Black Python from the Interloper

Compound weapon «« Black Python » from the Russian firm Interloper is a really uncommon offer. The reality that its style is closer to the supposed snipperoo– weapons for throwing spheres.

In addition, a list of non-standard ammunition consists of bullets. Point of views concerning this crossbow in the atmosphere of fans of quiet shooting is very uncertain.

The description of the weapon. Compound weapon sniper, firing arrowheads, Darts, and also balls.


In stock form, the weapon is just appropriate for entertainment.

Advantages and also negative aspects

The weapon can fire 3 kinds of ammunition– arrows of size 16 and 21 inch, six-inch Darts and steel balls with a size of 8 mm. Perhaps this versatility that lots of people delight in. One more point is that firing a non-standard costs are only feasible at distances approximately 15 meters. This places the weapon right into the group of the more entertaining tools.

Its weight of 4.4 kilos, which is tough also for specialist hunting devices.

  • For the sake of adaptability in the design of the crossbow donated not only weight. Its wire system is actually made from steel cord rope– product that does not tolerate dynamic tensions, but breaks are constantly unanticipated, with an extremely high danger to all those around him. Additionally, the steel wire rope need to be lubricated not with wax, as well as oil jelly or comparable grease, or else corrosion can not be stayed clear of. There is a high likelihood that delighted the arrow to the end of the day will certainly be more like a SRT employees.
  • Block system contains a pair of sheaves on each shoulder. This streamlines the tension is huge, wide, however reasonably short arms of the crossbow, as the variable of initiative equal to four. Nevertheless, the underlying blocks of pulley-blocks is taken care of not strictly, but connected to every other in the very same steel cord. Thus, the possibility of unbalanced stress on the shoulders of Luke, which decreases the precision of the fight as well as its precision.
  • Capturing balloons as well as Darts is practically an empty, really unfavorable for throwing tools event leading to damage of the stringer. Capacity for spheres is a lengthy tube, is set up in between the brace pads and also a bow brace on the trigger. Spheres are attracted from it in the stress of the string and held between the guide rail as well as its reduced plane. If the weapon is slanted down, after that they turn out themselves. If you make use of arrows, this kind of shop require to be gotten rid of.
  • Footwear bow placed on a circular tube, inside which is mounted a laser designator. By itself this alternative is instead a plus, as simple to goal, however the bow is locked on television with 3 screws (in between 120 levels). Mount it flat is extremely challenging, and also the chance of loosening of the screws and also tilt of the shoulders is great. This additionally decreases precision.

The weapon has a strap with a size of 11 mm for mounting of optical views, yet you can just utilize it after eliminating the standard rear view, which is made in the form of upright slats with a cut– a very uncommon layout, which most shooters do not understand just how to use.

Crossbow Black Python

  • Varieties There are two type of «
  • Black Python ». This two bed advanced, plastic and much less well-known design with a rifle stock

constructed from wood, covered with intense paint. Both lodges have swivels for affixing shoulder band (not provided).


Qualities crossbow Black Python:

Feature The value
Kind Substance weapon sniper
Ammunition Boom 16″ and 21″, dart 6″, 8 mm beads
Bow Steel, shoulders different
Stress force (kg) 43
Swing arms (centimeters) 54,6
Functioning stroke of the string (centimeters) 40
The first velocity of the arrow (m/s) 79,2
Spotting range (m) Boom– 30, a dart or round– as much as 15
Bed Wooden or plastic
Strap for optics there
Size (cm) 90
Weight with holder for rounds (kg) 4,4
Gadget crossbow Black Python
  • Substance weapon with different arms made of composite. The tensioning system includes two pulley-blocks, one on each shoulder. The cable televisions and bowstring made from steel.
  • Footwear bow cast in one piece with it are the stirrup and clamp-the base of fly.
  • Aluminium rails, with 4 zaccagnini steel cables, that makes it immune to abrasion steel balls.
  • Look for spheres, the steel tube taken care of in the front bracket and the brace for the back view. Loading the through opening, the opening shear pin, comparable to the window catch. Rounds are attracted one at a time onto the guide during movement of the bowstring back. They are held in between the rail and the top face of the tube store, it can openly skate and fall out when you tilt the crossbow.
  • The usual base on which are placed a trigger system with a bracket for the strap under the optics rail as well as the Shoe bow is steel pipeline, within which is a laser designator.
  • The mechanical design of the crossbow can be linked to route plastic supply, hold and also forend in the form of a pin Assembly in a shock-absorbing neoprene extra padding, or wood polupustyne.
  • The trigger mechanism unregulated, fuse automatic. The check box disable pin with a hemispherical cap is on the rear end of the trigger.
  • Views contain a steel front sight– pin with a string on the front brace, and also a folding rear sight in the type of an upright framework with a slot. The rear view is flexible only vertically, it is mounted on bench weaver with 2 screws.
Packing and also selecting

