A few months with attractions Itumo

Somehow passing on his fishing lure made it to the box with the cranks. And to purchase not only its web content but additionally a recognizing regarding the game one method or one more lure, I determined to write a quick note.

Let’s begin with the lure Piccolino 40SP. This Wobbler was in my box in late fall, revealing good results when angling for perch. This lure starts at tool and fast purchase, however the most effective results are revealed when you tweet, with stops briefly of one to 2 secs. The game fish of high regularity, with fairly large amplitude oscillations, followed by a loud rattle. Because of the tiny depth (approximately 0.3 m), is well suited when fishing high growing underwater plant life, all sort of shallow locations and shoals of small rivers.

The complying with Wobbler, about which I want to inform– Piccolino 50SP. As well as despite the fact that it is an enlarged duplicate of the piccolino 40 SP, has some distinctions. This appeal has a game with a large amplitude as well as low frequency oscillation with sluggish reeling, and also higher penetration (as much as 0.5 m). That is a slow-moving consistent wiring of this crank a couple of times saved by an inactive pike. Or else, in a more fast uniform circuitry as well as jerk, this attraction behaves likewise Piccolino 40SP.

Chip MR 40F. Besides the standard characteristics, according to the supplier, I want to highlight the following. This Wobbler has a really expansive video game that starts to arise even with slow reeling, complied with by a loud rattle. The greatest effectiveness, this lure has displayed in problems of low tide openness, however, due to the strong perturbation triggered by the game of the crank, and the rattle, which will bring in a predator, also in the lack of aesthetic get in touch with of the attraction.

Deep Chip 40F. Is a fellow of the crank described over. But better penetration (as much as 2.0 m), compared with the previous attraction, not the only distinction. This Wobbler has a lot more treble, and much less sweeping video game. besides, when uploading. it forms an angle with the notional horizontal line of 30 °, as well as this makes it much less issues for the hook, article near all-time low.

Rowdy 55/60 SS. Pretty intriguing lineup of sinking cranks from Itumo. These attractions have the midrange video game with a large amplitude. The crucial function of this appeal is that when you «« decline » he does persuade from side to side regarding their lengthy axis (fray). Bait performs its game at medium as well as quick transaction. Furthermore, this sinking Wobbler also fairly quickly, so computer animation of this appeal runs at a rather fast pace. In my point of view, this attraction must be excellent for energetic summer season predator, in addition to when angling in the «« pot » as well as « battle » when you intend to replicate promptly running away Malek, and also fluttering penetration provides an additional opportunity to attack the predator.

LB Minnow 70. Instantly it should be kept in mind that this lure was created for two types of deals: twitch and rapid ravnomerno. With the quick rovnomerne this Wobbler has a midrange video game, a rattle, this bait is rather loud. When the stops on jerk, the blade of the crank releases «« fusiform » body of the lure that produces the impact of an injured fish. This appeal is wonderful for imitating grim, and due to its «« jumping» » when uploading the tweet, enables you to switch the focus of the killer from the shoals of fry on the bait.

Finally, I would love to tell you about Wobbler Gamer 65 SP. This appeal has a medium regularity with a large amplitude the game, extremely deaf rattle. And perhaps, is a favored at the pike last loss. The highest variety of attacks the game, the lure showed in the shiver, with intervals of 2-4 secs, and at even leading, with pauses in the very same time interval. What is most intriguing, also uploading without a time out, in spite of their very own extreme play of the lure was much less reliable.

Well, the components of package angling with appeals is virtually ready for the brand-new season, it remains only to await the frosts retreat once more to send out the residents of my boxes in search of underwater adventure!

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