TAIGA ATTACK II incorporates the performance of energy vehicles with the convenience and handling of travel snowmobiles.

TAIGA ATTACK II running equipment and technical qualities belongs to the course WideTrack snow sleds, one of the specifying consider the classification of which is the track width 500 mm.

Equipment, equipment, the running buildings of the TAIGA ATTACK II corresponds to the level of tourism snow sled: rear suspension wishbone, effective engine RMZ-551 (60 HP) fluid cooled down, with two Mikuni carburetors as well as a different lubrication system. Programmable ignition system DUCATI CDI is in charge of optimal engine operation in all settings.

TAIGA STRIKE II rates of as much as 110 km/h and also can tow a trailer considering approximately 250 kg. the Width of the «« track » ski TAIGA ATTACK II– 990 mm. Due to this, the snow sled is sure to hold the designated vehicle driver trajectory at broadband also in dilemmas. The version is furnished with a multifunctional dashboard Display.

Back suspension with two pneumatic-hydraulic shock absorbers as well as swing 370 mm. Cog Adjuster permits you to conveniently readjust the suspension for a couple of travelers. Even over rate bumps and also splits «« practiced» » without a loss of control as well as malfunctions. Podmanivaya heel makes it simpler when reversing particularly in deep snow.

Hostile design provides the snowmobile eye-catching stylish look.

The version is geared up with two-level seat with detachable back-rest with arms for the guest, heated handlebars and throttle, hydraulic brake, tow bar.

Model RMZ-551
Volume, cm3/ Cylinders 553/ 2
Power, HP 60
Type 2-stroke
The cyndrical tube size × piston stroke, mm 76х61
Fuel system 2 carburetor
Carburetor/ kind Mikuni/ float
Cooling fluid
Exhaust system Muffler with resonator
Kind of concern n. d.
Intake system Petal valve
Kind consumption n. d.
Lubrication system Different
Maximum speed, km/h At the very least 100
Transmission CVT, low, high, reverse, neutral
Brake Hydraulic, disc
Electric tools
Starting system Electric and also manual
Ignition CDI (capacitive programmable ignition)
Electric starter There
Opposite There
Heated grips steering trigger There
Front lights Halogen, 55/60
Speedometer/ odometer There
Oil tank capacity, l 2,5
Fuel storage tank, l 40
Type micro-suspension lever
During the structure of the suspension, mm 205
The absorber of a front suspension Hydro-pneumatic twin-tube
Front shock absorber mover Hydro-pneumatic twin-tube
Type ass. suspension slizova
The program ass. suspension, mm 370
Rear shock mover Hydro-pneumatic twin-tube
Track skis (between the facilities), mm 990
Caterpillar, D × W × h, mm 3937х500х22
Seats 2
Snowmobile measurements, D × W × h, mm 3060 ± 30х1160 ± 30х1390 ± 30
The dimensions of the boxes, D × W × h, mm 3080х1190х1200
Dry weight, kg 320
Windscreen There
The guest seat back There
The trunk There
Tow There
Warranty, months. 36

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