Concerning brand-new clothes. Regarding the bulls

Here begins the brand-new angling period, and also in addition to it come brand-new angling lure. Regarding one of such novelties of the season 2018 I want to tell. We will focus on the rubber, particularly vibrohvosta.

It would seem that you can develop the brand-new in such a threadbare topic as vibrohvosta!.?.!? There is a big variety of appeals of this kind, yet as method shows to assume whatever is still feasible, it would certainly want.

I believe much of you learn about the existence of silicone lures, like a fish, like bull. This fish types is a welcome treat for practically any type of predator, whether it be bass, pike or walleye. Makers look for to extra properly replicate the form of this fish, to make the silicone a lot more tasty as well as, appropriately, like an actual bull. I believe that such producer as Crazy Fish ended up to make this bait much better than others.

The basis was taken a well known Nano Minnow bait, after some adjustments, it ended up a changed version of the Nano Minnow lure in the kind of a bull.

The look of the lure has altered practically past recognition. I assume that if you reveal individuals the old and also the new design, he even did not assume that it is one and the same model. The upgraded version added the fins, there was a distinctive rundown of the head, the body came the foil, and also the backs added the port for the hook.

This design is offered in 3 sizes:

  • 2.8 inch = 7.1 centimeters
  • 3.5 inch = 8.9 centimeters
  • 5 inches = 12.7 centimeters

As well as is separated into floating as well as not floating model.

I initially caught on this lure last loss, when I was a pre-production examples and after that I recognized that they have to carry. Ultimately, that autumn, at the very first angling with the «« bull-calves» » I handle in a short time period to capture some nice bass as well as perch.

In the start of this period I know they went on sale and promptly take a dozen packs. The top priority was the tiniest version — 2.8 inch, it is more functional ideal for many ponds and also will catch both little and large fish.

The lure can be equipped like dual, and balanced out. For him there is a slit, which enables to make use of a balanced out hook and also does not influence the performance of the implementation of the strikes. In the first opening day of the period I decided to swim to the watercraft as well as swim using only one lure and also this is simply a new Nano Minnow. Component of the lures I set up increases for angling on clean eyebrows, as well as component of the timing for fishing in snags. The sneak previews was swellings before 3 to 5 meters. They were clean adequate and I tried to capture with the twins. Essentially from the first 4-5 plays, the walleye were energetic, but to call it a perch it was difficult, rather they can be called kids of Sudak.

Nonetheless, the fish bite and also rather maliciously. After walking a long time of relief and realizing that the huge perch here at the moment, I determine to cruise right into the network with a great deal of snags and see what occurs in it. It ends up that the network likewise essentially no perch, it seems he’s still moving far from the generate and also his area was taken by a little pike, which proactively manifested itself.

It was required to make just accurate pass under the fallen trees right into the water. All the pike were concealing in the crown and waited for passing victim. This haul and found my goby, which pike gladly attacked.

From one factor I managed to catch 3 pike in an extremely short amount of time. Tried different colors and also every little thing worked. I actually intended to check the 5 inch bait, I left them for some time and also have actually not gotten not one bite. Yes, certainly, also such a little pike could attack, but this lure for bigger fish, I will try to test them a little bit later, when the Shatura lakes fish task closer to 100% since would be interesting!

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