About hooks from Darren Cox

Variety of designs of hooks are simply big. And as a result you require to clearly understand what form, dimension, what density of cable required for a certain situation for each of the kinds of angling (float or bottom).

If you select any model, it shall perform, and preferably to try in all sizes that desire to use– in some cases the form, the thickness of the wire make a hook-a genuine « bomb » just in one dimension, however it‘s not better/not worse than the rivals. English commercial fish ponds according to the regulations you have to utilize bezborodny hooks. As well as there is definitely not a problem.

Due to the absence of barbs sting of such hooks is a lot easier consisted of into the soft tissue of the oral cavity of the fish. As a result of this, the variety of samozasiti fish they exceed their bearded siblings. Drennan Carp Feeder with a shoulder and also ear The choice of Darren in scenarios where « take no detainees ». These are the hooks I’m

certain when angling for carp at 100%no matter what my

potocna fishing line. I might swear that I have «not had a single round through the

fault of this design hooks! The form of this hook is so effective and preferred that Drennan creates them unmodified for rather a long time. I have the sensation that every little thing is altering around along with these hooks. Hooks with a spatula this design is just one of those that I use when I capture a big wheel, however need a little hook. I capture 1-2 maggots as well as I need the hooks from the 20-key to 16-key.
These hooks are exceptionally solid even in such dimensions! They are created, have a rather thick wire, stinger bent in a direction about the forearm (balanced out). All this offers one of the most strong and hardy hook. Model eye made likewise. It is excellent for hair rigging. When fishing the method, due to their sharpness they are great to function out in samosatene fish. Not worth much to focus on the name– these hooks

function perfectly in match fishing, similar to the hair snap, and with maggot/caster/pellets straight on the hook. Use them posadochkuju line to 0.25, comprehensive. Kamasan 911, with
shovel and also with abalone Fantastic hooks for ispolzovaniya

on business waters. Truly very popular among fishermens hook. And I know why– it’s trustworthy, sharp, contemporary kinds the hook.

Slightly rounded inside sting long as well as extremely sharp, which is very important especially for float and plug angling when the cutting is in the upright airplane. As a result of the adequate width of the hook-best of all it collaborates with « bachelorette » kind nozzles of pellets or die-cuts of ham/bread, or corn. Cord of such thickness that on the one hand it is «wonderful for capturing tiny whites and malacara carp, as well as on the other to cope with unexpectedly propelled « bonus offer ». This is an exceptional model for hair snap when angling melacara when you require is rather sophisticated hooks. It is finest confirmed in little dimension with potochnoi no thicker than 0.16. Tubertini 175 as well as Drennan Barbless Wide Gape Carp Truly strong hooks with a large poddevom.

There are times when you require a truly powerful hooks– thick wire,

large size, wide. When utilizing big add-ons when angling for huge fish, all of this is essential. I fish near hedges or snags and also waiting for a big fish bite. I would certainly require to instantaneously release as well as take out from the threat area, otherwise, hook as well as damage of the snap looms. However with all this cord density less than the traditional carp hooks and also sting are shorter than the hooks with thinner cable, however sharper, longer does not get dull as well as a little bent inwards. Both models are wide enough to match a couple dendrobe or 8mm dices of pork as well as the sting continued to be open. Furthermore, these hooks for me No. 1 when fishing a worm or pork into tiny areas. Designs with ring are perfect for hair rigging, and with the spatula to put the nozzle precisely them. MASTER QM1 and MWG Hooks for carp fishing with feeder or suit needs to be really sturdy. These 2 versions lately took its rightful area in my Arsenal. However I’m really happy with them. QM1 has an one-of-a-kind form is almost rounded the hook. Without overestimation it is the very best type offered, which provides excellent Samoseiko big fish. If you think to catch

actually huge carp on the hair snap-ins with a nozzle-type boilie, corn or pellets, these hooks are the most effective. As soon as the fish took the head keeping that hook in your mouth, after that it has almost no possibility to stay clear of the tick– off the hook long, very acute, rounded inwards and also curved in the direction of idea, which supplies a notch in any type of setting in the mouth of the fish. As well as the much more he is under stress, the deeper he enters and sits safer. Cord density is such that enables absolutely no fret about integrity. I prefer these hooks in dimensions from 10 to 14 and just to capture fairly a large fish. For little things, they are not suitable, I assume. Slightly curved the eyelet of the hook promotes both the binding of the hair break, and also strengthen « samozasiti » impact. Sometimes fishing when you

need to catch melacara with heavy tackle and also hooks small areas with thin wire are absolutely not suitable. In this instance, I need the hooks of little size, with rounded poddevom as well as thicker wire. Below then enter into play hooks version MWG. They have long slightly bent inwards, as well as the sting is quite powerful wire– they simply won’t unbend. In other words, this is my « No. 1 option » in dimensions 16-20 with potochnoi to 0.14. Kamasan B911 F1 as well as Milo T213 The choice of Darren fishing on the paysite on the cold water. I made use of T213 for numerous years in those situations when I required bezborodny hooks from a thin wire when fishing for roach and also melacara with chains 0.08-0.12. New Kamasan B911 F1 are additionally completely suited for this function as well as I commonly use the chilly water. They are specifically good this moment, plug/ outlet snap-ins when angling with pellets, corn or maggots. Gama Green and also Black Are there better hooks for bloodworm as well as Joker, than these «?

