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Pneumatic variation of the Mosin rifle is similar to the battle version of the fabulous trilinear rifle, which was based on the Lebel rifle. In its time, it was positioned as the major tool of the Russian infantry.

In the initial fifty percent of the last century this rifle was in wonderful demand, because of maximum simplicity of procedure and dependability of tool design.

A brief background of the Mosin rifle

An example of the Mosin rifle was adopted in April 1891. The main goal pursued by the Creator of such tools was the transformation of the single-shot variation of the rifle in the shop. Along with this, was likewise rather decreased caliber weapons, which caused lessening the overall weight as well as increase the preliminary rate of the shot. Range of trip of bullets in this, also, was altered in a huge means.

From the beginning, the Mosin rifle was placed as a really trusted item. It was recognized the visibility of the initial store, which lay in the butt.

These attributes a very favorable influence not only on improving rate of fire, yet also on improving the overall operating attributes of the tool.

In order for the rifle got in mass production was required in its statement on the arms. Ultimately Sergei Ivanovich Mosin attained this as well as soon his task was acknowledged as a best weapon. In total, the developer worked with the development of his development more than a decade.

Subsequently, the Mosin rifle has undergone numerous upgrades. In 1908 he was commissioned a new cartridge, which is characterized by the presence of a sharp bullet. Two years hereafter rifle has got an upgraded range that permitted to improve the total precision.

An additional positive transformation was executed in 1930. The even more they touched on General efficiency. The major task of modernization was enhanced.

The design suggestion of Sergei Ivanovich Mosin gave birth to, happened throughout the Second World battle and also only at the end of 1945, the rifle in its original performance ended up being a Museum item. In fairness it should be noted that the history of this weapon did not end there. Until today creates a lot of rifles, based on the item of Sergei Ivanovich Mosin. One of them is the pneumatic variation. Lovers have actually handled to make the sawed-off rifle.

Furthermore, based upon the fight rifle was created of tools for sporting activity shooting. Back in the seventies it was utilized as a basis for the advancement of sniper tools. Some systems of the Russian military are still armed with a modernized version of this rifle.

The summary of the technological characteristics

Technical attributes of pneumatically-driven variants of the Mosin rifle is presented in more information in the table. Despite its lengthy background, such tools in numerous versions, even today, remains to enjoy fantastic popularity. In the first place is because of its simplicity of procedure and integrity of the design.

Attributes Summary
Size (mm) 4,5
Rate shot (m/s) 120
Capability 16
Weight (kg) 2,450
Size (mm) 1306
Power resource CARBON DIOXIDE
The sort of bullets Roll
Material Steel
Power 3 j
Kind of barrel Rifled
Supplier Russia
Price 11000-15000 rubles

Mosin rifle is likewise utilized as a base for sniper weapons. This variant rifle has an extra quality coating of the barrel and also one of the most exact fitting of components shutter. Add an optical sight installment for the most accurate capturing.

Sports variation of the rifle for target shooting developed given that the sixties. Today this item continues to take pleasure in excellent popularity.

In connection with the efficiency of the fuse in such a rifle, it is more convenient in comparison with the Mauser rifle.

In spite of this, the procedure of tools in the wintertime time can be some difficulties. To put the security on, you require to make significant physical effort.Rifle has a rifled version. The smooth-walled chamber with the threaded section it is attached by means of the «« pooling» » of the input.

In the fight version of the tool sight, the framework is furnished with two columns. Among them was made use of when shooting at near target, and the 2nd at a much longer distance. Fly when it is near the muzzle.


Typical tools air rifles Mosin includes a box with explosion-schema shop with a hexagon, warranty card as well as technological ticket of the tools. Right here you can add a container for oil, a sack of devices developed for the disassembly of the rifle as well as the bullets in the quantity of one hundred pieces.

In the situation of a battle version of the weapon alternatives can be included and the bayonet. Like any kind of various other brand-new tool, air rifle Mosin lubricated with oil, and so after acquisition and before its intro right into procedure, there is a demand for resurgence. This will supply the best life span of the item.


Pneumatic Mosin rifle is utilized for accurate target capturing, along with throughout plinko and also hunting. It needs to be noted that the combat variation of the tool remains to go through normal modernization and up until today is utilized in the sniper units.

When utilizing air rifles for hunting there is a need for correct choice of the optical sight. For installing sighting tools it is recommended to turn to using modern-day arms, which are connected with base and subsequently repaired inside. Sighting gadget searching version of SVD ought to be well able to withstand the characteristics of the shot as well as not in any way impact the high quality of the evaluation.

Given the fact that searching is contending a relocating target, it is advisable to make aiming through open sights.

Attributes face-off

Disassembly of the air rifle Mosin is carried out with a preliminary splitting up of the shutter. After that, there is a demand to eliminate the back cover stores the box and also subsequent evaluation of the shutter.

When resolving this inquiry it is essential to detach combat derive from the linking bands after releasing pressure on the deal with. Remove the firing pin.

You require to continue to the separation of the barrel from front sight. There is a demand for taking apart the trigger system.

At the final stage of resolution of the issue worrying the disassembly of the Mosin rifle, you should separate the cutoff of the reflector as well as get rid of the screw. The series of all actions will certainly appear like the following:

  1. The separation of the shutter.
  2. The removal of the cover.
  3. Taking down the bolt.
  4. The separation of the barrel from the stock.
  5. Eliminating the lock cover.
  6. Disassembly of the trigger device.
  7. The splitting up of the cutoff of the reflector.
  8. Extracting a screw from the packing box.

The plan of the Mosin rifle

Build an air rifle Mosin to begin with the installation of a cutoff reflector. In this final stage of executing activities of this type is to establish the shutter.

The benefits and negative aspects of the rifle

Like other variations of the pneumatically-driven weapon, the Mosin rifle has its disadvantages as well as advantages. Opportunity of procedure in different conditions talks in favor of the suitability of this model.

Along with this, we ought to not overlook the imperfections of the Mosin rifle.

  • Benefits. Layout attributes arms can give the maximum power of the cartridge. In this instance it amounts 3 j. The shutter can be conveniently removed, if necessary, cleaning. A high level of fire promotes the efficient use such a rifle when searching. One more advantage is lower cost indicators characterizing the parts of the tool. This talks to the low cost of its operation.
  • Downsides. One of the main downsides include a lengthy and difficult descent, which stops to accomplish one of the most accurate results when shooting. The certain area of the shutter substantially make complex discovery.

The guard rifle is of rather straightforward design, but it is not fairly simple to run. Additionally, on a regular basis there is a demand to replace this component.

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