Snow sled Kunitsa 300, two-seater car

To make your ideal option, before choosing to purchase this snow sled, you require to not only read the posts and also visit thematic forums, however also see a video on YouTube in order to aesthetically make sure that the description holds true.

And having seen exactly how conveniently the Kunitsa 300 is controlled, how it simply conquers climbs up and snow drifts, and when all doubts tormenting the possible customer hitherto are gotten rid of, you can likewise obtain this effective and also trustworthy snowmobile.

Snowy areas in our nation are not uncommon, and extremely frequently it happens that it is hard or difficult to drive a cars and truck — — after that a snow sled comes to the rescue. This lorry enables you to relocate openly both on snow and on ice. The drive is carried out at the cost of the tracks, and control through two joggers.

This kind of motion is extremely common in New England, in Alaska for a very long time, it additionally comes to be nearly mass in our country. One of the most effective domestic designs is the quickly maintained Kunitsa 300 snowmobile.

Technical qualities of the Marten 300 Snowmobile

The device is equipped with a four-stroke single-cylinder engine GY8-400 with a quantity of 312 cm3 and also a capacity of 21 liters. from.

All technological qualities of the Kunitsa 300 snowmobile:

  • Speed(max), in kilometres/ h — — 80
  • . — Gas container, l. — 25. Gas intake, l/ 100 km —. —
  • 7.2. Mount — steel tubular, non-separable type.
  • Automatic transmission — — V-belt variator DNR.
  • Cooling down — — fluid(water)
  • . Starting system — — manual or using an electrical starter (type CDI).
  • Clutch — — multi-plate, in an oil bathroom.
  • The drive is back.
  • Chain last drive.
  • Brakes — — disc, hydraulic front/ back
  • . Tracked vehicle, size, size in mm. — — 380
  • . Caterpillar — — strengthened rubber textile
  • . Ski, dimension (size and also width) in mm. — — 920 × 135.
  • Ground clearance, in mm. — — 150
  • . The front suspension is bar, independent, and the rear is roller.
  • Seat height, in mm. — — 640. Maximum tons capacity in kg. — — 200
  • . Towed weight (max), in kg. — — 130
  • . Color — burgundy.
Ranges as well as designs of the Marten Snowmobile

The company is not limited just to this version:

Kunica 200

The Marten 200 is a two-wheeled all-terrain vehicle, model of 2013. There is a variator.

Kunica 110

Marten 110 — — the city version. Changes:

  1. The motor is a four-stroke, 110 cubic meter. cm.
  2. Transmission.
  3. Additional seat in the kind of a pillow on the trunk.
  4. The brakes are front and rear.
  5. Back sight mirrors.
  6. The gas container is real.
  7. Direction indications.
  8. Control panel.
Marten new shades

Marten 200 new colors — — a two-wheeled all-terrain lorry, the gamut of colors of which has actually been substantially expanded considering that September 2012. On top of that, you can purchase paint in camouflage shades, more specifically, components — — the back and also front wings. It is completed with an ornamental gas container with side slides. There is an overlay of a chain.

Rabbit 200 (2012)The two-wheeled all-terrain car Kunitsa 200 (2012 model )changed. Positive renovations:
  • There is a trunk.
  • Shock absorbers on the rear wheel.
  • New, enhanced chair.
  • Boosted ground clearance (clearance).
  • Metal wings.
  • Reinforced foot rest.

All improvements did not impact the rate of the version — — it stayed the same.

Bunny 200 (2011 )

Marten 200 (2011 model). Distinctions:

  1. Light weight.
  2. The increased passability.
  3. Affordable engine with a displacement of 200cm3.
  4. Small overall dimensions (length/ height/ size, in mm) — — 1680 × 980 × 800.
  5. The maximum rate is 44 kilometres/ h.
  6. Start-up is manual.
  7. The maximum load is 130 kg.
  8. Weight — — 76 kg. Description as well as rates completely loaded

The Kunitsa 300 snowmobile is notable for its superb cross-country capacity and also endurance, and deep snow is not a dreadful method.

