Taiga Varyag 550 v, extra components for a snowmobile

Spare parts of a snow sled differ from various other motorized tools. This is because of the truth that this technique is used in reduced temperature level problems. High-quality products raise their functional life, which prevents the frequent replacement of consumables and also spare components.

In a relied on online store that has gotten a high track record and also good testimonials, you can locate a huge assortment of quality things from different producers. All consumables as well as spare parts are extensively examined, and also can be acquired in the on the internet shop.

The item is long lasting and also budget friendly at budget-friendly rates.

Even high-quality snow sleds, such as Taiga Varyag 550 v, require normal diagnostics and also in some cases fix. We recommend that you familiarize on your own with the catalogs of extra parts from the manufacturer and also, if required, acquire them. Consumers have to ensure the top quality of spare parts, for this it is needed to utilize only top quality parts.

What parts to set up on a snowmobile Taiga Varyag 550 v

The directory offers a choice of spare parts for the Taiga 550 v. When choosing items, check out the communication of the info offered on the official website of the producer and in the passport of the technical tools (PTS), it is important that the snow sled paper contains the very same data. If there are uncertainties regarding the top quality and inequality of spare components, after that speak with a professional.

Stores use various components, both separately as well as ready-made sets that require to be mounted on the Taiga Varyag:

  • Flywheel Baseg;
  • ignition system;
  • starter (ST);
  • suspension shock absorbers (AP) front and back;
  • tanks and also cylinders;
  • electronic devices;
  • devices.

Specialists are ready to aid consumers in finding spare components for a snowmobile version Taiga Varyag 550 v free of charge.

It ought to be noted that if all of the elements have a serial number marked on the representation, then the products are supplied separately. It is very important to be cautious when picking items with dimension or color. The elements of the Taiga Varyag 550 v engine, which consist of various shades, exist under the number in the representations. If you can not find out the qualities of a suitable component, after that you require to speak to a professional on the website.

Motors for the Varangian are readily available in the configuration representing the brochure number in 2 parts: brief block and setting up device. Define the complete collection of the aspect you have picked with the manager by calling the contact number suggested on the website, or by creating by email, online.

Ignition system

The Baseg flywheel is harmed and also used, so it is advised that you have a new item in stock and also know how to change it.

You may likewise require to replace other parts of the ignition system, so check their rates:

  • BRSN Taiga — — 800;
  • pick-up sensor — — 900;
  • harness from the voltage regulatory authority — — 1 800;
  • candle light cap — — 630;
  • button — 540; flywheel — — 1 570; magneto mahogany — —15 200; founding parsley — 1 100;
  • candle — — 700.

Consequently, the expense can reach 23210 rubles.

Ignition system Taiga Varangian After the purchase, you need to put the flywheel of the snowmobile Taiga Varyag on the crankshaft of the power device. For this objective, the landing measurements of two aspects — the neck as well as the flywheel need to equal. The capability of the electric ignition system and also the electric motor is made certain by the precise coincidence of the polarity of the magnets:( N)the post of the magnet is opposite the keyway.

Examine the polarity of the magnet with a compass or various other magnet with the polarity you recognize. Identical posts(N: N) of magnets will fend off, and various (N: S) will certainly draw in. When replacing, inspect polarity.

One more vulnerable component of the lorry is the ignition system. Change the component with a brand-new one if there is soot. Exactly how to set up spark plugs on a snow sled model Taiga Varyag 550 is a concern that thrills all newbies. You require to make sure the get in touches with of the plug and also the cylinder are tidy.


  1. Using a feeler gauge, calculate the proper void in between the major and also side electrode of the candle light, taking into consideration the technological data.
  2. To secure the aspect from sticking, use high temperature oil (PFMS-4C TU 6-02-917-74) on the thread.
  3. Screw the candle light into the cyndrical tube by hand as well as tighten it snugly to the best moment with the socket wrench.

The candle tightening torque should be 27 N/ m.


There are 2 engine start systems for Taiga Varyag — — manual and digital. The period of energetic procedure of any one of these tools is big, so the tool is hardly ever changed when just in case of a failure. Frequently mount it when assembling the tool.

The starter includes various spare parts:

  • battery — — 7 050;
  • crown of the electronic starter — — 1,300; battery harness — — 630;
  • digital launch harness — — 1,700; terminal «« + » — 400; contactor — — 1 900;
  • brace — — 250; adapter — 500;
  • relay — 315; electronic start gear — — 2 800;
  • electric starter — — 9,500.

