Bezuglova hold

The very first inquiry is to make or buy? Offer for sale «« Aknot » take place, but rarely. The top quality of affordable is, honestly, leaves much to be desired, excellent roads and also are even rarer. Personally, I choose to do the clasp myself particularly that of labor, time as well as materials it takes a little bit, but as you can compete with the «« firm ». Product for the production is stainless-steel cord. You can take the cable that are marketed in angling stores, or you can make use of a cable for orthodontic appliances — — it is feasible to get, for instance, in stores «« Iatrotechnics ».

Bezuglova clasp

I normally utilize cable with a size of 0.5 mm, hold from it is optimum for braided line with a breaking load of 5 — 7 kg(the example size is 15 mm). For harsh cords can be manufactured bolts and also larger. To take on the ultra-light class usage bezuslovnogo setup is not always warranted, but when necessary, having a certain ability, you can make and also microsilica cord diameter as well as 0.4 mm, and also even thinner.

Devices: palynology, pliers and also wire cutters (side cutters). Pliers or the tool which you are going to attack the wire, should be sharp to less flattened cable and had no burrs. Complete tool set, certainly, not compulsory, yet will considerably simplify your task, as well as the outcome will certainly please the eye.

We begin:
1. You need to make sure that the suggestion of the wire does not have burrs, or else, attacks off his clippers.

2. Take the pointer of the cord with pliers as well as bend 180 degrees.
3. Obstructed the resulting bending angle (picture 1).

Прикрепленное изображение: 152-9-1.jpg

4. Bend in the opposite instructions. 5. Flexes the suggestion of the cord (picture 2), the outcome ought to look like this(image 3). 6. Turn down the complimentary end of the cable at an angle of 90 degrees as well as bites off reduced the called for size. The approximate proportion of visible in photo 4. 7. Bendable « polukruzhochkami » bent the 90 level end so that the cable went across at an angle of concerning 30 degrees, and fit snugly per various other(photo 5).

This is important because there is an addiction node, preventing it from spontaneous unraveling. Hold ready. It only continues to be to tie up. This puts it on a leash, fold the suggestion of the fishing line or knotted line in fifty percent (the size of the loop roughly 3 centimeters).
Place the loophole on the bead idea to the clasp as in the image 6, make 4 — — 5 turns around the angling line clasps.

Прикрепленное изображение: 152-9-6-1v.jpg

Attention! It is essential to strictly observe the instructions of winding of the angling line: you require to wind it in the instructions in which the curved securing pointer of the clasp( picture 7)! Pulling both of the suggestion angling line, fix it in the loophole of the clasp. That’s all, consent to bind in this way is significantly much easier as well as faster than a typical center!

Прикрепленное изображение: 152-9-7-2o.jpg Прикрепленное изображение: 152-9-8-3e.jpg

Pros and disadvantages: Bezuslovnoi installment has several advantages and also downsides. The main as well as maybe the only considerable disadvantage is that the knot is also strong, the strength loss is only a few percent. Some plaited bands, especially after prolonged usage, have «« vulnerable points », and also dead hook the knotted line can break in one of the most unanticipated area (the «« Tulip », for instance, losing 30 to 40 meters of angling line). Although such difficulty to happen rather seldom, usually the cable is torn at the hold or at the extremely beginning where he gets «« microtrauma » as an outcome of call with all-time low and marine greenery.

The advantages of mass. This is, once again, stamina. Even the tidiest node «« consumes » an excellent part of the strength of fishing line or a knotted line. Second, the moment needed for binding is lowered to seconds, which conserves precious minutes of attacking and also our nerves. The comfort and simpleness permit you to connect the buckle with frozen fingers, in reduced light conditions, in strong wind, even with handwear covers on. Should I remind you that may is the month we have once a year? That’s all, you only wish you no tail, no ranges, my fellow fishermens!

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