STELS 600S Ermak Snowmobile

Snowmobile Stels Ermak appropriate for any type of environment, able to carry on various surface area kinds and also to perform complex tasks.

ERMAK snowmobile developed specifically for those areas where generally used the snow sled with one ski and also two tracks.

The engine 565 Volume, cm3/ Cylinders 565/2 Power, HP 50 Kind 2 stroke Gas system carburetor Carburetor/ Mikuni type/ float Cooling air Exhaust system muffler with resonator Consumption system muffler-intake Transmission

  • CVT, low, high, reverse, neutral Brake hydraulic disc Beginning system manual/ electric and also hand-operated Ignition contactless ignition Lubrication of the joint Kind
  • mini telescopic suspension Move TRANS. suspension, 150 mm Type ass. 2 independent lever suspension with shock absorbers gethydrocodone The program ass. suspension, 190 mm Frontshock absorber gatherplaceBack shock gatherplace Caterpillar, l× W × mm 2 ×(3232 × 380 × 17.5)The dimensions of the snowmobile  (without videotronik), D × W × h, mm 2700 ± 50 × 1020 ± 20 × 1550 ± 30

Dry weight, kg 290 Gas tank (main/supplementary), l 58/ 32 Seats 1 Optimum rate, km/h not less than 90 The electrical beginning no The reverse is Warmed takes care of steering and the throttle is The windshield is The guest seat back — The trunk has a The tow bar is Front lights halogen 55/60 Speedometer/ odometer is

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