Snow as well as swamp lorry Bear

The advantages of the Bear can not be disputed — — this is a good residential production strategy in terms of running as well as functional signs, which does not differ from foreign analogues.

The Bear series is related to global aquatic all-terrain lorries, combines cross-country capability and quality regardless of the operating conditions. The expense of the Russian snow and swamp vehicle is a lot lower than Chinese and also european counterparts.

Snow as well as overload vehicle Bear can be purchased from personal traders on the site or on official resources for the sale of comparable tools. You need to enter in the internet search engine the phrase «« get a snowmobile Bear » as well as from the suggested alternatives pick the suitable one, taking into account testimonials and ranking.

The magazine of the online store supplies greater than 130 designs. Each has its very own special attributes. Range as well as equipment variety from 200 thousand to 2 million. You can purchase with the website or by phone number. Sale can be available in 2 forms: wholesale or individually. To determine the precise expense, the area in which the customer lies is necessary.

The business LLC «« Mechanics » deals off-road enthusiasts a snow and also overload car Bear, it is additionally called an aquatic all-terrain car. Fully set up from domestic components, it is not inferior in regards to running specifications as well as reliability to assemblies of international all-terrain lorries, yet it is easier to locate fixing parts on it as well as they are more affordable.

Snow and also overload automobile Bear borrowed the engine and also gearbox from the VAZ-2107. That is why the fixing of this unit must not cause any type of problems: spare components for it are budget friendly and also reasonably low-cost. The all-terrain vehicle is constructed from 2 almosts all: a steel hull-boat and also a lightweight fiberglass top. The frame style gives the maker strength, it distributes the mass from the power unit and gearbox to the tracks well. The car has good cross — — quickly overcomes sand, drifts, dust and also rivers. The business will certainly offer a selection of versions, it is possible to get added equipment as well as delivery.

Benefits of the Bear

The primary advantages of this technique consist of not only an economical cost, but likewise style features. The snow and swamp vehicle is assembled from residential elements that give good cross-country capability, it is achieved through an effective VAZ engine that gives boosted torque. The bear increases along the freeway at a rate of 50 km/ h, and also along a cross to 25 kilometres/ h. Among the positive qualities it ought to be kept in mind as well as premium torsion bar independent suspension, boosted buoyancy and also security of transportation on water.

List of benefits:

  • Modern suspension and also comfortable steering are comfortable as well as safe.
  • All components of the vehicle are in special places to ensure that the vehicle does not shed security when traveling and does not roll over also on tough climbs and descents.
  • The instance is made from reliable steel, which goes through a handling process at the manufacturing stage, is exempt to deterioration and is not damaged.
  • The cabin of the snow and overload automobile is made of fiberglass, which secures the inside from rainfall, cold, contamination and also dirt.

The just important downside of the snow and swamp lorry is the lack of ability to use it on average roads for basic usage.

Functions of the framework and also transmission

In the torsion bar suspension of the snow and also overload vehicle Bear, it is allowed to gear up the chassis with a caterpillar or wheel moving company. Torque goes to the rear axle with a typical friction kind device. It lies at the back, which stabilizes the layout and also helps to get a great weight circulation.


  1. Single disc clutch, hydraulic completely dry friction.
  2. Gearbox 5 or 4-speed, mechanical.
  3. The head gear is single-stage, it is conelike as well as has a spiral tooth.
  4. Last drive single-stage, mechanical, stimulate equipment.

The traditional Fritz scheme is used. mechanism: interior case, full of oil.

Advantages of running snow and overload route:

  1. The enhanced torsion bar suspension smooths out the roughness of the snowy road: the auto owner will certainly really feel comfy in the cabin while driving on rough surface.
  2. Hydraulic brakes with a vacuum cleaner booster give convenience of clutch control.
  3. A fully filled snow and swamp lorry does not have troubles with overloads — — it moves slowly. Also, numerous additional tools can be installed on the system, which assists in the implementation of the called for jobs.

Would certainly you like to obtain a bear? Call the beauty parlor, where experts are taken part in the sale, upkeep of automobile devices and are seeking one of the most optimum versions for owners. Clients are supplied genuine rates for devices and supplied with an assurance. Getting a Bear, you can get a top quality car, prepared for a long and also trouble-free procedure!

Interior and exterior of the snow as well as swamp vehicle

The bear looks simple, yet remarkable: the front component of the angular body constructed from steel includes a radiator grille, which, for protection, can be nearby an additional damper (air intake will certainly be accomplished by means of a tube). The aft of the equipment includes a grill, which carries out the function of an action, it streamlines the loading of travel luggage in the trunk (it still has an install for the risk-free transport of outboard motors).

