Snow sled Taiga 500, carb change

The process in which a combination of fuel with the setting (air) happens is called carburetion, and the gadget that blends these two components is called a carburetor (KB).

With it, gas is exchanged gas from a fluid medium utilizing numerous working approaches: splashing, blowing air bits of gas and also heating.

Prior to you adjust and also adjust the Mikuni carburetor on the Taiga snowmobile, it is recommended to take a look at the representation and also, according to it, carry out preliminary job.

The combustible mix has to fulfill the following qualities:

  • have an ethereal state at the time of ignition;
  • the composition in the cyndrical tube should be uniform to guarantee ideal performance.

It is necessary to consistently detect this device every 300 kilometres.

Carburetor Cover Removal

Comply with the steps:

  1. Remove the consumption silencer and also the fuel feed pipe.
  2. Loosen the cover of the very first KB, pull the choke 5 from the KB device.
  3. Draw the cable out of the throttle as well as loosen up the clamps of the rubberized combining of the engine setting up responsible for supplying the blend to the cyndrical tubes.
  4. Eliminate the KB from the electric motor.

Attention! When taking care of the throttle, Use caution. Damage occurring throughout the running-in or long-term procedure can lead to “jamming”of the throttle during its closing. Cleaning phase

Clean the set up gadget with solvents. Dry with pressed air prior to assembly.

Attention! The KB cleaner can not be used for the float as well as rubberized components, along with rounded rings. It is better to eliminate the parts beforehand, before cleaning.

Detailed cleaning is carried out as follows:

  1. With the aid of cleaners, they clean the KB case with jets.
  2. Look for debris in the filter, clean and also replace if necessary.
  3. Inspect the top quality of the needle kind valve 16. If there is a malfunction, then the needle as well as valve seat have to be changed completely.
  4. Check the level of wear of the throttle, if needed, after that change it.

The idle screw (HD) 7 have to be in proportion — — replace it if required. If damaged, examine gas in float(P )12 and also change. The part itself additionally consider rust — — it avoids totally free movement — — replace if any issues are located.

Disassembly as well as setting up

Get rid of the screws from home plate 4 to eliminate the needle 3. Its area needs to be readjusted utilizing the lock 2, which is inserted right into among the 5 ditches situated out the top half of the needle. Placement 1 (in the top component) corresponds to a lean make-up, which implies that the needle should be decreased (the amount of gas is little), and also position 5 (at the base) — — the most enriched fuel mixture.

The last character in the identification number of the place of the needle indicates the ideal place of its lock(from its top component). When the running of a snowmobile Taiga ST 500D reaches 300 km, experts suggest managing carburetors. For this function, the owner can pick among one of the most appropriate options: give the transportation to a paid solution center or adjust the carburetor on your own. Adhering to the instructions, any type of novice will complete this job. Prior to adjusting, you need to acquaint on your own with the gadget in extra information.

How to adjust the place of the device float

A crucial problem for top notch engine operation is the right area of the float inside the KB chamber.

To validate the appropriate positioning (P), do the following:

  • eliminate the chamber (P) 11 and also the gasket from the carburetor;
  • see to it the symmetry of the part made use of for installing on the vertical plane of the float 9;
  • With the carburetor, which is installed leading down on a level surface area, determine the height in between the surface area of the body and also the top of the contact foot. Hold the ruler in an upright setting parallel to the axis (P) along with the center flow of the main nozzle.

To readjust the height, flex the contact paw (P) until the preferred value is gotten to, i.e. 23.9 mm.

Installing a carburetor on a snowmobile Taiga 500CT

The process is accomplished in the reverse order of elimination prior to setting up the carburetor; you need to inspect the high quality of the body and also the three-way wire (designed for gas control).

A rubberized device created to connect the ends of the intake manifold shafts to every various other need to be looked for damage. Throughout the collection of the design bureau, this combining must touch the enthusiast cover, or else, the power device might be damaged.

Install the connectors used to attach and secure the tube connections (worm kind) to make sure that their screws are offset. Install the gas wire in the needle retainer plate.

Note: do not overlap the hole made in the throttle while establishing the needle retaining plate, this is a vital problem. Therefore, it is possible to give lubrication of all massaging surfaces of the throttle well from the ICE power system assembly. If there is a needle seal that has plastic as the material, see. Damages to the power system might happen if this circuit is not used in operation:

How to adjust Mikuni carburetor

Readjust the KB of the Snowmobile Taiga st 500 d in development with the engine off. Tighten the quality screw 6 and loosen it considering the data defined in the manual. When you turn the screw clockwise, you need to improve the combination as well as when transforming counter-clockwise, lean.


