Baubles tube: kinds, materials, process

Spoons, turntables, equalizers, edible rubber market offers anglers a significant variety of artificial lures of various shapes, dimensions, cost. Just recently the catch depended exclusively on monitoring as well as ingenuity of the angler.

The rewriter tube– effective attraction that can be made in the house in the visibility of material as well as devices. In addition to the performance of the catch of freshwater predators– perch, pike, perch, this homemade artificial appeal will set you back the fishermen in an overmuch smaller amount than, as an example, silicone tornados, crankbaits and the like import.

Ease of manufacture of the tubular spinner permits you to «« stamp » several loads baits in a brief amount of time, which will certainly offer an advantage when angling for predators in grabs, where the sensation of s

ACEP with subsequent loss of homemade– not uncommon. Understand exactly how to make the spinner up, and also answer a variety of relevant problem.

The kinds of lures tubes

Very useful angling experience of their ancestors in the production of attractions permitted contemporaries to do in your home the list below sorts of tubular rewriters:

  1. Hollow handmade. Due to the small side dexterity, which makes it possible to create a fast transaction, tubular rewriter of this kind is made use of when angling for freshwater killer on the deepness (in all-time low) or a strong current.

    Photo 1. Hollow rewriter tube. Tubular rewriter with a secured top. This types is not as prominent as the previous one, considering that when publishing, the appeal might differ as much as 30– 40 centimeters from the main course because of the high drag. Yet in gluhozime when the killer stays nearly in suspended computer animation, this homemade make sure to mix it when you publish a common prowling video game and a noise that releases a hollow back part of the lure.

    Photo 2. Zaletela knickknacks. Okrujenie lure. Made use of even much less– just in case when the problems of fishing need long-range casting, as well as throughout solid winds. Distinguishing characteristics of these baits lies in the truth that straight the body of the rewriter is one-third or half filled with lead.

  2. Sound homemade. Another popular alteration to tubular spinners. This sort of spinner of the copper pipe or other product is characterized in that its both ends sealed with lead or solder. For a characteristic audio impact, before the securing of completions of the tube, right into the cavity place a lead pellet. The volume, released by a homemade lure when uploading, prompts predator for strike.
  3. Compound rewriters. From the viewpoint of the technical procedure is the most complicated lure, consisting usually of 3 sectors. The time invested for the manufacturing of composite spinners will certainly pay off in multiples. Homemade exceptionally reliable, due to the fact that along with the main video game when posting bait varieties (curved, straightened) on the resemblance of the fry.

Essential! Rate uploading is the most appropriate alternative for homemade tube. Energetic spin of the coil, alternating with stops, makes the computer animation of the lure, as two decreases of water comparable to the habits of the real fry, that is hurt or compromised. It’s extremely exciting predator.

Products and also devices for making spinners out of television

Made with their very own hands baubles tube on walleye or any kind of other freshwater predator, will certainly call for the list below products:

  • aluminum or copper tubes;
  • the lead pins or solder;
  • abrasive material (fine sand paper for the last polishing);
  • vertluzhnoj, clockwork rings tees, fin-stabilizers.

As the needed tools you will need hacksaw, a tiny vise, however always with a soft cellular lining on the lips, so as not to damage the surface of the body of the future bait drill with collection of drill little bits, a documents. Along with these devices you can not do without a mobile smelting package for casting lead shipping.

Photo 3. The elements of the rewriter. Measurements home made lures from tubes The question of the size of the tubular spinner has no clear solution. All relies on angling problems. Particularly– season, which depends upon the behavior of freshwater killers, the depths of the horizon, the toughness of the circulation, from the ice, coast, or boats is fishing. Likewise take into account the elevation of the reservoir bottom. As an example, hollow aluminum spinner-tube-for perch in the winter months will have 50 mm in length. Outer size from 7 to 10 mm. Without shipping, yet with Berlusconi, capacity rings, a tee, it will evaluate about 7 grams. Same lure, yet constructed from copper tube two times as hefty– 14 oz. Oblique cut on both sides of the lure– the so-called angle of assault, can likewise have various definitions. As a rule, from one end of the lure it ranges 30 ° and also 60 °, on the opposite side this value is stored approximately 20 °

. Essential! As practice programs, just on the water, checking the video game is handmade, it is feasible to establish the specific figures on the angles of attack. Loaded bathtub in the house is no help. To establish the rewriter– do not float ohrozit.