The cabin, developed to suit 4 individuals, is open, yet the layout offers securing arcs that allow you to mount the top part from plastic, it safeguards the interior from rainfall, snow, does not obscure the view.

The management of the snow as well as swamp lorry was produced with the purpose of satisfying particular jobs, therefore the main emphasis got on cross-country capacity and integrity, but not on convenience, as an outcome of which the equipment of the cabin is maximally simplified. The controls are bars (just like a tractor), not a straightforward wheel.

The dashboard does not have something that could hinder the work — — there are just the most necessary elements: 3 dials, handles for setting the throttle, on/ off keys. The basis of the seats is a steel structure, which is covered with a natural leather replacement, the stuffing is synthetics.

The lineup

There are numerous modifications to pick from.

The lineup Requirements
M-1 A flexible vehicle that seats five people. It considers regarding 800 kilograms, the clearance is 28 cm. The engine is carbureted, with a capability of 76 hp. the maximum speed is 50 kilometres/ h ashore and also 5 kilometres/ h on water.
M-2 Traveler model for five people. It weighs concerning 600 kg with measurements of 3100x2000x1500 mm. Offered the glass, the elevation of 2.09 thousand mm, according to the awning — — 2.16 thousand mm. Max. rate 40 kilometres —/ h. Flow fuel — 7 l/ 100, the tank is designed for 67 litres. As tracks, a tape with a steel track is made use of. On the whole, the track width is 490 mm.
M-3 This is a cargo version in which just 2 people can be accommodated. It features low rate (35 by land, 3 by water), increased measurements (3550x2000x1990).
M-4 Amphibian. Brings as much as five people. The vehicle is placed on a 76 hp gasoline engine with a quantity of 1.5 liters. weighs 600 kg. It is obtaining 40 kilometres/ h (5 km/ h by water).
M-5 Traveler model, having a large mass, measurements. It evaluates 1.1 thousand kg, with a full load of 1.6 thousand, is readily available with 2 kinds of engine. 1.5 litre turbodiesel with 44 hp The injector type fuel engine has a quantity of 1.6 l as well as a power of 81 l/ s. Fuel usage 6-7 l/ h. The gas engine has the following specifications: 3-5 l/ h. The optimum speed depends on the engine as well as is 30 km/ h for diesel as well as 45 for fuel.
User handbook

The snow and also overload car is an entertaining device and is intended for driving in territories shut from other automobiles. You can utilize the maker for persons from 18 years old with a chauffeur’s certificate cat. A-1. Snow as well as swamp car appropriates for three to 4 individuals.

«« Bear — » — a global device that does not have a specific purpose. Consequently, it is suggested that you fasten your seatbelt prior to starting motion as well as avoid little turning, reducing as well as increasing distances of greater than 15 degrees to make sure that the tracks do not slow down the snow cover.

Recommended Equipment:

  • safety helmet;
  • armed forces clothing;
  • footwear are limited, closed on a level sole.

When running a snow and overload car, it is advised to utilize handwear covers. Dress in such a manner in which the garments do not have hanging components (belts, lacing).

Brake system: it is very important to keep an eye on the brake pads. If the wear is large, it is better to decline the trip, replace the pads or take the snow as well as swamp automobile to the supplier for service.

Monitoring and setup

To begin, activate the engine of the device by transforming the ignition secret, depressing the clutch pedal in 0 gear.

After that do the following:

  1. Release the clutch.
  2. Depress the clutch and start equipment number 1 by gradually and smoothly releasing the clutch pedal.
  3. Beginning the activity by readjusting the direction of activity (right-to-left) with the control bars.

Just how to use the brake: draw the control bars in the direction of you.

During procedure, adjusting the steering control may be required if essential. To access the settings, you require to obtain a box (for things), which is located under the seat (back).

Frequently, adjustment is called for when the brake pads that hold the clutch part are used. If during the count on the right the snow-bolter does not transform, then the left disk needs modification. If the auto relocates right along the trajectory when transforming to the right, after that the brake system of the ideal track is needed to pump for drawing air. Do the exact same when transforming left.

Check before departure

Before you leave, you require to examine the following:

  • oil degree;
  • smooth running levers;
  • bolts to see if they are loose;
  • air filter high quality.

If essential, fan.

Be careful as well as enjoy that gas does not move anywhere. A fire might result if it obtains on engine components. It is suggested to use gasoline with an octane rating of 92, 95.

Engine and also gear oil change

It is necessary to place the oil filter and fill up the oil to the maximum mark, replace with a hot engine. Change the oil in the transmission after a brief trip to warm up the hands-on transmission to the maximum operating temperature.

