Compound crossbow Hori-Zone Penetrator

The business from Taiwan «« Hori-zone outdoors devices » produces 2014 top quality , effective and also inexpensive block version Hori-Zone Penetrator, which was liked by domestic customers due to cost effective rates combined with very good technical specifications as well as low weight.


The weapon can be utilized for sporting activities training, leisure capturing and searching (on tiny and also medium video game).



  • Low weight because of the truth that most of the components are plastic.
  • Great rate arrowheads despite having the pressure of 43 pounds. This is achieved thanks to the steel excentricum.
  • The existence of total optical sight.
  • The system bullpup, allowing you to make an army of very easy.
  • There is a strap weaver.
  • Foregrip is flexible.
  • A bed integrated with a butt– system alloplastiki.
  • Easy as well as comfy hold rubber-like coating «« Soft»touch ». Features the quiver.
  • Plastic in the wintertime is not chilly hands.
  • The escapement is conveniently dismantled and also put together with just one hexagon.
  • Excellent precision.
  • Inexpensive.


  • The overview is made from plastic and also substandard in toughness metal.
  • Arrowheads not included carbon fiber, as well as light weight aluminum.
  • After installing shako area on reduced degree for added devices remains really little.
  • There is no strap included.
  • Optics consisted of is not too good (it is plastic).
  • Maintaining his finger on the trigger, this hand did not reach security– he’s too far.
Call The worth Systems
Ammunition boom size 20 or 22 inch
The weight of the weapon 3450 g
Size (with brace) 90 cm
Size between axles (released) 48 centimeters
Width in between facilities (in the cocked) 38 centimeters
The training course of a bowstring (work) 35,6 cm
The stress from 43 to 75 kg
The arrow rate (initial) from 82,3 to 105,2 m/s
Gadget weapon Hori-Zone Penetrator
  • Butt here shortened, with air vent openings. He United with the bed.
  • The forearm can be changed.
  • Device (including the overview) mostly all plastic, the top has a finishing «« Soft»touch ». Plan efficiency– bullpup.
  • There is an automatic fuse.
  • There are two bands weaver.
  • Top is consisted of in the extent 4 by 32, lower — — kiver.
Picking and also packing

Product packaging cardboard box consists of:

  • crossbow;
  • the wax is meant for lubing the bowstring;
  • the quiver which holds 5 arrowheads.
  • view 4 on 32 without backlight with published grid;
  • 3 arrows made of aluminum;
  • the hands-on tensioner of the string type.
Exactly how to make use of
  1. By placing one foot in the brace of the weapon, by extending the string (either by hand or using a complete guidebook tensioner) up until a plainly audible click.
  2. You need the arrowhead to stick to the end, relocating it along the rail.

The crossbow throughout a cocking ends up being automated fuse before shooting it is required to get rid of.

How to enhance As usual, the power and also rate of arrowhead flight can be improved by replacing the provided standard for Russia the shoulders (they are still «« childish » name) with a force of 43 pounds on the enhanced shoulders (75 kgs).

The price will increase to 105 meters per secondly. To use the apparatus with strengthened shoulders can just be beyond Russia. Incidentally, a primitive design of weapon you can develop with your very own hands.

The expense

Crossbow Penetrator (Penetrator) has a value of about twenty-one thousand rubles. For such devices the price is extremely spending plan.

Proprietor examines
  • Owners state the lightness of the tool (specifically for females this is a big and also) and also comfy enough butt as well as coating «« Soft touch » that avoid slipping the crossbow from his hands. Well, the rate certainly pleases.
  • Because of variation of the center of gravity closer to shooting accuracy is quite good pattern even at a distance of forty meters is likewise very outstanding. Tiny range arcs on the axes made weapon is portable sufficient.
  • The squadron with the hand-operated tensioner is practical and also simple, and below the instance needs to promote this procedure an unique «« lip ». Analogues

Analogs of this weapon:

  • Compact (on the shoulders with a dimension of only 43 centimeters) substance crossbow INTERLOPER Ifrit a bit longer and also 500 grams heavier. With reinforced shoulders (84 kg), he provides the arrowhead speed of 108 meters per second, «« kid » is 84 meters per secondly. Prices from 33 thousand rubles from the manufacturer.
  • Substance crossbow BARNETT Penetrator (Barnett Penetrating) much less portable in the shoulders (55 centimeters), it has a weight of 3.9 kg, a length of 94 cm as well as a speed of as much as 107 metres per second (shoulders compel 79 kilos). The cost of the product– 71 thousand roubles.

Good qualities as well as have such block model as:

  • Cheetah-Sports and Cheetah;
  • Ghost-400;
  • Styx;
  • Tactics
  • MK-380 and 400;
  • Legat;
  • Black Python;
  • Reaper-410;
  • Archon etc

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