Snowmobiles of the brand name Lynx

Lynx was generated in Russia, and at the moment a brand-new one can be acquired, but just from personal traders. It is suggested to find out more regarding it before purchasing, particularly, regarding how to effectively run it.

Lynx is a version range of snowmobiles that has been generated by the Bashkir motor-building company in the city of Ufa since 1991. A couple of years back, the production of the snow sled was terminated, thereby cutting the manufacturing of the Lynx snow sleds.

The device can cover long distances on snowy roadways. It tows sledges with loads of approximately 250 kgs, and it can be used for leisure or food manufacturing at temperatures as much as -40 degrees.

Prior to beginning, you need to inspect the procedure of the gadget, namely the gas as well as brake regulate bars, after that placed the machine on the hand brake.

The cable of the gadget to quickly quit the power system must be connected to apparel. After starting the engine, remove the hand brake lock.

Throughout operation:

  • It is forbidden to overload the device, due to the fact that this causes the leave from the normal state of the variator belt, tracks and suspension elements, chassis and electric motor.
  • It is difficult to operate the power unit at high speeds without lots that can occur when the belt breaks, hauling in deep snow.
  • It is required to prepare the gas combination in a different vessel in the heat in compliance with safety demands.
  • It is very important to run the snow sled at the very least 300 kilometres at a rate of no more than 45 kilometres/ h, without extra freight (traveler). It is recommended that during the break-in occasionally accelerate automobiles to 60 km/ h.
  • It is often crucial to confirm the top quality of the candles to make sure that there is no burning of the electrodes and preserving a void between them.

U-rolls can just be transformed while the snow sled is relocating at speed to prevent malfunctions of the steering wheel.

Preparation for functioning condition

After unloading the transport, you should do the following actions:

  • set up skids;
  • connect a protective visor to the hood;
  • rotate the guiding wheel.

To connect the skis to the racks, you need to place an assistance under the front fifty percent of the snow sled, which will reliably support the tool at an elevation suitable for bringing under the ski racks.

Bring the battery right into functioning problem, thinking about the details from the user’s manual. Replace the battery as well as connect the appropriate cable lugs to the terminals.

Storage of the battery: turn off and also remove the source of power, and also before mounting in storage space, fee, inspect the electrolyte degree and also its density.


Fuel for the engine includes gas and also oil in the proportion revealed by the handbook.

Prepare the blend in a clean container in the series:

  1. Pour half of the gas as well as oil volume (specific proportions according to the model and guidelines), and afterwards mix.
  2. Include the continuing to be gasoline and also mix once more.
  3. Utilizing a channel with a filter component, transfer the mix with fuel from the vessel to the container.

It is very important to prevent water from going into the storage tank. Fuel ought to be infiltrated a suede filter. At the end of the filtering procedure, suede is gotten rid of and dried. At the end of the treatment, a cap is screwed onto the neck of the container.

Engine starting

Examine the operation of the throttle control lever and crank the engine by gently drawing the starter deal with a pair of times with the ignition off. Afterwards, placed the cap on for a fast quit on the ball, as well as pull out the switch in working problem, transform the trick to the right until it locks. The cable must be connected to the clothing with a carabiner.

To assist in beginning at temperatures below -25 levels, you need to turn the gas corrector handle up, and after heating up the engine, return it to its initial state. When starting the electric motor, the headlamp should be shut off.

Switching on the engine at a temperature of -30 or below, you need to do this:

  • turn out candle lights;
  • tidy;
  • calcine on a sheet of metal with a blowtorch;
  • pour cyndrical tubes of 10 ml of purified gasoline;
  • mount the candle lights and switch on the engine.

When beginning with a manual starter, you need to carefully pull the handle up until resistance is really felt, and afterwards draw sharply, return the take care of to its original state, holding it with your hand. If the beginning does not occur, after that put fuel right into the carburetor and repeat.

It is restricted to leave when the button as well as devices to rapidly stop the motor do not activate. To urgently quit the power unit, you require to shut off the ignition system with the switch.

The schedule

It includes the following versions:

  • 119;
  • 440;
  • 500;
  • Sport 121.
Model Disadvantages and advantages
119 Amongst the positive top qualities can be noted a comfortable setting of the steering wheel: it does not touch the knees even when performing maneuvers as well as entering harmful turns.

Amongst the adverse qualities of this modification, the complying with is noted: a little engine source as well as a respectable gas intake.

