A Fairy Wand or A Money Maker?

I should admit that I do not like utilizing a rotating rod when bass fishing. I lose casting precision and the poles are typically too light for the power angling tactics I enjoy making use of to capture bass.

I prefer using baitcasting gear for topwater fishing, pitching and also turning jigs or soft plastics, cranking spinnerbaits or crankbaits as well as functioning suspending stickbaits in the wintertime.

I can somewhat empathize with southern anglers that call spinning rods fairy wands.

The Walmart fishing pole aisle is where all of it began for lots of anglers.

Even though I am not a fan of rotating poles for bass fishing, there are times when I will count on a rotating rod to capture bass, particularly in the spring for prespawn bass or when bass get on nests. If the water is clear, it is important to scale down to lighter line and finesse appeals which is when a rotating rod sparkles.

I utilize a spinning pole after that for casting soft plastic jerkbaits, plastic tubes, wacky-rigged Senkos or floating worms, Mojo-rigged plastic lizards and skill worms on light-weight unstable jigheads. A fishing pole and reel also functions much better for me when I need to miss soft plastic lures in hard-to-reach locations such as under dock cables or dock footways.

At any time I am fishing clear water I have a number of spinning rods in my watercraft for drop-shot gears or casting little suspending stickbaits. On windy winter months days, I also change to a spinning pole for tossing my putting on hold stickbaits due to the fact that casting these light-weight attractions in the wind tend to create a lot of reactions with baitcasting gear.

A highly noticeable knotted line tied to a fluorocarbon leader is a preferred and also reliable discussion for fishing with a rotating rod.

When fishing greatly forced waters, I will certainly likewise throw finesse appeals on a lighter pole in murky water. A Mojo-rigged plastic reptile dragged along the bottom with a spinning pole is one of my favored skill methods for catching spawning and also prespawn bass in dirty waters.

Aaron Martens constantly catches bigguns on his rotating outfit.

With boosting angling pressure and also even more competitions being held annually on clear Northern waters, I am seening the pros use rotating equipment more currently than in the past. Exploring pro Aaron Martens has actually won a lot of competitions as well as placed in many occasions employing a rotating rod. One of his newest wins was a Major League Fishing occasion at Table Rock Lake where he fished a drop-shot gear on a rotating rod as well as accumulated a $100,000 check.

I can see why many event fishermens currently consider these rods as money makers.

When bass fishing,

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