The cost will be 26,050 rubles.

The starter is the most fundamental part of the device utilized to turn on the engine. In the event of a break down, you can start the engine “from the pusher”. It will be difficult for the vehicle driver to do this, especially if on the road -20. As a result, it is far better to buy a brand-new CT.

Electric start system If the digital system stops working, make use of manual.

We will figure out exactly how expensive it will be to acquire such a CT.

Manual starter system Details of the hand-operated ignition system: Wedge — 60; Guide — 16; Cam — 32; Case — 915 Spring — 30; Manual starter— 5 050; Cord r/ starter — 14; A wheel r/ starter — 310.

For all components of the hands-on starter, the purchaser will offer 6,352 rubles. After the acquisition, a reasonable concern will show up: « How to set up the starter on the Varyag 550 v? » — it’s easy if you follow the instructions. First you need to eliminate the old CT. Draw the knot from the cord (ШН) from the flow of the handle CT 14. Different the ШН near the knot, as close to it as feasible and eliminate the shock absorber.

Next off, do the following:

  1. Make the ШН knot near the CT situation.
  2. Remove the screws with washing machines that secure the manual CT to the electric motor, after that get rid of the tool.

Currently continue to dismantle the CT.

To draw out the SHN from the manual ST gadget, the following actions must be taken:

  • take out the web cam, washer, provider, ring, spring;
  • remove the wheel from the covering of the device and also the cover;
  • detach a wedge as well as ShN.

Delicately touch the wedge.

Setting up; install the external end of the spring into the springtime opening, and after that wind the latter counterclockwise right into the guide as well as place on the cover.

Because of the fact that the spring is most densely wound in the inner component of the overview, it can go outside. Constantly work meticulously. Carry out diagnostics: regularly check, tidy the hands-on starter from dust and also lubricate.

Lube several components of the system: service provider, fist, primary opening of the pulley-block, setting up, spring as well as mount in the covering of the CT system. Coat the guide spring inside.

Use a various grease might trigger inadequate starter performance.

To mount a new cable (ШН), insert the cord into the pulley flow and also safeguard with a wedge. To adjust the stress, you require to wind the SHN on the pulley and area it along with the SHN in the starter shell to ensure that the outcropping of the center is gotten in touch with the spring hook. Turn the wheel, which gives activity along the drive belt, in a counterclockwise instructions up until the end of the ШН is brought out with the passage in the shell of the CT.

Separate the SHN to the beyond the CT sheath and secure the setting up to hold the cord. With a completely expanded cord, the pulley-block must have a function of rotation of 15 … … 30 degrees during rotation. The springtime ought to return the drawn out SHN to its initial position in concerning five turns of the sheave. At the initial stage, the SHN tension ought to be 0.5 … … 1 revolution of the friction wheel.

Follow these actions: set up the carrier, cam, washer, spring as well as lubricate its elements: OKB or TsIATIM. Install the ring. Wind the tools cord via the cord overview in the rubbing wheel, as in Figure 4.

Installation: before putting a new cord into the ST deal with, you require to heat completion of the SHN with a hot suit to ensure that it melts. You ought to pass the cable through the shock absorber, the flow of the handle of the CT system and also link a knot at the end of the ShN. Fuse the knot with a match, and afterwards draw it right into the deal with area.

Front and rear shock absorbers

There are numerous adjustments as well as rates. It is suggested that you familiarize yourself with them in more detail in the table.

Table. Shock absorbers

Suspension shock absorbers (AP) Model SS202 Rate
Rear (front bar) 62 2340
Rear (back arm) 63 2340
Front suspension 64 2660
Front 1 65 2440
Front 2 70 1800
Back part 71 2450

The average cost of shock absorbers is 2200 rubles.

APs operate in extreme conditions at reduced temperature levels. Ice commonly bases on product bodies and also parts. Shock absorbers need an unique liquid to give them secure operation at very reduced temperatures. Viscosity stays within the typical range, so the shock absorber works even in serious frost.