The production process of the tubular spinner

The obvious advantage of pike baits-tubing for pike or pike-perch, perch is simple to manufacture, when compared with the procedure for «« kalabalak » or «« turntables. » The formula of activities is the following:

  1. Take light weight aluminum billet with a wall thickness of 0.8 mm as well as outside diameter 7 to 10 mm.
  2. The hacksaw sawing off a tiny item from the blank, formerly protecting it in a vise. In our case the length of the sawn off piece of tube is 50 mm.
  3. The very same with a hacksaw or «« mill », that is offered, refining the sides of a future lure from both sides. Particularly, with one side make a cut angle of 60 ° as well as the other with an angle of 20 °.
  4. Places cut tidy with a file or «« sandpaper » to not leave sharp sides, burrs and the like.
  5. Beside the body with a drill make the holes on both sides with a diameter of 1– 1.5 mm. And grind the following spinner-up very first coarse sandpaper and then nulevkoy to Shine.

    Photo 4. Planned for the equipment television. From the blunt cut (angle) right into the drilled hole, fasten the swivel with a crank ring. To the tail of the lure(the opposite side)is attached with the exact same catchy ring tee as well as fin-a stabilizer, typically red shade with a density not more than 1 mm

. Thus, a tubular spinner lure for walleye, pike, perch and on-line. Okrujenie tubular lures are produced to the very same pattern. Yet on top of that pour liquified lead one or both sides of the appeal. When securing 2 sides, can be put into the tooth cavity of the bullet for a sound result. They should likewise be fined sand once the dealt with surface area has cooled down. Next off, we carry out the Assembly of wall mounts defined over.

Essential! In gluhozime and durations when the task of freshwater predators reduces, utilize the rewriter tube with a length of 50 mm. As well as Vice versa, if the fish task is at its peak utilized tubular rewriter with a size of 70 mm as well as more.

Compound rewriter tube

As discussed above, the composite spinner tube requires extra in-depth operate in the procedure of its manufacture. Fisherman from «« hillside » would certainly state that without Miller and also unique equipment such appeal is that you should never do. Naive foreigner, Russian ingenuity and perseverance works marvels!

So, detailed instructions as follows:

  1. As an instance, we take the exact same preform, yet with a size of 80 mm.
  2. Do the angles of attack with the very same incline and also the cut billet with a hacksaw right into three sections (parts).
  3. In the center sector of a file do «« ears » (projections) on both sides. The other two components of the lure, repeat the procedure, yet just on the side that will be joined with the middle.
  4. All «« ears » drilled by the drill opening with a diameter of 1 mm and travelled through them with rivets.

Item of work will be required in the sawing of the ribs, as well as in raskladyvanii rivets. Rather, obtain an efficient appeal with the original video game. Maybe not the first time. Consequently, you must stock up on a big piece of pipe.

Essential! In the manufacture of a substance of spoons you can use various alloys. The center of the make of copper, and also its front and back component in aluminium. Can not match the size of the sections– the middle more, and also the two side parts are smaller in length and also diameter.


… A few words regarding the «« decorations » on the bait, without which the tale regarding how to make spinner-up on a perch or various other predative fish will certainly not be full. «« Jewelry » describes the numerous installed elements in the location of the tee.

It can be:

  • silicone worm or thread of the exact same material in the form of arms;
  • a beam of light of normal wool yarn red color;
  • Christmas decors– the rainfall;
  • painted on the body of the lure fins or eyes.

The options are really countless. Such «« decorations » make the attraction much more effective. In shallow water the fish identify shade and can rush to the assault on something brilliant. Subsequently, the depth of the lure with the «« decoration» » looks more large. In the process of uploading sheds produce extra vibrations which will immediately be noticed by the killer. These changes can repeat the motions of the benthic fauna, which may be included in the diet plan of freshwater predators. In the long run, as shown, walleye, pike, perch always provoked to assault, seeing something unusual as well as new.

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