Design Advantages and also downsides
440 Among the positive top qualities of the Lynx 400 are the following: unpretentiousness, high speed, reduced usage, the visibility of a windshield, a powerful power system, low cost relative to similar designs, heated deals with, a capacitive trunk at the back, and the visibility of instruments: speedometer and tachometer.

Among the unfavorable high qualities of Lynx 440: candle light wear, a trouble in the procedure of carburetors and shutoffs.

Model Advantages and also disadvantages
500 Pros: availability of warmed guiding; durable construction; the schedule of all extra parts in the general public domain name on the marketplace; high develop degree; reduced usage of oil as well as gas liquid; high maneuverability and cross-country ability.

Adverse high qualities: issues with the transmission chain.

Version Advantages and also disadvantages
121 The Sport 121 caterpillar has high lateral security, its shape supplies the ideal mix of ideal speed high qualities, boosted handling as well as safety and security.

Disadvantages: the suspension as well as the engine fail, the radiator belt and also tracks quickly wear out.


Model Lynx 119 comes from the class of traveler vehicles. It is differentiated by an effective engine as well as a high level of style integrity, ability to move.

The gadget is outfitted with a push-pull power system with an forced-type air cooling system. The engine of this transportation is made thinking about the ecological requirement of Euro-3 gas. The optimum speed is 90 kilometres/ h. The dashboard mirrors only 2 criteria: speedometer; gas degree sensing unit.


The caterpillar mechanism of the device is made of rubberized material as well as geared up with rods, which will certainly aid raise the duration of its use.

The 4-stroke power device is cooled by penetrating snow into the consumption tool. If you drive for a long period of time in a location with a percentage of snow, engine overheating may occur.


The snow sled is equipped with a gearbox with 6 equipments, a powerful two-stroke engine is installed. The vehicle is capable of towing a tow drawback, the mass of which does not exceed 250 kg.

An electric motor from a Japanese maker is installed below, the engine is made in accordance with the worldwide environmental conventional Euro-3. The tracked device is made from rubber as well as textile as well as is furnished with a reinforced pole.

The beginning system is powered by an electrical starter, which aids to begin the unit also at reduced temperature levels.

This snow sled has been released in numerous variations.

We recommend you familiarize on your own with them:

  1. 500+. This version is presented in the kind of a tourist car, but not functioning. It uses a caterpillar track, the width of which is 500 mm — — this makes sure great cross-country ability on different surface areas. In the basic setup for this modification there is an electric starter.
  2. 500M This system is the basic variation with a modernized front part, instead of the old carburetor, a carburetor with the 1st cam made in Japan of the Mikuni kind was placed. The fundamental configuration for this alteration includes an electrical starter.
  3. 500MP. This adjustment has a single-chamber carburetor and also an enhanced hood. In this variation, an equipment type transmission was placed. Externally, the gadget is totally the same with the previous adjustment. The fundamental devices for the 500MP modification consists of an electrical starter.

Now Lynx has gained excellent appeal, since it allows you to perform all the essential jobs, specifically, to transfer to tough areas.

Sport 121

The sporting activities variation is reduced. As a result of this, the device added to maneuverability.

The tracks of the Lynx Sport 121 snow sled are created with an enhanced power core — — this gives certain warranties of the high integrity of the developed layout.

Lynx requirements (averaged data)

Despite many imperfections, there are great indications.

The average technological characteristics of the Lynx snowmobiles:

  • guest capability;
  • measurements: 3200 mm, 1240 mm, 3200 mm;
  • caterpillar: from 380 to 500 mm;
  • weight up to 280 kilos;
  • tank of 18 litres.
  • running specifications: rail as well as springtime lever, suspension and also spring ski suspension, HUS. Holder with front drive gears, screw tensioning system for HUS, ski support and rotating kind.


  • kind: two-stroke, two-cylinder for versions 113 and also 119, 4-stroke for 500 as well as 440;
  • fuel — — A92 fuel (carburetor gadget);
  • the quantity of the power system is from 431 to 440 cubic meters. cm.;
  • power from 38 to 42 litres. from.;
  • air conditioning: air, forced;
  • gas usage: 20 litres per 100 kilometres;
  • rate from 60 to 90 kilometres per hr.

The Sport 121 design has a high glass with a fringing that safeguards the vehicle driver from the inbound air flow, and also there is additionally an electric heated take care of. The tool is outfitted with a tachometer and also a big trunk. The machine can tow a sled evaluating up to 250 kg. The caterpillar made of rubberized material has strengthened poles.