Crammed in typical carton Interloper unmarked. Inside the foam absorber with recesses for details. The plan from the maker consists of:

  1. the bed with the trigger mechanism, the rail and bracket to the view;
  2. tube-shop for balls;
  3. bow assy– shoulders, secure system, pulley-block blocks, brace;
  4. laser designator;
  5. hinged frame pillar;
  6. three aluminum arrows with a length of 21 inches;
  7. three Darts with a size of 6 inches;
  8. thirty steel spheres with a diameter of 8 mm;
  9. paper target.

Directions and also certificate may not be.

How to make use of
  • A bow with a Shoe is fixed to the pipeline box with 3 screws, the pipeline is installed LCC. On bench weaver establishes the frame totally. The Assembly of the weapon ends.
  • For filling spheres right into the pipeline store, you need to relocate the pin, comparable to a window latch situated on one end. On the various other is a hook with a port, that includes the fly. Tube-shop is executed in the bracket on the bow and set it in the red of the bracket for bracket weaver over the trigger system. A sphere falls on the slide as well as in that minute, when the string captures on the tooth of the trigger. The shop is 8 pieces.
  • Rush you can shoot without eliminating the tube shop if it has no spheres. For this function it is necessary to put the guide pads from the bow.

When you use the arrows, television shop is eliminated a must! The boom is fitted as basic– one stabilizer right into the port of the guide, resting the rear end to the bowstring.

  • The bowstring is drawn by hand, if it is protective grease, it is needed to wear gloves.
  • The trigger lock is automatically released. To switch it off, you must click on the hemispherical cap as well as the recoil pad (from the recesses of the Lodge).
  • LCC is operated by the button on the appropriate side of the Lodge, located over the trigger guard. With the aid of the discovery of the crossbow a lot easier.
Just how to enhance

The trigger mechanism of the «« Black Python » is designed for a force of 97 extra pounds. Like all crossbows, a block kind, it has a so-called wall surface– a moment when stress pressure is significantly minimized. So you can change the supply composite shoulders harder and even steel– as an option, cutting of springtime leaves of an automobile.

With this upgrade it makes sense to change steel wire rope artificial from any type of block of crossbow that fits on size. To enhance the precision of the fight by native pulley-block blocks need to securely secure on the block, freely moving along the overview rope (in between the tube-base lodges as well as an overview for the arrowheads). After upgrading from using balls and Darts should be deserted.

Further, this cost and also owner evaluations on substance weapon Black Python INTERLOPER.

Price as well as examines

This weapon is in the variety from 10500 to 12 thousand rubles.

The testimonials are very mixed. There are participants, which would certainly be actually great, as well as the crossbow they use for home entertainment. Various other counting on something serious, feel aggravated. In stock kind, the «« Black Python » can just be considered as a dangerous plaything. It is also heavy for that.

Similar models

Chinese duplicate of the «« Black Python » is a model TDR-99. Luke shoulders his steel. The firm created Jandao crossbow sniper TDR-2005R «« Tiger » with a rifle supply having a smaller sized dimension as well as weight (2.9 kg). It shoots Darts and rounds at a distance of 10-15 meters. Tube-shop for spheres, it had constantly, LCC no.

Among crossbows-pistols are likewise prominent products from the MK collection 50 and also 80, along with such well-known versions like Scout as well as ASP. The details of the choice of the weapon is really vital when acquiring tools.

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