Lure on zander

Pike perch is a bottom predative fish. It preys on a tiny fish, which has an extended body. Essentially it is stark, gudgeon, ruff, cockroach, fry of various other types of fish. Pikeperch generally does not touch large fish.Small consumes with satisfaction worms, larvae, crustaceans.

There is a close family member of perch, bersh. It feeds upon worms and shellfishes even intheir adult years, yet it is a lot smaller and occurs more often in even more southerly latitudes.

The pike perch has great night vision and also the transforming shade of scales. Just caught from the water, it has a darker shade, particularly at night. After that, when he goes to sleep, it ends up being nearly creamy colored. On the back there is a huge spiny fin, like a perch. Incidentally, his last close family member as well as has a great deal in common with pike perch. The mouth is littered with a great deal of teeth, from which large fangs can be distinguished. Bersh have them. It does not open extremely commonly, so the fish in its diet plan is usually medium-sized.

Pike perch eyes are catlike and also glow at night. Captured out of the water during the night, it has an incredible appearance in the light of a lantern — — luminescent eyes, bared fangs, a splayed fin. Neither offer — — nor take, sea adversary!

In the warm period, it is primarily nocturnal, going hunting to the coast, and sitting at deep areas in the evening. The large one, whose metabolic rate is already reduced, never ever leaves the channel ditches and deep swimming pools, as there is enough food for it there. In the cold season it ends up being much more active throughout the day. Also in winter season twilight, both early morning and also evening, is the finest time for it.

Pike perch — — education fish. He pursues similarly as perches. A pack of Sudakov tries to go into a flock of trifles from 2 sides, displacing it and taking victim, masterfully pursuing and also not letting it run away. Larger commonly hunt alone. Underwater shots well demonstrate the nature of the searching of this fish in winter season. Attracted by the video game of lure, the pike perch unfolds so as to see it with both eyes as well as appropriately approximate the range. After that makes a shot. If the lure lies near all-time low as well as relocates gradually, it can make a throw, led by the detects as well as the sideline, attempting to cover the victim with body and also chin. When jig angling about 20-30% of pike perches can be caught by the beard or by the tummy, this is a typical scenario.

Zander generating occurs in April and also early May, at a water temperature level of 10-12 levels. Mosque delicacy this fish in fairly deep locations, from one and also a half to 2 meters. Places are picked near coals as well as flooded particles, near large rocks, on which a pike perch can massage and also spawn eggs as well as milt. After spawning, the male stays to protect the clutch for time, driving away other fish from it. Pike perch go to their summertime camp websites. Typically these are deep pits near the sand spits, where several fry gather. In such locations, the fish do not require to make large shifts for evening hunting.

In the fall, the fish trifle gradually relocates away from the coast, and pike perch approaches it less and also much less, relocating more often to the depths. His daytime attacks begin. You can frequently catch this fish when night angling for burbot, if you use a ruff as a rubber or a bait band. In this bite can be huge. Groups of pike perch come to be larger by autumn. In wintertime, this fish maintains to its daily rhythm, making routine taken care of movements around the storage tank, the supposed “fish paths”, and never ever relocates much from its familiar areas.

Researches show that a lot of the food pike-eater eats in the spring, throughout spawning, in front of it as well as a little later — — greater than 50 %. In the springtime as well as summer season in the amount of pike consumes a little less than its springtime diet regimen. And in the winter season he eats only 3-4% of the annual quantity. The reality that the best time for zander fishing is winter months is a deception. It is best to catch him in the springtime, however right now fishing on him is restricted and also is poaching.

On top of that, even if the captured pike perch protecting the clutch was launched back into the water, he is not likely to locate his clutch of eggs, as well as she will certainly pass away without being safeguarded. In the springtime it is much better not to attempt to capture it even on the concept of catch-release, as well as in those areas where spinning is allowed, you can change to coastal perch fishing.

Summertime lure and fishing methods

There are a number of methods to capture zander in the summertime. One of the most advertised is spinning. Without a doubt, this is the first thing that enters your mind when they wish to capture this fish. Is it always effective? The fact is that at night of the day spinning baits are considerably inferior to natural baits and fry.

They identify the smell quality of an injured fish as well as their habits for pike perch a lot more naturally than one of the most competent video game of one of the most innovative jig bait. As well as right here come the video game extra typical methods of fishing — — squirrel donk and also float pole with live lure on the hook. Yet most fishermens still think about rotating more sporty, and afterwards we will certainly discuss rotating fishing.