The transmission, depending upon the particular version, can be an automated gadget, stepless and V-belt. Unique tools opposite gearbox. Depending upon the version, the transmission of torque to the major shaft can be of the following types: chain or equipment.

Drawbacks of a Snowmobile Lynx

Prior to purchasing, it is recommended to discover the primary downsides:

  • chain transmission;
  • huge turning radius;
  • tight suspension;
  • engine;
  • electrician;
  • fuel system.

Lynx owners, particularly the 500 model, have troubles with the transmission chain. It must be controlled really usually: first after passing 25 kilometres, and after that 50 kilometres, when running, after that after 150 and every 300 km. After acquisition, for 2 years of operation, the chain in the gearbox, the screw on the ignition system may damage.

Engine problems

Regardless of the great technological qualities, the engines stop working. The factor for this is wear.

B ashche all owners face such failures:

  • noises
  • breakdowns;
  • increased fuel intake;
  • increased oil intake;
  • reduction in engine power.

One more reason for troubles is carburetors, after the maker changed to Japanese, the majority of the breakdowns disappeared by themselves.

The weak point of 2-stroke engines is candles. When blended, oil as well as fuel can damage spark plugs, which makes it difficult to start the engine cold. As a result of this, it is recommended that you utilize a few added candle lights on a lengthy snowmobile trip. Failings with flap valves and carburetor can likewise cause incorrect starting of the engine.

Electronics breakdowns

The snow sled starts to stall when there is no trigger, with appropriately working candles, the coil may be the reason for the breakdown. The owner will certainly have the ability to replace these items.

Gas system: breakdowns

Improper gas supply and also raised or reduced gasoline intake are signs of a malfunction of the gas pump; to clean them, you require to clean up the component well.

The favorable quality of domestic snow sleds is a quick and also inexpensive repair work, which does not cause issues. Initial components for an all-terrain automobile can be bought at many auto stores, while several of them resemble motorcycle components.

What is the most effective Lynx snowmobile version

Alteration 119 is one of the most popular, having actually passed all the tests and has actually proven itself on the silver lining. The owners noted the silver lining of the wide caterpillar, showing good off-road abilities, which has become useful to hunters, boundary guards, rock hounds.

Design 119 passed all the needed examinations. Lynx 119 appropriates for hard operating conditions, has excellent cross in deep snow, is dynamic and maneuverable.

Version 119 Snowmobile — — a deep modernization of 113, which was developed on the basis of the international Arctic Cat. Makers admitted that the copy was unsuccessful as a result of the truth that the motor did not hold a high load in severe problems. Consequently, the inquiry emerged of producing updates to 113 designs.

In auto 119 there are significant modifications about the previous model. Upgraded transport has actually become like a traveler, which suggests a high degree of high and endurance high quality. Designers determined to decrease the working quantity of ICE to reduce gas intake, power as well as windows were enhanced.

Exactly how to Improve the Lynx Snowmobile

Typically, a cooling system requires to be updated. If the satisfaction of all demands for altering the oil, adjusting numerous systems does not offer an outcome, it is advised to improve the engine cooling system yourself. The simplest escape in this circumstance is to insulate the exhaust system with insulation. The definition of this is that the air does not warm up via the manifold, on top of that, this method reduces noise. The silencers of foreign-made apparatuses are originally packed, including materials with a high degree of noise absorption. The right decision is to make a different inlet to the air intake or heat shield to safeguard against the unfavorable effects of the muffler.

Now it is needed to improve engine air conditioning and lower the temperature of the cylinders, generally, mount a display between the result type manifold and also the engine cylinders. The purpose of such a device is to remove the air in the cylinders as well as to protect against added home heating. If there is no such remedy, it is suggested to utilize this approach: make a plate as well as mount it, despite the brand of the snow sled. The design impact is obvious also without using digital temperature sensors of the power unit. The thermal stress and anxiety of the cylinders is especially decreased.

The current improvement of the air conditioning system is to increase the speed of the impeller of the gadget that moves the gas. It is essential to change the dimensions of the sheave and at the same time make use of the unusual measurement of the follower belt, for this renovation you need to speak to a professional and also have the ability to pick a follower belt.

Rates on the official site

Depending upon the adjustment, this requirement might be various.

As a result, it is suggested to ultimately make your selection for a certain model, considering the prices of modifications:

  • 500+– 100 000;
  • 440– 82 000;
  • 119– 100 000;
  • 121– 83 000.

You can get a Lynx snowmobile only from personal proprietors, there is no official site, but you can find a brand-new version from proprietors who have not used or nearly never utilized the gadget.

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