 Measurements, mm 200x86x59 Weight(without e-ing power)

, kg

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