The two most common lures are jelly and silicone. Sinking wobblers, rattlin, mandula as well as various other less typical approaches of fishing are used much less typically. From blades must choose revolving. They give fairly intense vibrations that are able to bring in well the fish, concentrating on hearing and body organs of feeling.

Superb results show non-traditional turntables — — with holes in the flower, with an unbalanced petal, without chromium. The color of the rewriters is not very vital here, yet it is much better to make use of good turntables that have a fluorescent shade of the petal. You can identify it with a money detector. In due course it is washed off, therefore it is essential to alter it every now and then.

There are lots of opinions that homemade turntables are much better than serial ones. This is sometimes real. A lot more typically the angler, attempting as well as acquiring some spinner to capture it, picks one catchy, which brings a great result. After that he can lose it and also buy the same in the store. If it was a cheap turntable, after that the frequency of its behavior in water would certainly be reduced. It seems that the very same appeal will certainly not capture anything, and the angler will certainly shed a lot of time prior to he locates his treasured appeal again.

If it is a good appeal of a popular company, after that it will have a high repeatability of actions, as well as it will certainly capture in the same way as it is detached. You can also recommend her pal, and he, as well, will certainly have the ability to capture her in these problems. There is no factor in discussing the rep of the game of invention blades. They are made without using high-precision modern devices as well as are normally unique. Those that wish to catch zander on rotating must begin with real top quality turntables.

If we talk about firms, the generally recognized king of turntables is Mepps. The shape of all the traditional turntables of this firm can be split right into three teams — — Aglia, Lon as well as Komet. Aglia has a petal-penny, a lawn has a lengthened petal, and also comets have something in between. Actually, such a qualification is rather approximate as well as more characterizes the sound component of the video game, and also amongst the Aglia series there are long petals, however this is an exemption. There is additionally a collection of Fury, which has one of the most hostile video game, however it is much less ideal for capturing perch because of it.

These blazes are extremely various in — video game. Lones have a pronounced sluggish play, Komet — quick rotation, Aglia — from tool to rapid speed. Komet also has the biggest inconsistency angle of the flower as well as it starts up relatively promptly. For zander fishing, all three sorts of lure can be beneficial. It is thought that zander is best captured in the heart, yet it is not. Everything depends upon the specific preferences of this fish in the reservoir.

The size of the spinners is additionally picked under the problems of angling experimentally. It occurs that the largest pike perch takes only the smallest minnow, and also it occurs that only the large one catches. All the same, fishing for zander is unlikely to involve ultralight spinning, and also right here it is better to use turntables from the third number as well as above.

By the nature of the electrical wiring provides the very best outcomes recurring. Right here the wolves will shed, since they launch slowly enough, and also with short draws you need to choose Comets as well as Aglia. Right here once again, every little thing depends on the fish. All other turntables typically duplicate Meps to one level or an additional, as well as it deserves changing to them only after you have become accustomed to Mepps.

Free petal pinwheels are not conventional. They capture well and also give much less incorporate solid areas than traditional ones. To catch them requires some ability, as their play is very unstable and also depends heavily on the job of the fishermen with a pole and reel. To catch them, you need a sharper rod as well as a good reel. Typically they are made on the basis of serial turntables, utilizing the flowers from them. But in the manufacture additionally a lot of subtleties. Catching these turntables is a sort of jig angling.

Jig tempts

Jig baits are commonly made use of silicone. Rarely made use of bait with a cost-free game, which work on an uniform wiring. The truth is that the most efficient way to catch zander is to snap a decline shot. When capturing, the weight is on the bottom, as well as the lure is mounted on the line 30-100 cm above it. For one activity of the weight, the coil makes two or 3 yanks with the lure, placed it under, and also play it in various other ways with the assistance of a fishing pole. Such habits finest mimics a damaged fish that most draws in zander. Right here they make use of not just silicone fish, but additionally worms, cuttlefish as well as various other lures. You can additionally place the foam rubber fish, however they are good at capturing a drop-shot only on a relatively solid current.

On silicone, another thing can be said — — it is best to use premium edible. Edible silicone allows you to capture far more efficiently, as it provides not only audio vibrations under water, but also a little trace of smell as well as preference in water. It is likewise desirable to use high-grade, soft lure, sensible mimicing fish or aquatic animals that have a fluorescent color. It can be established on the currency detector. It is difficult to claim anything unconditionally about the shade of the appeals, yet it is discovered that dark worms are extra efficient than light ones, however fry-tails with a cosy silicone follower, on the contrary, are far better than light ones.