This automobile is capable of carrying on virgin dirt, creating a speed of 80 km/ h. And even in such problems, fuel consumption can not be called fantastic — — it is a little bit greater than 7 liters per hundred kilometers. Provided the truth that the fuel tank holds 25 litres. AI-92 gas, the interval in between gas stations is fairly large — — about 180 km. A liquid-cooled four-stroke engine with a displacement of 312 cm3 is easily begun through an electrical starter or its hands-on analogue at rather reduced temperatures in the cold season.

Bring a payload of 200 kg. (chauffeur plus guest) gets over slopes of 28 °.

The dependability of the snowmobile is integrated with convenience. Furthermore, the device is simple to use.Two individuals are complimentary to rest on the wide seat of the snow sled, and also the plastic wardrobe trunk placed on the back serves to carry the little points necessary when traveling, including the tool.

For a long time taking a trip with the snowy areas of our nation, both the traveler and the chauffeur almost do not really feel pain.

In addition to ability to move, ease as well as the possibility of everyday usage, the version has disc brakes and also heated takes care of.


The cost of a new Kunitsa 300 snow sled is fairly budget-friendly — — 203 thousand rubles.


Currently concerning the setup of this design:

  • Spacious trunk located under the seat.
  • Rear bring situation.
  • Rear view mirrors.
  • Windscreen.
  • Motor emergency stop cord.
  • Heated carburetor.
  • Electric starter.
  • Warmed pens.
  • Brace for towing.
International analogues of a snow sled

A prospective customer may have an interest in what analogues of the popular snow sleds the Kunitsa 300 all-terrain lorry has.

Right here they are:

  1. Wind 320.
  2. Snow Eagle.
  3. China Snow Mobile.

The major resemblances with them are two plastic skis, a caterpillar 38 cm large, as well as a single-cylinder engine with an ability of 21 litres. from.

On top of that, the features of the design resemble its various other equivalent — — Enforcer 300 from the maker of snowmobiles company Premier (PremierRPC).

Comparative characteristics

Below are the primary characteristics of Kunitsa 300 analogues for comparison.

Brand, model/ parameters Tact Engine displacement, cm3, gas usage, in l/ 100km Maximum speed in kilometres/ h Power in hp Caterpillars, mm. Total dimensions L/ W/ H, in mm, weight in kg Cooling type Gas container Kind of brakes
Kunica 300 4-stroke GY8-400 volume 312 7,2 80 21 Tracked truck, size, dimension in mm. — — 380. Caterpillar — enhanced rubber fabric. 2620/1140/1100 water 25 Disc, hydraulic (rear and front)
Wind 320 4-stroke with balancing shaft 312 9,5 75 21 860 × 380 2080x1080x870 water 25 Disk. Hydraulic (front as well as rear)
Snow Eagle 320 312cc, 4-stroke 80 Track width — — 380 mm 2510 x 1060 x 1020 water 25 Back disc brake
Enforcer 300 Premier 4-stroke, EFI gas supply system 300 80 25 Caterpillar (length/ width/ height) 2438/254/23 Size/ Width 220/110, 139.5 water 20 Disc, hydraulic

From the data in the table, some difference in criteria is obvious, which can serve as the main standard when purchasing a snowmobile and picking.

Customer reviews

No characteristics or guarantees from the producer will say much better concerning the item than a customer that has been riding the Kunitsa snowmobile for a long time.

Testimonials come down to one thing:

  • The device is easy to run.
  • Easy to repair — — everything is primary, including the easiest engine.
  • The snow sled is comfortable in procedure, as well as heated manages are pleasing.
  • It is quite simple to begin the engine in cold weather.
  • Saving fuel at a great level, as well as the fuel itself (92 gasoline) is one of the most inexpensive — — the storage tank lasts for an entire day’s drive.
  • A good duplicate with Wind 320 — — the cash was well invested.
  • Effective brakes.
  • Liquid engine cooling is a massive plus.
  • It goes well on a moderate surge.
  • Gas usage greatly depends upon the deepness of snow and driving design.

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