  1. Unscrew the control screw totally from HD 7, which should not enter contact with the throttle.
  2. Loosen up the lock nut of the screw for adjusting the cable a little and also get the cable reaction.
  3. Press the throttle control bar — — the reduced component of the throttle ought to be at a degree with the top of the diffuser or no more than a millimeter lower (motor side). If needed, change the throttle position by turning the screw.

Make sure that the throttle does not touch the carburetor cover to ensure that there is a gap.

Essential! Clearance is a must. If the throttle touches the carburetor cover when opened, the gas cord or other aspects in the drive might be harmed.

Just how to adjust and change the choke timing

Inspect if the throttles of the carburetor device open synchronously: eliminate the intake silencer, look as well as take a mirror right into the diffusers. Slowly press the throttle control lever. With asynchronous, not synchronised movement, change the position of the throttles using the three-way wire screws.

Utilizing the RPM screw, make a space in between the lower component of the throttle (on the electric motor side) and the 1.5 mm diffuser. (Use an appropriate cord size throughout the installation of the free space).

Final adjustment on a running engine

It is necessary to begin the engine as well as let it compete 3 mins at least and also 10 minutes at many. Afterwards, readjust the RPM speed by turning the screw 7 (according to the layout) for the engine in the clockwise direction or counterclockwise to lower it. Now shut off the engine and examine the specifications.

Check table

Examine What need to be
Backlash on a treatment of cables of the corrector from fuel «« Closed»
» Needle locks Central 3rd Ditch
Carburetor Dosing Elements GTZh230 (main nozzle for fuel);

ZhHH55 (jet nozzle HD). It is suggested to replace HD jets with 40. You can remove them from the VM34560 carburetor

Arrangement of screws of top quality of mix HD To properly set up KB VM34619 with the idle jet, it is suggested to fully tighten the screws and also unscrew by 2 turns. For KB VM34619 with an HD 40 jet, unscrew the screws one transformation.
Mikuni carburetor gas nozzle size on a Taiga 500 snow sled 25

Check the modifications:

  • Clean ignition system from residue dirt, established a clearance of 0.7 mm.
  • Drive 4 km without bumping, getting 45 kilometres/ h.
  • Stop the Taiga snow sled and turn off the engine (do not leave on HD).
  • Loosen the candle lights as well as check out the shade of the resulting carbon down payments.
  • If the candle lights are dirty or there is residue, after that relocate the locks of all the needles right into the 2nd groove (top).
  • Execute the needed activities once again, which are suggested in points 1 and also 3.

Establish the screws for the HD blend.

Focus! No demand to loosen the screws more than 2 turns.

Check engine after adjustment

After setting the carburetor, you need to consider the efficiency of the power system in the modes, determine the engine usage at a rate of 50 kilometres/ h, considering only the 1st motorist.

To obtain high quality testimonies:

  • load the complete container with gas and list all the data that the odometer programs (total range meter);
  • begin the Taiga snowmobile engine and drive a few kilometers, according to the odometer readout, determine the course (s, in kilometers);
  • add fuel making use of a determining cylinder to the snow sled storage tank, calculate the quantity of fuel spent;
  • utilizing the formula gt = v/ s – 100 (litres per 100 kilometers), calculate the gas intake.

Suggestions from experts: if the RMZ550 engine is set up with the KOSO gas temperature level determining sensing unit consisted of in the package, you need to take a look at the temperature level of the power device at high speeds. The temperature can get to 745 levels. If the indicated temperature level is much greater than normal, after that air vent gas.

Suggestions of specialists for dealing with a carburetor:

  • do not make use of solvent to wash rubber components, in addition to rings as well as a float, due to the fact that these materials can cause rust;
  • purge the housing with the jets with a cleaner;
  • examine the filter 15 regularly and tidy or replace if essential;

Check the candle lights: residual fuel that does not melt when the carburetor pours gas, stay with the electrodes, protecting against the engine from starting up. To find out why overflow takes place, you need to inspect the shut-off shutoff 16. It is replaced with the socket if there is a malfunction. If needed, it is advised that you call an authorized supplier for diagnostics and also repair services.

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