Benefits of shock absorbers from the manufacturer Taiga:

  • In snowmobiles Taiga Varyag 550 AP SS20 glands keep their residential properties, namely, good elasticity in chilly weather and also give stem sealing.
  • AP Taiga Varyag 550 have some differences from auto. The front shock absorbers, generally, have weak damping pressures and also traveling, while the rear-end AP (in the caterpillar engine) have actually increased damping pressures and also a tiny stroke. The raised damping forces of the rear suspension discuss the too much lots in the hydraulics of the AP, which leads to lathering of the liquid at low effects and also an enhanced regularity of resonance. To eliminate foaming of oil in the system, the oil in the SS20 shock absorbers with 2 pipes has a high concentration of lathering representatives.
  • Taiga Variag 550V APs are made with gas support to guarantee steady operation. Nitrogen support together with an anti-foam additive protects against frothing of the oil in explosive settings.

SS20 shock absorbers are examined and tested at the manufacturing facility, and after that provided to assembly lines.

Cylinders and tanks

Gas as well as oil storage tanks normally do not need to be fixed, however if the snowmobile made a decision to set up the equipment on its own, after that you can save money as well as buy an initial fuel tank for 2,800 rubles and also an oil tank for 3,145 rubles at a budget-friendly cost.

Snow sled cylinders need medical diagnosis and substitute. Rates range as well as vary from 7,000 to 12,000 rubles, usually, relying on the supplier: RMZ-550 VARYAG will certainly be launched at a price of 7,500 rubles, and also the model C40500470 (set) — — 1,200 rubles.

Only acquisition well-known snow sled cylinders to stop very early wear and damage.

After getting a cylinder, it is recommended to find out just how to eliminate and also install it. To make repair services, you need to speak to the Taiga manual. Take apart the engine.

First remove the sheath and also combining sleeves, and also other elements:

  • air consumption
  • reduced coverings as well as fan real estate;
  • cylinder heads.

Install a rubber pad in addition to the crankcase to safeguard the rings from penetrating right into the crankcase. With a sharp tool put into the equipment aspect of the piston, get rid of the lock from the piston. Use a puller to get rid of the piston pin.

Perform the activity in the following sequence:

  • unscrew the puller manage;
  • insert completion of the puller right into the piston pin;
  • screw the extractor nut (left string);
  • hold the puller firmly by turning the manage of the detachable device counterclockwise to get rid of the piston pin.

The left cyndrical tube on the side of the variator gadget and the shell of the ventilating product should be eliminated to ensure that accessibility to the piston pin of the best cylinder is from the side of the magdino setup for the puller. You might need a piston with rings of «« repair size»».

Assembly tool. To focus the piston pin with the support of the attaching rod shaft, make use of an unique device that is developed to. If there is one, the maintaining rings need to not turn in the ditch after installment; replace them. Check that the chamfer is restored in the area of all cylinder windows (TsL). Prior to mounting the piston in the CL, oil the last with new oil. When placing the piston in the cyndrical tube, usage forceps to compress the shaft assistance rings.

Check exactly how straight the manifold linking flanges are. When setting up the CL and also/ or heads, use a focusing tool or a manifold to make certain a snug fit, the suction and also exhaust manifolds before tightening the nuts of the head of the CL of the Varyag snow sled 550 v.


Acquaint on your own with the aspects of the ignition system in the layout. Usually, such gadgets fail: switches, sensing units, magdino.

Electronics Ignition system components can be changed. We recommend that you acquaint on your own with their prices:

  • emergency switch — — 200;
  • engine button, stop button with cord — — 1200; flywheel nut — — 50;
  • Hall sensor — — 1100;
  • tourniquet — 1500;
  • digital launch harness — — 1500; ignition coil — — 700;
  • candle cap — — 100;
  • switchboard — 1050;
  • flywheel — — 2500; magneto — — 15500; manage heating system — — 800; lever heating system — — 400; starting magdino — — 1600; voltage regulator — — 2100; candle — — 250; flywheel puller — — 750; puck — — 30; a pulley — 700.

The owner for the entire ignition system will invest, usually, 32,000 rubles. Some components can be made use of to provide added convenience to the vehicle driver, for example, manage and lever heating systems. They might not be consisted of, yet they can be bought.


When diagnosing a snowmobile Taiga Varyag 550 v, it may be needed to transform the oil and also install additional elements that are not included in the bundle:

  • synthetic oil 4 l. — — 1700; litre equipment oil — 550; exhaust gas temperature sensing unit — 9500; case from the maker baseg for a snowmobile taiga varangian 550 — — 3000; takes on
  • — 4850; ski expansion pad — 1350.

A sort of « adjusting » will — cost 21,000 rubles.

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