Two beautiful hook when I require truly thin cord. I pick the Green Gama when I require bezborodny hook for fishing with bloodworm/Joker( extremely little pink). They dull very gradually, and a thin wire to ensure that damage to fragile nozzles will certainly be very little. It is best to use them with potochnoi 0.06-0.09. Version Gama Black is a bit much more powerful and more suitable for angling on pink/maggot/bloodworm. It is best to utilize them with potochnoi 0.08-0.12. Drennan and also Kamasan B560 Wide Gape When fishing for bream, no. 1. For float fishing on the river, I attempted many different hooks, yet B560 probably the most flexible of all. Likewise this is my « No. 1 option » when feeder

angling for bream. This is one of the sharpest hooks I’ve ever made use of. And also the feeling that they are never dull. Although its cable is slim enough, as well as he wide sufficient, theintegrity as well as intensity that is never experience. As an example, I’ve utilized it in sizes 12-14 on the feeder with a cord generally line and also potochnoi 0.16 as well as none was is unfolded! Drennan Wide Gape is very comparable in kind, but he created, has a thicker cable. All this makes it much more suitable for feeder. Incidentally, these hooks caught the England group at

the globe Cup in Italy.

And they functioned there with leashes to 0.20 placitella. Drennan Fine Match as well as Sensas 3405 Black Perfect for angling, which can be folded in a mayo container. < img loading=" lazy "course ="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-36366 "src ="https://2man.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/about-hooks-from-darren-cox-11.jpg"alt ="" size =" 150" height= "98 "/ > Two completely various form, however just as important to me model hooks. At Drennan Fine Match very great cable, broken as well as narrow types prising, microbology and also lengthy handguard. Ideal for catching really little fish

on the little nozzles of among bloodworm/Joker. A slim wire is minimal damage the fragile nozzle, and a slim addicted simply best for the smaller sized mouths of smaller sized fish. Long handguard helps with the removal of the hook and placing on the nozzle, which is very vital in

high-speed sports angling. These hooks are really soft and also

delicate, yet they always bring me additional bite cockroach in cold

clean water. Sensas 3405 Black– this is my « No. 1 selection » when fishing a plug with making use of such nozzles as maggots, pink, grain, hemp, wheels, bread or bloodworm. Round Hocking holds fish, and sting for a long time, stays acute. They are strong sufficient to endure the white bream or perch. It’s reputable, however a really neat hook. Drennan Super Spade and Kamasan Animal When you need a thick primary and gaff is the hook. This is a really «powerful built hooks of thick wire for capturing Chub and also barbel on running water. Drennan Super Spade is an extremely effective confirmed to be the most effective when fishing on the feeder and also suit. Kamasan Animal a little simpler as well as sharper. It I like on the plug. Both hooks have an effective beak bent internal suggestion and also wide round-prising that holds the fish. When angling for solid and big fish hook

dimension does not matter– these hooks are the best option

. From my experience I can state that the hooks for feeder or match angling need to be a lot more effective than the plug in the same problems. This is due to the fact that the tons responsible when fishing a plug much less as a result of the shock. Yet also in the case of the plug, you will be surprised exactly how thin the hooks and also chains can be used, if you place a thinner absorber than suggested. Ideas on picking the hook from Darren Cox: — sting needs to be long, sharp as well as did not shed the seriousness; — the blade should be complimentary of burrs and sharp edges; — microbiota must be low enough on the suggestion of the hook; — ring must be totally shut; — the size of the spatula should be proportional to the dimension of hook: tiny — superficial as well as wide at huge to maintain posadochkuju the line thicker size; is bent in the instructions of the pointer for much easier

binding hair equipment; — select appropriate proportion of density of the wire

— and potochnoi fishing line; — forged hooks in the very same size of
— the wire cord always stronger than conventional hooks;
— — curved inward bent beak tip is better to keep fish; — correlate the thickness and the sharpness of the hook with the tips you ideas; — grain rice in a box — with hooks absorb any moisture any kind of dampness as well as almost the practically do not rust.

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