TAIGA VARYAG 500 Snowmobile

The lightest snow sled in the household of TAIGA (dry weight 265 kg). When you create a TAIGA VARYAG 500 style engineers followed the concept of sufficiency is sensible without loss of fundamental running residential or commercial properties and also fundamental convenience.


Of the attributes of the design worth noting is the high wheel , to proactively steer in the standing position. From snowmobile two-level seat and heated grasps with throttle. High windscreen with a powerful headlamp.

The version there is absolutely nothing unnecessary, it is geared up with everything necessary for effective job: the design has a time-tested two-stroke air-cooled engine RMZ-500 (43 HP) with a Mikuni carb, joint lubrication, two-stage transmission with a lower gear. Programmable ignition system DUCATI CDI is in charge of optimum engine operation in all modes.

Front suspension– telescopic with a stroke of 105 mm. Back suspension with 190 mm stroke has a high power intensity due to a hydropneumatic shock absorber and spring in torsion. It supplies a smooth ride as light, and also when carrying a heavy load.

TAIGA VARYAG 500 is furnished with a caterpillar Composit a width of 500 mm.

Podmanivaya the heel of the rear suspension easier reversing. Under the seat roomy Luggage box important traveling things and devices.

The TAIGA VARYAG 500– your snowmobile if you choose an utilitarian concept of adequacy without the loss of major running residential properties as well as standard convenience. Due to the decrease in the complete mass according to their grip and taking care of qualities it is not substandard to various other designs in the family members of VARYAG with engines of even more power.

Model RMZ-500
Volume, cm3/ Cylinders 497/ 2
Power, HP 43
Kind 2-stroke
The cylinder diameter × piston stroke, mm 72х61
Fuel system 1-carburetor
Carburetor/ type Mikuni/ float
Air conditioning air
Exhaust system Muffler with resonator
Kind of concern n. d.
Intake system The muffler-intake
Kind intake n. d.
Lubrication system Joint
Optimum rate, km/h A minimum of 80
Transmission CVT, reduced, high, reverse, neutral
Brake Mechanical, disc
Beginning system Handbook
Ignition CDI (capacitive programmable ignition)
Electric starter No
Reverse There
Heated holds steering trigger There
Front lights Halogen, 55/60
Speedometer/ odometer There
Oil storage tank ability, l no
Fuel tank, l 40
Kind micro-suspension telescopic
Throughout the structure of the suspension, mm 105
The absorber of a front suspension Hydropneumatic single-tube
Front shock absorber moving company — Type butt.
suspension slizova
The program ass. suspension, mm 190
Rear shock mover Hydropneumatic single-tube
Track skis (in between the facilities), mm 900
Caterpillar, D × W × h, mm 3937х500х22
Seats 1
Snow sled dimensions, D × W × h, mm 2990 ± 30х1050 ± 30х1380 ± 30
The dimensions of packages, D × W × h, mm 3080х1190х1200
Dry weight, kg 260
Windshield There
The traveler seat back No
The trunk There
Tow There
Warranty, months. 36

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