The leader of the BURAN Snowmobile

One of the crucial modifications relates to the boost of the strength of the ski, control as well as prolonging the life of the snowmobile due to the setup of basic solid carbide undercut SHT «« Taiga ». While there are a variety of favorable factors.

Throughout lasting operation does not boost the turning radius of the snowmobile will not require to replace your skis — — simply damages, retains its capability when you run 3000 km.

Hunters, anglers, reindeer herdsmans utilize snow sleds daily, making the lorry «« Buran » automatic chain tensioner on the box opposite. The device enables the user to save time on maintenance, gets rid of manual work needed prior to each departure to verify the condition of the circuit. Finest grip and dynamic efficiency and also financial savings of fuel consumption will certainly offer a brand-new centrifugal regulatory authority of the manufacturing of «« Russian mechanics.»

«» « Storm Leader » is identified by high molded windshield. The suggested geometry of the glass removes the opportunity of contortion is ensured to protect the chauffeur from the oncoming icy winds and also flying snow, and also enhanced bumper does a nice work in shielding tools when driving through the timbers and thick bushes. Alleviate to Snowmobiling includes significantly high wheel with heated takes care of and throttle. «« Storm Leader » is outfitted with an led rear lamp.

Modification the look of a snowmobile. «« Storm Leader » is made in bright colors. In black and orange and white-orange colors, this model is regarded fairly in a different way- attractive and also modern. It is expected to launch a special edition winter season camouflage pattern made for seekers.

The tale of the epic Buran proceeds his popularity in the Northern areas is maintained. He is dependable, hard, simple to operate and fix, confidently riding in deep snow, gaining sufficient speed in the open areas, drawing a crammed sled as well as carry out essential financial jobs.

For family members Yakutia, Mari El Republic, Arkhangelsk, Novosibirsk, as well as Tyumen «« tornado Leader » in the new season is one of the most awaited and popular version.

Upgraded snowmobile is affordable. Automation of the snow sled «« Buran Leader» » starts on the 1st of October.

«« Storm Leader » is enhanced with tips as well as expectations of permanent owners.

One of the crucial changes relates to the boost of the stamina of the ski, control and also expanding the life of the snow sled as a result of the installment of typical solid carbide undercut SHT «« Taiga ». During lasting operation does not raise the transforming distance of the snow sled, there is no endure the edges of the ski.

«« Storm Leader » is outfitted with an automatic chain tensioner on the box opposite, saving maintenance time.

Design «« tornado Leader» » has a molded windscreen, constructed from two-millimeter cold-resistant and also impact-resistant polycarbonate. The recommended geometry of the glass eliminates the possibility of its contortion, to boost the wind resistant top qualities of the snow sled.

Enhanced bumper with six accessory indicate the framework, not scared of external shocks, completely copes with protection tools when driving via the timbers and dense shrubs.

The model high wheel with warmed handles and also throttle. For higher driver convenience the guiding wheel moved the power button light setting and also an emergency quit button of the engine.

«« Storm Leader » is geared up with an led rear light. The option of a larger boot, a fabric bring situation, universal place for shotguns as well as rifles, and also mounts for two Jerry cans.

«« Storm Leader» » continues to be the most budget-friendly snow sled. It is durable, simple to repair and also operate, confidently riding in deep snow, pulling crammed sleds and also execute required economic tasks.

The leader of the BURAN is readily available in 2 versions — — short and also long wheelbase.

Model RMZ-640
Quantity, cm3/ Cylinders 635/ 2
Power, HP 34
Kind 2-stroke
The cyndrical tube size × piston stroke, mm 76х70
Gas system carbohydrate
Carburetor/ type Mikuni/ float
Air conditioning air
Exhaust system Muffler
Kind of issue n. d.
Intake system The muffler-intake
Kind intake n. d.
Lubrication system Joint
Maximum speed, km/h At least 60// at the very least 55
Transmission CVT transmission onward, reverse, neutral
Brake Mechanical, disc
Starting system Electric as well as handbook
Ignition Contactless ignition
Electric starter There
Reverse There
Warmed grips steering trigger There
Headlight Halogen, 55 60…
… Speedometer/ odometer There
Oil storage tank capability, l
— Fuel tank, l 28
Type micro-suspension elliptical exerciser spring
During the structure of the suspension, mm 50
The absorber of a front suspension — Front shock absorber moving company– Type ass. suspension nezavis., suyu-lock
. -balancer. The training course ass. suspension
, mm 50 Rear shock mover– Track skis (between
the centers ), mm– Caterpillar, D × W × h
, mm 2 (2878х380х17.5)// 2(3685х380х17 .5)DIMENSIONS Seats 2 Snowmobile measurements, D × W × h, mm 2700 ± 30х910 ± 30х1335 ±
30// 3100
± 30х910 ± 30х1335 ± 30

The measurements of packages, D× W × h, mm 2420х1060х1130// 2960х1060х1200 Dry * weight,kg 285// 310 DEVICES Windscreen There The guest seat back There The trunk No// Tow There Assurance, months.36 * Empty(dry)mass — the mass of the lorry is not full ofgas, oils,technical liquids, without SPTA, chauffeur, guests as well as cargo. Suppressweight — weight of carwith fueland oil, upkeep set. The overall mass — unladen mass of vehicle with vehicle driver, guests, as well as Luggage.

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