The crucial temperature of the snowmobile engine

It is a good idea to acquire sensing units from the maker to avoid getting a counterfeit. You can, certainly, not buy or install anything, thus conserving your very own cash, time and effort. Yet, as method shows, such savings can extremely quickly go laterally for the proprietor of a snowmobile — — engine repair services set you back numerous times more.

Correct, steady operation of the engine depends on lots of elements, the most vital of which is its temperature level, this is specifically important for two-stroke engines with air cooling — — this also fully puts on snowmobiles.

At broadband, along with considerable and even transcendental loads, this specification can climb to a crucial level. Long-lasting operation in this mode results in fairly major malfunctions, which indicates expensive repair services. As a result, individuals need to know what the working as well as critical temperature level of the Taiga 500 snow sled is.

How to determine the temperature level of a snowmobile engine

It is essential to monitor the procedure of the engine.


  • Listen to the electric motor.
  • Keep an eye on its temperature level.

In order for the setting to be maintained at the desired degree, there is a cooling system on all snowmobiles. Surveillance is much better done using an unique temperature level sensing unit.

It is especially crucial to do this on two-stroke engines.

Not all snow sleds have sensing units mounted from the factory, so for many it is strongly suggested that you install them on your own or in a workshop.

When a display with a digital display is presented on the dashboard, you can control the rather accurate temperature level of each cyndrical tube.

The principle of operation of the sensor for determining the temperature of the engine on a snowmobile Taiga 500

The principle of procedure of many sensing units coincides as on Soviet-made snow sleds:

  1. Under the radiance plug is a ring with a thermocouple inside.
  2. The signal from this aspect involves the device through which the temperature is regulated.

On the Lynx snowmobile, a threaded opening was made on the cylinder, where the indicator is screwed.

Other versions of similar technology do not have such openings — — they need to be drilled in order to install the sensor. If the snow sled is assured, after that this solution is not the best one — — so you can shed the warranty.

If the snowmobile is water-cooled, it is possible to set up a metal pipe with a string that is constructed into the cut hose pipe of the cooling system.

On the Taiga 500 snow sled, a temperature sensing unit (TsITD-5 TPT-3-6U) is installed under the glow plug.

This service is relevant for any kind of automobile.

Using TSITD 5, it is possible to identify not just the temperature of the motor, however also other vital signs:

  • Break of a follower belt.
  • Snow blocked air consumption.
  • According to the temperature level distinction (in between the cyndrical tubes), determine malfunctions in the fuel supply or the formation of a stimulate, air intake and also electric motor overload.

Heat is the source of the above breakdowns, as well as it must not just alarm the owner of the snowmobile, yet also seek the causes of its incident.

a quick description of

Short description of the gadget:

  1. Range minus 50 — — plus 250 ° C.
  2. Critical (at which a signal is offered concerning engine overheating) is 195 ° C.
  3. Accuracy — — 2 levels, say goodbye to. The device is intended both for snow sleds with battery as well as without them (alternating or direct current). Voltage — — 12V. Ambient operating temperature — — minus 50 — plus 50 °
  4. С. The situation is made in the size of 45 × 93 centimeters.
  5. There are two indicator LEDs that show the temperature level of each cyndrical tube independently.
  6. The device is managed by the multifunction switch.

When the temperature level of one or both cyndrical tubes gets to 195 °, the sign displays the temperature to the restriction of measurement (250 ° C) in the pulsation setting.
Such a signal of indications indicates that a crucial temperature level is coming close to.

Exactly how to install the device

In order to set up the device TsITD 5, you need to embed it in the panel. The instance is protected from falling out of the cut-out home window through L-shaped brackets chosen screws.

What is the operating temperature of the engine on a Taiga snowmobile

As already clear from the above, the operating temperature level of the Taiga snowmobile engine ought to not exceed 190 ° C, and its development works as a signal to take procedures to decrease this.

It is extremely suggested that you do not turn off the snow sled engine if this indicator continues to grow. In this instance, gas is discharged, and the activity proceeds at medium rates, or if this additionally does not assist, after that you must reset the warmth and also quit with sharp forecasts.

The readings of the device have to be constantly checked, as well as the temperature level difference between both cyndrical tubes as well — — it must not surpass 15 ° C, although preferably the distinctions are permissible no greater than five levels.

It is necessary to start motion when the engine warms up from a mark of 30-35 ° C.

What is the crucial temperature of the Taiga snowmobile engine

When the temperature of the electric motor surpasses 200 levels, it is highly most likely that the engine might undergo irreversible physical modifications, the outcome of which will certainly be an expensive repair work of it. The vital temperature of the engine of the snow sled «« Taiga Varyag» 550V » in addition to the 550 model has

no differences. Nevertheless, the very same 200 degrees serve, however only for a short time.

The customer must have a concept of what the operating temperature of the engine must be on the Taiga snowmobile.

Do not save on high-grade oils — — this will significantly expand the “life” of the electric motor.


Checking the performance of the sensor after purchase can be done prior to it is installed on the snow sled.


  • Connect the gadget in the battery.
  • In any way, warm the sensor. As an example, utilizing a building or even common hair clothes dryer.

Obviously, it would certainly be extra correct to expose the sensor to the maximum ticket home heating of 250 levels in order to make certain that it remains in great working order.

Sensing unit price

The price of CITD with sensing units for snow sled spark plugs is up to 7 thousand rubles. This is the factory price.

The length of the cord (together with the candle light wires) is 2.4 meters, and if required, it can be raised separately.

The gadget is geared up with whatever necessary for installation.

The service warranty is 12 months as well as the minimal life span is 5 years.

Technical attributes TSITD 5
Temperature variety -50 … …+ 250 °
С Permissible measurement mistake ± 2 ° C
Overheat alarm system temperature level 195 ° C
Variety of sensors Engine temperature sensor — — 2, road temperature sensing unit — —
1 Rated voltage (straight or rotating) 12B
Permitted voltage variance from nominal ± 3 V
Power consumption 1W
Operating temperature level -50. +40 ºS
The choice in between 2 models

On a regular basis, the concern arises before the customer: is the Taiga Varyag 500 snowmobile or 550? Both versions are popular.

In order to properly address this inquiry. The characteristics of both models must be examined.

Technical features of «« Taiga Varyag 500 » 2-cylinder engine with a quantity of 503 cm3
  • Air cooling
  • Perfect and reputable carburetor «« RMZ 500 »
  • Fuel system — «— « MIKUNI »(
  • Japan)Electronic ignition from ««» DUCATI »(
  • Italy)Two seats — — driver/ guest (the version was intended solitary)
  • Chassis — — shock absorbers. Stroke — — 115 mm(previous one — —
  • 150 mm)Handle heating
  • Ergonomic tubular wheel from the Tiksi snowmobile

In the conventional arrangement is missing out on:

  • Electric start
  • Separate lubrication system
Technical qualities of «« Taiga Varyag 550 » « Taiga Varyag 550» » is outfitted with elements appropriate for the climate of Siberia, the Urals, the Far North.

Technical characteristic «« Varangian Taiga 550V» » (what is included):

  1. Telescopic suspension «« Bars 850»». Stroke — —
  2. 277 mm. The front suspension is outfitted with a flat located shock absorber to assist in motion on rough roadways. This added power strength.
  3. The caterpillar dirt hook was improved. This enhanced cross-country capability, dynamics at high speed and throughout braking, as well as maneuverability.
  4. A high steering wheel has actually enhanced both comfort designs and also look.

Hence, this “Varangian” comes with better devices, but is not a resource of competitive advantage.

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