Aimpoint 3xMag collimator

The Aimpoint 3x magnifier enables you to transform any type of red dot sight in Aimpoint 3x optical view. Is suggested for installation with a brace Aimpoint Twist Mount.

These enlargers were created for the military as well as special forces, yet more than efficiently it can be used on hunting tools, particularly if it is band mounted Weaver-Picattiny. Regardless of what weapon you use– rifle, shotgun, pistol, powder gun or a bow, Aimpoint will certainly offer any range or accessory. The firm Aimpoint has actually made another substantial progression by using its clinical growth as well as production of sights brand-new Hunter series. The efficiency of implemented complete performance sights Hunter is enhanced by the size of the optical tube 34 mm and also can digitally control the light. Point the dot on target, press the trigger and also your task is done. Set up the sight from Aimpoint Hunter on your favored tool and exercise the clinical success of the Aimpoint. Aimpoint is the acknowledged international leader as well as creator of the innovation bore views.

After more than 35 years of close cooperation with knowledgeable hunters, arrows as well as experts on tools systems attack rifle, Aimpoint remains the primary selection in situations where both call for speed, accuracy and stamina. Type of view interior Mount range weaver Lens diameter/ lens size, mm 23 The zoom of 3x Compatible with PNV Yes Array

  • of input of modifications
  • -1.0 D The diameter of the Central tube, mm 30 Measurements, mm 110x44x41 Weight, g 200 Moisture Is Running temperature range from -45 ° C
  • to +71 ° C

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