Replacement Procedure:

  1. Wipe the area along the area of the drainpipe plug and location a better capacity drainpipe tank under the transmission.
  2. Unscrew the plug.
  3. Wait till the oil stops leaking as well as install the plug, after that tighten it with pressure.
  4. Refueling is carried out by means of a filler opening outfitted with a cork.

To conclude, you should swamp and also park the snow automobile on a level area and also see the oil degree.

Water activity

Overcoming water obstacles, a rope fixed on the shore ought to be used for insurance policy. No requirement to swim on an overload for a long time, specifically to be at a deepness of more than 1.5 meters.

Recommendations for passing water bodies:

  1. Externally, see the place of strategy (grab a mild incline).
  2. At a reduced speed, enter the fish pond.
  3. Within three mins, check the device for leaks.
  4. Having passed all the water challenges, extrude the information of the undercarriage of the snow as well as swamp.
Turf movement

It is hard for a snow-and-swamp lorry to transform along a largely disordered with lawn topsoil, for that reason it is recommended to plan a route ahead of time to avoid doglegs. It additionally avoids flying off.

On high turf you need to relocate at reduced rates to avoid hopping on surprise challenges (rock, ditch), this can cause injuries.

The motion on the sand causes the wear of the gears as well as the track of the caterpillar, as a result it is not suggested to drive along it often.

Changing ignition system as well as examining battery

No need to tighten up the candles very much to stop damage. Loosening the candle lights, it is important to prevent the infiltration of dirt right into the motor with the hole, to change the secret is used with a «« 16»».

The amount of electrolyte in the battery should be between 2 degrees — — top and also reduced, if the amount is much less than the lower, you require to contribute to the wanted level.

Focus! Before you include electrolyte to the battery, you require to make sure that it includes sulfuric acid set. Unsafe damage is possible in contact with skin and also eyes or clothes.


The first maintenance is accomplished after 10 hours of operation. You need to do the following:

  • alter the oil;
  • adjust the engine;
  • take out the bolts.

Succeeding upkeep is performed every 60 hours.


The bear is permitted to be carried in the rear of a truck, pre-secured with screeds, then in first gear running, outfitted with high-load trigger ladders of at the very least 680 kg, offered the descent angle of much less than 35 degrees, directed by the approval system. You can likewise select a trailer with an ideal tons ability.

A caution! Choose a smoother surface for these actions.

Technical requirements and cost

The all-terrain car Bear is universal in its criteria, it has the ability to move in various conditions. It is advised that you familiarize yourself with the technical specs of the Bear as well as the snow and swamp automobile and also the rate.

Technical Parameters (General):

  1. 1.5-liter fuel carburetor engine with 76 hp Despite its primitiveness, the power device is basic and also has confirmed itself in exceptional procedure.
  2. It operates on gas with an octane score of 92 in addition to a five-speed handbook. Situated at the end of a well-sealed body part.
  3. The maximum rate of 50 kilometres/ h on land and 5 km/ h on water, gas usage per hour — — 6-7 litres. Suspension of the torsion kind: ravel irregularities, as a result of which it is in the cab of the car it will certainly be practical as well as pleasant, even with serious off-road conditions.
  4. The chassis of the snow and swamp automobile can be outfitted with a wheeled or caterpillar mover. The first is furnished with eight rollers (4 on each side), while the head set is located behind. It is feasible to install a rubberized track that gives improved cross-country ability (installment can be carried out by two people in a brief period of time). The second choice has 5 reduced track rollers and also 4 top rollers, on top of which a rubber as well as steel caterpillar is installed.
  5. Ground clearance — — 280-310 mm.
  6. Clutch — — single plate.
  7. The transmission is five-speed.
  8. Size 2750-3550 mm.
  9. Size 1900-2000 mm.
  10. Elevation/ awning/ glass 1170/1850/ 1920-1990 mm.
  11. The quantity of the fuel storage tank is 60-67 l.
  12. The quantity of oil in the gearbox is 2.5-3 liters.
  13. The quantity of oil in the gearbox is 1.6 litres.
  14. Track 1510-1520 mm.

Among the unique functions of amphibians is the forcing of water barriers (activity is carried out by rewinding tracks). After setting up the motor, the rate along the surface area of the water increases to 10 km/ h.

The price depends upon the abilities of the unit as well as attachments. The producer utilizes only Russian elements throughout production, that makes it possible for the business to provide economical costs for products: beginning tools is offered for 799 thousand rubles, which is equivalent in worth to ATVs, and also the largest is 1.5 million rubles.

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