Such silicone is much more costly than typical, however it will be far better to catch. You can also say that the sort of bait is not as crucial as its top quality. A brand-name vibrating tail, which is not often used for pikeperch fishing, will certainly attack better than a poor quality worm, despite having the most proficient video game.

Only one point is most definitely to state concerning the dimension of the appeals — — you need to not utilize silicone too huge, more than 10 centimeters. If healthy and balanced gum tissues work for pike simply to applaud, after that pike can neglect them. Occasionally success brings only the smallest periodontal, 2-2.5 cm long. Again, this is established only by experience in certain problems, and also absolutely nothing else. Starting angling is better with little baits, and then move on to bigger ones, if they have actually not succeeded.

Other jig baits, such as mandala, foam rubber, mops are made use of much less frequently. Instead, maybe someplace they are made use of, yet typically offer an outcome worse than the timeless silicone. An amateur angler should utilize them just if there is no result on an average silicone.

Other bait

In some cases when fishing for zander, wobblers, spinnerbaits, rattlins are used. Traditionally, this pike lure. Nonetheless, typically when fishing on a perch they put them, as well as accomplish excellent outcomes. Sometimes it also assists to avoid scratch such a bait as a cicada. It is tolerable for a perch, yet when angling on a summertime pikeperch, it can show a good outcome. Use various other bait is optional, when the pinwheel and silicone do not offer results.

Winter season bait

In winter, zander can be well caught on balancers, cicadas, rattlins and also blades. For a novice, it is recommended to begin wintertime fishing on a sudak angling with balancers. They permit you to rapidly center the fish, not drilling openings as typically as for rewriters. This is very important for big lakes, where the fishermen catches for the first time in his life. The balancer permits you to catch a big location, its video game is not as complicated as the video game of an attraction, and also it is not too pricey compared to rattlin. Likewise on the equilibrium we practice fishing from a watercraft right into a plumb, it permits you to achieve a great game despite the vibrations of the boat and also the rod on the waves.

Rattlins are one more type of wintertime attraction. It is required to use winter months rattlins, which play well on jerks. Rattlins are differentiated not only by the video game, however additionally by the sound — — there are rattlin rattles, with inaudible voice acting as well as noiseless. It is a good idea for an angler to have a number of rattlines in the collection, as well as each with 3 kinds of acoustics to ensure that it can be chosen not only by the video game, but also by the noise. The method of angling on rattlins is almost the same as angling on a balance weight.

Winter season cicadas are an excellent pike lure. They have a quality game and also can changing both balance as well as rattlin. The unique video game as well as sparkle make it possible to bring in fish from an also higher distance, and also localize it even faster. It is hard to come across an excellent winter cicada, it is more often handicraft crafts that exist in a single copy in the arsenal of an angler. Fishing on cicadas is virtually the same as on balancers and rattlin.

Blesny — — typical pike perch bait. Winter months blades are split into 2 kinds — — gliders and cloves. A pike perch functions best with a carnation or a carnation with a brief time out. They help to tease the passive fish and also force them to strike the attraction with a secure as well as secure video game. Gliders are made use of to look for fish, in contemporary angling nearly entirely superseded by equilibrium weights. Amongst the large varieties of winter season horseworms, only by experience can you pick the ideal one, and the majority of fishermens have their valued appeals, which he takes as the apple of an eye on a wet day, in which the fish do not want to take anything else, and also fears much more death to catch it.

Among the wintertime baits you can mention the lower bait. These are blued stukolk, lower silt. They enable to capture passive fish well. All type of beetles, fantomas, reveal themselves well when fishing on a hard bottom, where pikeperch usually happens. Incidentally, on a soft clay or oozy base it is virtually pointless to search for it. The stukolka is applied when capturing burbot. It is a jig-type attraction, on which there is a big bottom trend and a sustaining platform. It is made use of with a nozzle in the kind of a dead fish, a package of worms or meat. She rhythmically knocking on the bottom, burbot or perch approach her and also push her chin. Most often, perch on all types of ground lures is caught by the beard, and not by the lip.

Finally, it needs to be stated concerning the type of winter lures. For pike-perch, it is most reasonable to utilize medium-sized appeals, 5 to 8 cm long. This puts on whatever — — both spinners, as well as balancers, as well as rattlins. The reality is that little lure has a small intriguing capacity, as well as pike can simply neglect it. Yet also large, too, may appear also huge for the pike, strong, as well as he, especially in the dead of forest, will certainly not spend the stamina to overtake solid victim.

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